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Live Wide Calf Boot Thread

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Bewooohooove Sat 25-Oct-14 12:42:57

For those of us with wide calves. Mine are 16.5 inches round.
There are loads of choices out there, not all affordable, some non-leather, some not even that nice.
Usual suspects include Duo and J Crew (£££), Evans, Next, Clarks (££) etc.

Last year I got lovely Duo from the outlet at £75 and Asda black leather for £40. This year I wanted tan or brown long boots, the Asda version is lovely but wouldn't zip up. Today I'm collecting the M&S leather boots in brown. How much to bet they won't fit either? sad

Anyone like to chime in?

bantamgirl Sat 25-Oct-14 12:46:00

I bought some last winter from Very. They were flat, riding boots. They're okay, quite comfy but the company who made them must think women with big calves must have fat feet too as my feet slip and slide about in them.

Bewooohooove Sat 25-Oct-14 13:01:22

Yes, 'wide fit' gives me baggy ankles too

Bewooohooove Sat 25-Oct-14 15:43:34

And and, as suspected, the M&S wide fit boots won't do up either. sad
Back to the drawing board.

southeastastra Sat 25-Oct-14 16:07:28

la redoute have boots with different calf sizes, noticed it in the catalogue

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sat 25-Oct-14 16:16:43

Simply Be do legroom boots in various calf widths, even catering for 20 inches and above!

Some are a bit yuck and some are nice

DoverBeach Sat 25-Oct-14 16:20:16,size:

I have these in black. My calves are massive but these are actually roomy and they come in about 5 different widths.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sat 25-Oct-14 16:21:57

I looked at those in black Dover, I was tempted but really not sure on zips at the back

DoverBeach Sat 25-Oct-14 16:22:04

Cross post with Trip Trap! I agree, some of the Simply Be boots are not that great, but the leather ones are very good for the huge of calf.

DoverBeach Sat 25-Oct-14 16:25:12

They are very comfortable (I have wide feet too). It does seem a bit odd having two sets of zips but the inner functioning zips are mostly invisible, so I think it's ok. Tbh, I had forgotten about the back zips!

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sat 25-Oct-14 16:27:20

May try them then, there are a couple of others I'm looking at their too.

How are they shape wise? Some wide calf boots follow the 'shapely calf' pattern with it starting narrow up until where the largest part of the calf is then going right out. My calves start fairly big where they are normally shapely on others so often have trouble with that

DoverBeach Sat 25-Oct-14 17:04:26

They are surprisingly wide at the top. I actually had to send the first pair back because they were too big. The ankles are reasonably slim but I can still zip them up over leggings and socks.

Bewooohooove Sat 25-Oct-14 22:01:06

Well, I just had an amazing find on t'internet. Beautiful soft tan leather wide calf Gabor boots in a sale £150 down to £75
Very happy smile
Take that Duo!

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Sat 25-Oct-14 22:18:13

I got some dark brown leather-esque knee boots from red herring at debenhams last year. they have a nice stretchy panel at either side on the back and fit really well over my mahoosive calves. There are a couple of other pairs in this year that I want to try on.

Chocolou Sat 25-Oct-14 22:34:53

I'm looking for some brown flatish boots with an elastic panel at the back. Have tried the next extra wide and they don't go over my calf. My legs only measure 39 cm

Would ideally like dark brown if anyone has seen them on their travels.

Bewooohooove Mon 27-Oct-14 17:33:26

If anyone is still looking for wide calf boots, mine arrived today and are absolutely gorgeous. There's only a couple of sizes left in the tan and one size in the black, but maybe will do someone?

PoppyAmex Mon 27-Oct-14 17:41:33

Chocolou, I'm looking for the exact same. Let me know if you succeed.

I had two pairs of Duo boots and they're rubbish - baggy around the ankles in a few weeks, zippers jamming and breaking and discolouring at the toe. They weren't exactly cheap either.

I think the secret is elastic at the back, rather than wide fit.

Watching with interest.

MargotThreadbetter Mon 27-Oct-14 22:39:13

Thanks for the tip off re the Gabor boots Bewooo! I've just ordered a tan pair. How long are they? I'd love it if they actually come up to my knee instead of hugging my shapely rugby player calves.

Bewooohooove Tue 28-Oct-14 12:12:35

Hi Margot, sorry just saw your post.
They are a good height, I would say about 11 or 12 inches at the front. I'm really pleased with mine, hope you are too when they come.

MargotThreadbetter Tue 28-Oct-14 19:45:02

Cheers Bewooo! I'll update when they arrive - getting excited now grin

Behoove Sun 02-Nov-14 12:17:28

Margot how did you get on with the boots?

blodynmawr Sun 02-Nov-14 12:37:00

fly yust
My calves are 18'' and these are snug but fine.
Also my normal size 8 fit fine on the ankle/foot as am quite skinny/boney there despite chunky calves - sometimes have the same problems as Bantamgirl with feet flapping around inside 'wide' styles.
HTH smile

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Sun 02-Nov-14 12:40:06

Have a look on fuller fillies or 16plus

Trills Sun 02-Nov-14 12:44:50

I have these flat suede-ish black knee-high boots from ASOS and they are lovely.

herecomesthsun Sun 02-Nov-14 12:52:07

Blodyn, I do like those boots. How clever to lace the bit where size might matter most

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