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Can anyone find me a stylish iPad mini case please?

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bishboschone Thu 16-Oct-14 21:37:25

I've looked everywhere and had no luck . Please help me .. Tia

peasandlove Fri 17-Oct-14 06:24:35

have you seen these ted baker ones?

ted baker

ZaraW Fri 17-Oct-14 09:20:53

Shopbop have some nice ones.

Twinklestein Fri 17-Oct-14 11:12:21

Piel Frama have gorgeous leather cases.

Twinklestein Fri 17-Oct-14 11:14:12

Or pick up this Osprey bargain in TKMaxx.

Lilymaid Fri 17-Oct-14 11:17:31

Knomo has a good choice. I've got the folio case and it is very good quality.

ouryve Fri 17-Oct-14 11:19:06

Belkin do some really lovely ones, amongst the plain black or grey

ouryve Fri 17-Oct-14 11:20:13

I have the Glam case in pink.

ThrowAChickenInTheAir Fri 17-Oct-14 11:24:42

Ooh I have a grey Belkin leather one. It seems to be lasting quite well.

I like a case which switches the iPad off and on when you open and shut it. Not all of them can do it but I find it useful.

flowery Fri 17-Oct-14 11:26:03

I got mine from Toffee. They are based in Australia but shop worldwide free. Mine is a tan leather folio case although they don't seem to be doing that one any more.

SweetFelicityArkwright Fri 17-Oct-14 11:37:56

I also have the Belkin Glam case in pink and can't fault it.

bishboschone Fri 17-Oct-14 20:24:57

bishboschone Fri 17-Oct-14 20:25:56

Thanks all , I looked at all your links but popped toy tesco ans got this one which was actually reduced to £11's nice and padded and secure.

frazzledaddy Sat 22-Nov-14 11:17:01

If you're kids are going to be using it then you'll want to get something with a bit more protection. Here's some good ones:

Flowersandvegatables Sat 22-Nov-14 20:16:37

The smart covers are great stylish & practical too?

Flowersandvegatables Sat 22-Nov-14 20:25:16

Sorry it's the smart case that's best. Covers front & back & great for everyday use & taking ipad/mini everywhere!

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