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You know my quest for some cute but tough ankle boots?

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TimeForAnotherNameChange Mon 27-Oct-14 21:12:06

Not too high a heel, not too tall a shaft, low on the ankle but not a shoe-boot, not a biker, not a chelsea, not a pixie etc etc fussy cow, me. Well, I've just bought a pair of these on ebay at under half price, as well as a pair of Orinoco Sash for half price! Am very chuffed grin. Yes, yes I know that technically neither of them were what I originally thought I wanted, but I do love them! Yes the first pair are quite high but I played football in the park in them with ds1 and ds2 this afternoon so they're perfectly comfortable for normal daily wear and really elongate my short arse legs, and given that they were half price the Sash just happened to drop into my basket, honest! Note to self - do stop buying now!

So whad'ya think, not that bad, I hope?!

MrsMcGregor Mon 27-Oct-14 21:34:08

Love the Sash boots especially! Are they comfortable and are you wearing them with skinny jeans? Also, where did you get them for half price envy?

TimeForAnotherNameChange Mon 27-Oct-14 21:43:35

Haven't got the Sash in my hands yet, but I got them on ebay. Reviews say they come up a bit tight, so I'm hoping to goodness they fit as I took a punt on the 4 whereas I'm strictly speaking a 4.5! Yes, will probably wear the Sash with skinnies and the heeled pair with skirts/dresses & knit tights, but might wear the Sash that way too if I'm in a pissy mood wink

MrsMcGregor Mon 27-Oct-14 21:58:07

Enjoy them .... Both lovely boots!

TimeForAnotherNameChange Mon 03-Nov-14 13:12:08

Hey MrsMcGregor, the Sash arrived and they fit beautifully! And a pair of the Orinoco Club chelsea boots in burgundy might just have fallen in my basket at 40% off too! Am loving ebay at the moment, seems to have everything I want grin

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