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Buying a chanel handbag

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mowglik Fri 24-Oct-14 11:02:12

My husband wants to buy me a chanel 2.55 handbag for my birthday (been lusting after one for years and have the fake from bodrum lol) but Ive just seen the price :O are they the same price wherever you get them from (i understand chanel doesn't put these bags on sale)

Also is there a handbag forum here or is this the right place to post? Just need some advice on buying as Ive never bought a designer bag at that price before..

SavoyCabbage Fri 24-Oct-14 11:09:14

There is a website called purse forum that is full of handbag enthusiasts.

I don't know if it will be cheaper if you buy it elsewhere. I live in Australia where everything is three times the price and I have bought bags from Macy's before as it's much cheaper than here.

santamarianovella Fri 24-Oct-14 11:18:45

The price is pretty much the same, everywhere, but it costs a bit more in the US and in Aus,

Chanel increase the price of their bags almost every year, the boy bag prices are being increased with the resort collection hitting the stores next month. The classic flaps and reissues increase date is usually April or May.
So better get one before that happens

mowglik Fri 24-Oct-14 11:28:52

yeah i remember looking at this bag a few years ago and it was £2900 or similar...just seems crazy wish I'd bought this years ago now (couldn't afford it then though)

thanks I've found the purse forum now will look over there, I saw it referred to here and thought it was a forum on here.

Im wondering about buying in duty free, i remember reading a thread about that ages ago

ZaraW Fri 24-Oct-14 11:45:12

You could also buy through a re seller. I bought a Marc Jacobs bag a few years back through this site and it was a great deal.

ZaraW Fri 24-Oct-14 11:47:31

This is lovely

mowglik Fri 24-Oct-14 11:56:55

thanks - funny that they are listed under everyday bags,,er i would not use this every day!

I'm after the medium black or beige lambskin one with the double C though, shame none of the 2.55 on that site have that. I would consider buying gently used but DH hates buying second hand :/ think i may make a trip into london and see if I can just buy it from a store (selfridges? harrods?)

Pollywallywinkles Fri 24-Oct-14 17:15:29

It sounds like you want the classic flap not the 2.55 which has the turn lock.

SuperWifeANDMum Sat 25-Oct-14 00:32:38

mowglik all of Chanels current prices are on their website.

Medium lambskin classic flap is £3075.

Fizbo Sat 25-Oct-14 00:43:14

I bought my medium classic flap in 2012 in Los Angeles for about £2400. We researched prices the day before and it worked out cheaper there. I think in the UK it was £200 more. They told me in Chanel that the price always goes up, so I saw it as an investment,

CleaninQueen Sat 25-Oct-14 00:57:53

Dh bought me one from Harrods about 3 years ago and it was £3000 and I love it.

mowglik Sat 25-Oct-14 00:59:45

Thanks - I saw the price as £3400 on the website for the medium classic flap..I thought the 2.55 was the one with the interlocking Cs? Anyway that's the one I want! Off to Central tomorrow to see if I can find it, not sure where to look, may phone around first.

NickyNoo2014 Sun 26-Oct-14 19:57:28

Have you thought about buying a second-hand one? I have just purchased a Louis Vuitton bag from a vintage shop on eBay. I was actually surprised when it arrived because it was in brand new condition. I couldn't believe my luck so i took it into the Louis Vuitton shop in Westfield's Shopping Centre to authenticate it and they said it was genuine!!! What a bargain!! The bag retailed at roughly £700 and i bought it for £250 including shipping and customs. I think that some rich women buy expensive bags because they like the look of them and because they can afford to. Most of these bags end up sitting on display in dressing rooms unused. Some eventually find there way onto eBay and some lucky person ends up with a bargain like i did! I believe the eBay store also has the bag you are looking for. Are we allowed to post links??? Let me know and i will give you the link.

santamarianovella Sun 26-Oct-14 21:00:49

nicky LV stores do not authenticate bags,they are there to sell not offer an authentication service,
Sorry, but your post sounds like spam.

NickyNoo2014 Sun 26-Oct-14 21:08:51

No my post is not spam and yes Louis Vuitton did authenticate my bag for me. I suppose it depends which branch you visit and how helpful the staff are. The kind lady in the store asked me to empty out the contents of my bag, she then took it out back and found the hidden serial number inside the pocket. I couldn't find it myself which was why i doubted it was real. But it was hidden in a seam inside the pocket. From the serial number she told me what year the bag was made and where it was sold. Would you like me to email you my receipt?
Forums are so full of doubters and judgmental people it's unreal!

santamarianovella Sun 26-Oct-14 21:13:23

I know someone who works there, they never ever offer any kind of written authentication, it's against their store policy,

NickyNoo2014 Sun 26-Oct-14 21:49:06

santamarianovella i never said it was written authentication. She confirmed it to me vocally. You're very negative and suspicious. I think you should work on your attitude, you will only scare away people from posting and offering helpful advice.

hydeparkhottie Sun 26-Oct-14 22:51:03

Actually santamarianovella

some LV stores do comment on if the bag is real or not. LV are offering to monogram any bag that can be last week I took my sunset clutch to be monogrammed. Because the lining of my clutch was fabric and not leather they could not monogram it, but did confirm the year and city of purchase and this was at harrods.

Westfield London also do the monogramming in store and can also comment on the authentication. They can, I know they can. I've seen it happen.

I totally agree about resale shops. There are a few that I know of near harrods. One is called the 'designer exchange' and another one is called whisper sales. I think both work through their retail locations in south ken and their instagram accounts. The stores are lovely and have authenticators onsite as well as a money back if you're not happy. (I think).

This is where I go when I want to pick up a bag I missed out on or if I need to clear space in my own closet.

prettymel Mon 27-Oct-14 03:21:29

I started to save my money and buy a Chanel bag it is a little bit expensive but I really like to have that on Christmas. I told my DH that I love to have the Chanel bag on Christmas and I'm wishing that he can buy me that bag.

santamarianovella Mon 27-Oct-14 05:13:23

What is wrong with my attitude? And how am I scaring people from posting?
You are saying that an authentication service, is offered at LV, and I commented on that ,LV never authenticate bags, it's not their job to do so, nor are the SA trained to spot fakes, fakes are getting better and better now days,
Anyone can stamp a serial number on an LV bag, it's not very difficult, there are lots of other signs that need examination, mostly can be spotted by the repairmen, not SA, furthermore SA can't look the serial numbers in a computer and verify that it is genuine, since the system can't cover all LV stores world wide and all it's inventory ,if you buy an LV bag from Tokyo the London store can't look up your details, and I'm pretty sure that it can be done if they installed the technology , since they can locate items in other stores <I'm no It specialist> . you chose buying from a third party and not Their store, why would they offer to authenticate it for you and be hold liable of their verdict? Mistakes can be made after all, and they might assume a bag is fake when it's genuine or the other way round.

Their job is to sell their merchandise through their store and concessions, not encourage getting them elsewhere.

Also places like Chanel and Hermes never ever do that, they can offer repairs,and maybe through that service they can spot a fake, but otherwise ,no , they don't authenticate any items bought from eBay or consignment stores,

Lots of sellers through eBay and other consignment web stores say that you can have your bag authenticated in stores , and if it's a fake, money will be refunded, Ofcourse they will say such things, knowing that brands don't offer an authentication service, and a spoken word wether it's fake or not is no proof to be taken seriously,

i really don't see that saying beware of buying designer handbags ,specially
Ones that have a resale price of over £1k on places like eBay, <unless an original receipt is provided,that matches the bag description,and I've sold a few bags on eBay so I'm not saying all bags are fake there>
as a negative attitude and superstitious,
Nothing is more terrible than spending £££ on something you've wanted for so long only to have doubts about.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 27-Oct-14 05:35:28

Oh I so want a 2.55 with mademoiselle lock.

I'd definitely go for new and go to an actual chanel store as Harrods etc just seem to be so busy on their chanel counters. I went to pretty much every chanel stockist when I was in London last - just looking of course.

What a lovely lovely present!

I'd also go for caviar leather if you want to use it regularly as the lambskin is much more fragile. Look on youtube for lots of videos about chanel bags - god this could be my specialist subject wink

mowglik Mon 27-Oct-14 07:20:22

Thanks - I didn't end up going on sat so rescheduled for next sat. I wouldn't mind buying mint condition second hand but scared of the authentication issues, and I guess better to just buy new and remove that doubt..

I think I'll call ahead to chanel stores and make sure they have it in stock, I hate driving into the the west end now for shopping!

hollyisalovelyname Mon 27-Oct-14 07:27:26

Chanel shop in Brown Thomas Dublin. It's never too busy. Great service.

NoelleHawthorne Mon 27-Oct-14 07:47:38

Who cares if it's real or not, really? But a cheap fake and no one will be any the wiser

BelindaAllWorkedOut Mon 27-Oct-14 09:27:05

Dear mrscb please can you link to your dream Chanel bag. Would be a nice start to my week to look at it.

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