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Am TALL - need knee-high warmish waterproof dog walking welly-type boots

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TheDogsMissingBollock Thu 09-Oct-14 16:05:56

After some great advice re coats, am back on the hunt for boots. Just received some Ariats (windermere)things of great ugliness imho, on me at least and still quite a bit too short! V v disappointed. They are quite comfy in the foot and well made but boaty in the calf and so unflattering as not high enough. think I need a min of 20"/51cm boot height. Closest seems to be duo at 43cm for riding boots style but need something more robust/waterproof. Looked at tall girl et Al but my feet are too small for their boots!!!! Aargh, what's a girl to do?? All I want is properly knee high in my shoe size which will keep my feet vaguely warm and dry. Please help!

goodasitgets Thu 09-Oct-14 16:55:27

I'm 5ft 10 and a bit and have the ariat grasmere
They're in the car so can't measure but google might have a size chart?
On their 5th year now and still look good

TheDogsMissingBollock Thu 09-Oct-14 18:55:12

Are they kneelength? Im similar height and these not knee high more like mid calf. Ordered from ebay- good seller seemingly but boots mesnt to be 18-19" high yet measure not even quite 18.

ElasticaBungees Thu 09-Oct-14 18:58:36

I have just Gumbies Alice U boots. They aware waterproof leather walking/riding boots. Quite stylish, high and warm. Perfect!

SunshineOutdoors Thu 09-Oct-14 18:59:55

Have you tried Clarks Neeve Ella? Not sure if they're in this season but have been the last two years. I love mine.

SunshineOutdoors Thu 09-Oct-14 19:04:05

Oh, I'm not tall. These probably won't help, sorry.

Highlandbird Thu 09-Oct-14 19:10:28

I love my dubarry's not sure they're very stylish though? But certainly comfy and waterproof! I'm average height and they are a bit too tall for me tbh, they've sort of scrunched down behind my knees a bit now wink

PuppyMouse Thu 09-Oct-14 19:13:38

I have Dubarry Longford and am 5 7" - longer in the leg. Lovely quality and waterproof. They are a good length but very expensive shock

Sipsmith Thu 09-Oct-14 19:39:26

I'm 5'10" and have a pair of these for dog walking, much warmer than wellies! I got them from ebay wink
Not sure of the actual measurements, but they are quite tall.

BogeyNights Thu 09-Oct-14 21:52:18

Muckboots? Not cheap or pretty but waterproof & warm. Google The Muck Boot Company.

goodasitgets Thu 09-Oct-14 22:03:44

I will measure ariats tomorrow if it helps

Luxaroma Thu 09-Oct-14 22:10:42

I bought some aigles with anti fatigue and neoprene lined fir warmth - they're a great fit and supposed to be warm.

homebythesea Fri 10-Oct-14 07:56:41

Another vote for neoprene lined Aigles- quite the most comfy pair of footwear I own, cost per wear will be pennies eventually as they seem bombproof (by contrast my hunters "only" lasted 5 years). They are quite well fitted

TheDogsMissingBollock Fri 10-Oct-14 17:21:16

Thanks everyone, aigle look nice but still not quite long enough.

Sip- you're a star! The welligog matador are a whopping 46cm high, fab! By far the longest in my -deathly boring-- very long research!

Just hope I can return the Ariats.

TheDogsMissingBollock Fri 10-Oct-14 19:03:32

Ok, tutning to the Scandinavians. For anyone else looking who's tall, Tretorn and Seeland come up long - up to 43cm and 18" respectively.

goodasitgets Sat 11-Oct-14 19:34:19

I measured the ariat grasmere - mine have dropped a bit but are about 19 inches from bottom of heel to top of (back) leg

TheDogsMissingBollock Sun 12-Oct-14 10:20:57

Thanks for measuring. Having googled, am gettingnpersuaded by those. Is the 19" the "tall" version do you know? Also how are thry for long walks. Not a rider so the walking function is paramount for me.

goodasitgets Sun 12-Oct-14 10:54:33

I'm not sure tbh I've had them so long!!! I don't actually wear them for riding but for trudging about fields etc and they are like slippers. They have the typical ariat footbed support which really helps

TheDogsMissingBollock Sun 12-Oct-14 11:18:14

Thanks, Good! Wondering if dodgy seller or ariat cutting corners as Windermere meant to be 18-19" but mine not even 18"!

goodasitgets Sun 12-Oct-14 11:27:35

That does seen a bit odd. If you've got a local saddlery might be worth trying the grasmere ones on?

TheDogsMissingBollock Mon 13-Oct-14 13:10:42

Good ideal,will hunt for one

albertgirl Thu 14-Jan-16 11:36:30

I thought I'd resurrect this thread in case others (like me) are searching for good boots for dog-walking etc and would like an update. Having had a pair of Toggi Dubarry lookalikes for about 4 years, they've finally started leaking so I've been searching for a replacement. I originally lusted after the Dubarry Galway but couldn't justify the cost, which I then regretted, as the Toggis never looked as good and they didn't give me the foot suuport I need as I find them quite baggy around the ankle - very easy to lose a boot if you find a patch of sticky/sucky mud! With hindsight I think it's a good job I didn't get the Dubarrys as I think that any slip-in boot will be too loose around the ankle for me as they need to be wider to be able to get your foot in, and even the Dubarrys get a bit baggy. With that in mind I decided to get a pair of lace-up boots with zips and Ariat offer a few - I looked at the Grasmere, Coniston and Berwick. Initially I thought that the Grasmere would be perfect, but decided that the sole looked as if it would be a bit too slippy for dog-walking knee-high in mud - they're more designed for riding than walking, I think. Ditto the Coniston (and I think the suede will start to look manky if I go through a lot of mud); then I found the Berwick, which has more of a walking-boot type sole, is lace-up with zips up the back and has Goretex lining. Oh, and is even more expensive than the Dubarry shock... I managed to find them on-line for £279, which hurt a bit but I'm hoping they'll last a LOOOOONG time.

First impressions - they're LOOOOOOVELY. Stroke, stroke, sniff, sniff, place them on the dressing table to admire them...Also v comfy, I managed to get them on without needing to loosen the laces but I'll adjust them next time I wear them I think. They came with boot trees and a boot horn, which is great. I'm 5'6'' so by no means short, and I'm pretty long in the leg (31-32'' inside leg) and I find that these are VERY tall, so ideal for taller girls, not so much for littler ladies. They do actually catch me on the back of the knee a little bit, but not so much that they're uncomfortable; I think I could still ride in them, and I expect they'll drop down a bit with use. They're not cut away at the back of the knee at all (unlike the Coniston). My only reservation so far is that the full waterproof inner "boot" bit only comes up to the ankle and I'm a bit concerned that I'll end up getting wet feet if I wade through muddy/waterlogged fields because the zip and laces combination won't be sufficient, but we'll see. I went through a pretty flooded field yesterday and remained dry and toasty, so fingers crossed they'll do the job. Oh, and they look AWESOME - so nice not to be one of the Dubarry clones wink I can say that becuse I've spent 5 years being a Dubarry clone wannabe...

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