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Work skirts. Why are the basics so difficult?

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Thurlow Thu 09-Oct-14 11:28:26

I would like a new work/suit skirt but it is proving harder than finding black trousers! I just want a black skirt that is not a pencil skirt. I have a black pencil skirt. I wouldn't mind something with a bit of a pleat, maybe.

All I can see are pencil skirts or skater skirts that are either so short or so thin they are totally inappropriate for a smart office.

The nearest I've found is this Christ it's bad when M&S is the best you can find but I'm generally an 8 in M&S, so that's out the window.

Has anyone seen anything interesting? Or is this a mythical quest?

TravelinColour Thu 09-Oct-14 14:00:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TravelinColour Thu 09-Oct-14 14:07:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scandichick Thu 09-Oct-14 14:22:36

I've a lovely wide skirt from Closet - it's a few seasons ago, but worth a look?

Also have one from Zara that's lasted almost ten years... it was a good buy!

ireallydontlikemonday Thu 09-Oct-14 14:23:35

Wallis had some ok ones, and I saw a nice pleated one in next but also struggling everything is too short for my office.

Stokey Thu 09-Oct-14 14:31:25

When I first read your post, I thought it would be easy but you're right. Nearly everything I can find is either pencil, midi or skater.

I did see a couple of more flared ones at Next like this or this pleated one.

Also this slightly flared one at Cos.

Belinda from The Workwear Edit has a good selection on pinterest but they are mainly pencils.

Thurlow Thu 09-Oct-14 15:38:51

Glad I'm not just being blind, Stokey! It's frustrating when you have an idea what you want. I have a lot of nice jumpers for work. It's winter, I wear black tights don't even get me started on trying to get trousers and thought I know, 2 black skirts would be great...

I really like the shape of some of those Boden ones and the flared Next one, but as I'm short I think they might be too long. That second next one is great but not in my size <sob> will start looking for something similar.

How had I forgotten Closet! I have some great dresses from there.

Off to hunt, relieved I'm not missing the obvious...

Thurlow Thu 09-Oct-14 15:46:20

OK, this might be a rather odd question but...

Do you think I could get away with this skirt as a work skirt? (Bearing in mind I am only 5'1)

It's exactly the shape I had in mind...

Stokey Thu 09-Oct-14 15:58:41

Hmm it does look pretty school uniform to me I'm afraid.

What about this A-line one? I found a couple more pleated ones here and here but they may be too full.

maybemyrtle Thu 09-Oct-14 18:44:51

I used to have a proper grown-up work skirt identical in style to that M&S school uniform one. Try it, nothing to lose if it's the style you're after. Plus the fabric will be dead easy to look after.

That first ASOS one is nice too though.

<goes back to work>

BettyMoody Thu 09-Oct-14 18:46:27

You need banana Republic

BelindaAllWorkedOut Fri 10-Oct-14 03:11:37

Hello, have you looked here They seem to have a good range of non pencil skirts. I agree that some variety is needed from the manufacturers, in this!

FoxtrotOscarBackToEconomy Fri 10-Oct-14 03:38:20

Have you looked at J.Crew?
Here's one.
And don't forget it's American sizing!

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