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Does anyone else have skin prone to redness/blushing/flushing?

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NewEraNewMindset Wed 15-Oct-14 14:29:09

I have the joy of very reactive skin. It hates temperature changes, swimming, sunshine, cold, wind, alcohol/stimulants.

I find a diet low in sugar helps the flushing and caffeine is definitely an antagonist but if I go out in cold weather I find I get red cheeks in returning to a warm house. I find it embarrassing as I look like an idiot and my cheeks sting.

Has anyone found anything that helps? Years ago I had laser treatment to try and strengthen the capillaries. It kind of helped but it wasn't a cure all sadly.

honeypie10 Wed 15-Oct-14 19:05:48

Yes to all.

I feel your pain as I've lived with it since I was a young girl and have missed so may opportunities due to being embarrassed that I may flush or go red while everyone stares at me.

I've not found a miraculous cure but I posted on here back in April and someone mentioned clinique do a range for anti redness so I went and bought the moisturiser and some foundation all formulated to combat the redness, I was a bit wary but thought its worth a go.

I actually find the moisturiser the best thing I've ever bought, its definitely helped my blushing throughout the day, If i drink it tones it down but i still know its there. Its interesting you say about sugary foods as I was brought up eating chocolate like people breathe (thanks nan!!) so I've developed a sweet tooth, may cut it down to see what happens.

The foundation too was good, you only need a really small bit otherwise it can look thick but it helped in a camouflage way. If your thinking about it id go to your nearest clinique and ask them about it and ask them to do your face in the foundation, leave it for the day so you can really see what its like then if you like it go back and buy it.

Notabar Wed 15-Oct-14 19:09:43

Interesting re: Clinique products. Must try those out.

Also re: sugar. Very interesting. I'm a bit of a sugar addict.

I have the same sort of skin. Very annoying.

Cutting out caffeine completely has reduced the flushing a bit for me.

NewEraNewMindset Wed 15-Oct-14 20:00:03

Oh yes, sugar is a terrible culprit. Cut it out and try and eat protein with your carbs.

I think I have tried one of the Clinque anti-redness products in the past. I shall have to have a look at the range again.

I also developed the flushing problem in my late teens and it hugely affected me and still does to an extent sad

beachywaves Wed 15-Oct-14 20:00:38

Interesting. I was diagnosed earlier this year with rosacea after suffering with the all of the above for most of my life. I now have a lovely spotty chin which never completely clears up, though I do have an antibiotic gel which helps. It is getting slightly worse and am in the process of cutting various foods out to see if they make a difference. I don't know what age you are - but it definitely gets worse around 50. Sorry to be a misery.

JavaSparrow Wed 15-Oct-14 20:01:06

I am a bit rosey so was interested to read in the times this week that no 7 do an amazing anti red primer. I will be trying it come pay day (£10) and will report back.

Mintyy Wed 15-Oct-14 20:04:52

Yes, as soon as the heating goes on or I have one mouthful of wine my cheeks go bright red. It have been the same ever since childhood (didn't drink wine then obvs just incase anyone is thinking of reporting my parents!).

But, I am one of those cold people who needs the heating on a lot!

I bought a colour corrective primer - its pale green - which works if I'm wearing makeup, but I hardly ever wear makeup tbh.

I've sort of learned to live with it. I still hate having a burning hot face and cold hands and feet though.

NewEraNewMindset Wed 15-Oct-14 20:15:09

I just don't drink, which is a shame as I did used to like getting a bit pished wink

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 15-Oct-14 21:21:37

Yes, me too.

Using the aloe range from the body shop helps. As does cutting down on sugar,I don't drink or like hot spicy food so that helps.

Bare minerals bisque concealer is incredible applied with the BM concealer brush .

Scarletohello Wed 15-Oct-14 21:25:15

Yes I'm the same. Hot food or drink does for me. Recently I've used Dermablend on my cheeks and chin and normal foundation on the rest of my face. Seems to help to cover it up. Also wearing Factor 50 in the sun. It's a bummer but you just have to deal with it.

EnlightenedOwl Fri 12-Jun-15 22:57:27

I have revived this thread - I know! but bear with me. I am having a nightmare
my skin is very reactive. I do not wear make up. If I am hot my skin flushes. Just the way I am.
I have a work colleague who will not shut up about it. This has gone on every summer for the last three years (summer mainly when it gets warm in the office so I look a bit flushed. "I think you've got slapped cheek syndrome." "You need to go to the doctors." "Do you know you've got a bright red face." "Your face is red again." "Oh look red face to go with your red hair." On and on. Now we are in summer again and its starting again.
Is there anything, any product I can use to stop this just to get her off my back? I would stress no one else comments on this and my skin is quite normal (healthy actually) it is just something I am a bit prone to. I have asked her not to be so rude but she carries on with it.

Any help, advice, am desperate!

WhiteHairReally Sat 13-Jun-15 00:13:17

I'm very prone to flushing too. The only thing that has helped is

Muji Base Control Color

Sadly, my last tube which I got in Hong Kong is fast running out and I'm not certain I'm up for paying the price and shipping quoted here. I think I'll be back in HK in Spring '16, so will stock up again then. They do it in mauve too. I know this because that's the colour my poor benighted DH brought back with him last time, in error...

I am not a HAppy Foundation Wearer, but this stuff sort of sinks into the skin and takes the heat out of the Hot Pink that can develop. It's given me the confidence to know that I'm not looking ridiculously red when I'm attempting to look just a bit 'cool'.

I think that this post is simply contributing to the general MN S and B Thing about Far Eastern Beauty Stuff.

LaBette001 Sat 13-Jun-15 01:15:16

My advice is to tell your colleague to fuck off - how rude!!!!
Think it was me who posted about Clinique anti redness. I've also recently been prescribed Rosex by the doc. Something prescription strength might help you too.
But your colleague definitely needs to be told!!

EnlightenedOwl Sat 13-Jun-15 07:44:50

Thank you this is so helpful xxxxx

NewFlipFlops Sat 13-Jun-15 13:06:20

Might be early rosacea, and demodex activity is often responsible. Tea tree face products used daily should control it after about a month, you can then reduce to a lower frequency but do check out the demodex life cycle ...
Seabuckthorn oil is also good and helps control flushing.

Voice of many years' experience. I found most prescribed stuff useless and didn't want to be on antibiotics all my life, but a combination of the above has sorted me out.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 13-Jun-15 13:27:04

I realise this is an old thread and I've already posted but I have just discovered Lily Lolo foundation which is far superior to Bare Minerals imo.

EnlightenedOwl Sat 13-Jun-15 13:46:52

I have looked at rosacea but it does not look like that and it is only when I get warm xxx

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 13-Jun-15 14:11:59

Enlightened - it's the curse of pale delicate skingrin I've gone back to basics and just use E45 wash and cream now which helps.

EnlightenedOwl Sat 13-Jun-15 17:50:51

Thanks all for your help. I have bought some Magicool (as my skin is sensitive I am wary of putting anything near it other than the products from the Simple range) but the Magicool really cooled it down. I know I sound pathetic but this woman is making my life a misery; she is on my grade but works for our Head of Dept and whilst others feel the same about her we can't get rid of her. No one else has ever commented it is just her.
Today the lady at the till in Boots said how lovely my hair was. It made me feel quite emotional to have someone say something nice. My toxic colleague asked me during the week if I'd had had my hair cut and when I said yes just said, "Hmmm." That does not fill you with confidence- but I think that is her mission to chip away at my self confidence.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 13-Jun-15 18:23:51

What a cow! So when she says something like that you need to laugh in her face and say ' God, if that's how you treat someone you know I'd hate to be your enemy!'

Any comments on your skin just say tell her your have very sensitive skin and change the subject. Tbh if she continues I'd be having a word with HR!

Indecisivejo Sat 13-Jun-15 19:27:09

I think this bitch is possibly jealous! I bet you are very attractive and she finds the one negative and focuses on that to make herself feel better!
Next time she says it just tell her to pipe down because she's boring you now. X

sksk Sat 13-Jun-15 19:28:50

What a rude colleague! Tell your boss to bring it up at a one to one or something if you're not comfortable telling her off directly. It is none of her business!

EnlightenedOwl Sat 13-Jun-15 23:06:30

I have been off work on holiday leave for a day or two and that has let me stand back and assess as it were. She is not liked but we will not get rid of her as her boss and Head of Dept backs her to the hilt. She is a cow and has - is it an inferiority complex? - always name dropping and trying to social climb. She told me off as she says I talk rough. I think there are jealousy issues and I think its because generally I am very what you see is what you get, comfortable to be "me" and also stronger at my job than she is at hers. Whilst I can see this, looking at it logically, working with people like this is a drain.

sksk Sun 14-Jun-15 08:49:14

Sounds like she is possibly a by passive aggressive, too. Stay away from her!

FrugalFashionista Sun 14-Jun-15 09:12:46

Enlightened that sounds extremely rude and hurtful. With people like that, it is never about you, it is always about them, they are projecting a lot of stuff. I think people like that feel they are not being properly appreciated (because nobody else likes them either) and they try to get what they want by taking others down. They often have no other means for expressing their negative feelings, and it is really draining to be their co-worker. My DH is extremely good with people like this, you will never get anywhere with them by being confrontational so he has a paradoxical strategy, he brings them chocolates and is kind to them and listens to their concerns and gives them a lot of positive feedback when they do something well. So if nothing else works, try the 'killing them with kindness' approach. I'm usually too impatient to do this but I have a difficult coworker too (lots of snidey backhanded compliments) and this approach, chocolates included, has really helped. She has left me alone and has even sometimes helped and me in a tough spot. She made life excessively miserable for another colleague and actually ended up ousting her.

Sorry came here to talk about rosacea - I would suggest creme eggs rather than skin creams this time wink

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