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What fabric do you wear in winter except Wool ?

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Beautydiva Tue 14-Oct-14 09:07:30

Wool makes me itch so can't wear it. Even if it's a slight percentage .

If you can't wear the wool either what do you wear then ?

LaurieFairyCake Tue 14-Oct-14 09:08:37


I find it really warm so I wear it over a very think cotton t shirt or vest

Beautydiva Tue 14-Oct-14 09:10:32

Wow that's quick smile thanks

I've never worn Cashmere , wondering if it feels like wool ( makes me itch ? )

Asteria Tue 14-Oct-14 09:11:32

Cashmere, merino and lambs wool - I have a massive issue with synthetic materials and am not a massive fan of itchy wool.

Naicecuppatea Tue 14-Oct-14 09:11:53

I wear wool but not next to my skin. I usually wear a long sleeved cotton top underneath.

CactusSeven Tue 14-Oct-14 09:13:32

I can't wear wool either, makes me itch too, but I do have some cashmere jumpers.
They aren't nearly so itchy, but I do have to wear them over a long sleeved top, I can't have them against my skin.
I have a fabulous silk top that is really thin and really warm, and I use that as a base layer on really cold days.

AnathemaIsANiceNameForAGirl Tue 14-Oct-14 09:20:07

Yes to a silk or cotton underlayer. I love wool and cashmere but couldn't wear them next to my skin (well, one or two of the best cashmeres I could, but still prefer a l/s top underneath). I thought everyone did this, but reading online reviews of jumpers etc, it seems people do buy woolly jumpers and wear them with nothing underneath confused

bluesky Tue 14-Oct-14 09:24:02

I bought a simple grey long sleeved top made out of bamboo from Celtic Company last year or year before, its really good, and then I wear cashmere cardy or jumper. I find lambswool etc too itchy, I need softness!

Freezing days I have a silk thermal long sleeve, that I have had for 20+ years, its brilliant. Great investment.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Tue 14-Oct-14 09:28:02

Wool is too hot for me, as well as itchy, so I stick to cotton mainly, same as the rest of the year, wool makes me itch even if it is layered over something. I do have a few fine knit acrylic jumper dresses which are nice too, I don't have a blanket dislike of synthetics, some are good, some are bad.

I've never tried cashmere as I think that would be too hot too and it may still make me itch.

LightastheBreeze Tue 14-Oct-14 09:31:11

I wear these under my jumpers in the winter, I'm tall and find them a good length for layering.

I can never wear wool or even cashmere jumpers next to my skin as they itch, though maybe the very expensive cashmere wouldn't.

burnishedsilver Tue 14-Oct-14 09:40:33

I wear as much cotton as possible but it's getting harder and harder to find.

I find wool too warm.

luxaroma Tue 14-Oct-14 11:22:43

Cashmere and merino. Silk or cotton for layers.

iseenodust Tue 14-Oct-14 11:23:28

Another vote for cotton top underneath wool. If you don't wear something underneath surely you're forever washing the expensive jumpers and shortening their life?

Takver Tue 14-Oct-14 11:30:14

John lewis silk thermals

Lucylambkin Tue 14-Oct-14 12:21:52

Another vote for M&S long sleeve cotton t shirt and on top cashmere. I like their men's cashmere sweaters. My winter uniform��

HiawathaDidntBotherTooMuch Tue 14-Oct-14 12:52:12

Joules make bamboo socks. DH and Ds1 Both have some. Keep the feet warm in winter and cool in summer. They both like them. They're long though, almost mid calf, in a range of patterns.

Sheepskin is great. I love my uggs.

mewkins Tue 14-Oct-14 20:34:05

I prefer cotton or thin merino jumpers. Cashmere is far too hot for me and I'm cold blooded!

strawberrysplit Wed 15-Oct-14 10:59:59

Wool makes me itch too, think I've make a mistake buying my girls winter hats/scarfs/gloves with wool in them aswell and they both immediately said they were itchy...

Never tried cashmere, I doubt the decent stuff is within my rather small budget so i'm happy with synthetics, generally from h&m or new look!

Out of interest, can anyone link to the tops you wear under stuff? I'm considering whether to go for thermal tops or just plain cotton ones.

lurkingaround Wed 15-Oct-14 11:29:56

Land's End silk vests. Buy when there's a sale or a code flying around. Seriously insulating and lovely and smooth. Best thing I bought last winter. Here. They usually discount the pink/blue/purple etc (not the black and white so much) to about �25.

Why the womens vests are called 'feminine' I don't know. I must check to see if the men's version is called 'masculine'.

AlleyCat11 Wed 15-Oct-14 11:34:19

Silk or cotton. Lightweight wools over them. Long sleeve t-shirts are my friend in winter.

ouryve Wed 15-Oct-14 11:35:45

Cotton layers.

And if I do wear wool, either merino or UK grown Blue Faced Leicester.

msfreud Wed 15-Oct-14 11:39:34

Uniqlo Heat tech thermal tops under everything - really warm but lighter feeling than cotton.

Most of my knitwear is a mix of different fibres, I have a lot of jumpers from White Stuff that have some wool in them but other things too and they are really soft and not itchy. Also cashmere and merino.

Beautydiva Thu 06-Nov-14 11:23:25

What a shame , I lost my own thread!

I liked M&S cashmere range didn't try it as it was so expensive ££

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