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Anything good in Primark lately?

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Suddengeekgirl Wed 01-Oct-14 20:07:26

I'm doing a quick dash into town tomorrow to do a Primark trawl without the dcs.

I need pyjamas and pants
Dh needs pyjamas too
The kids need more winter clothes

Am I likely to find any gems or will it be a jumble sale of tat? confused

bikermouse1 Wed 01-Oct-14 20:44:43

Bookmarking. First trip ever to primark on Saturday. Heard/read so many mixed revues, how can a store be so divisive in opinions?

Visiting birmingham new street store, also looking for pjs/nix/winter stuff etc. for us + 11yr old dd..

Fabulassie Wed 01-Oct-14 20:59:00

I love Primark. It is my happy place!

I like their bras, but I don't wear an unusual size (34C). They have lots and lots of styles in every colour you can imagine.

I love their jeans, too.

Their basic knit tops: vests, t-shirts, hoodies, etc., are awesome and come in every colour.

Their tights/leggings/socks are great and lots of variety. I adore their fleece-lined leggings for winter.

Basically, I will check out anything that is knit/not tailored. I steer clear of their dresses and blouses because I don't really wear that sort of thing and the cheap tailoring will more likely be evident in those cases.

Fabulassie Wed 01-Oct-14 21:00:34

Some stores on some days can be chaos. The one by Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester is pretty awesome - crowded but not miserable. Some can be just a nightmare full of crowds of people trampling on clothes that have fallen on the floor. YMMV.

misselphaba Wed 01-Oct-14 21:01:20

Have a look at their winter coats. Haven't looked this year but I got a black studded winter coat last year that was fab. Please report back if they have anything good!

bikermouse1 Wed 01-Oct-14 21:08:15

I know that all stores will be different, but....general rule, individual changing cubicles, and what is their return/refund policy. Anyone know?

P'raps Saturday will not be the best day ever, but really in the next 2 weeks, have another day free. Will have more leeway on days later in October, tho.

Fabulassie Wed 01-Oct-14 21:14:04

Their changing rooms are normal ones. Perfectly nice. I've never returned anything because it's all so cheap (and I almost never buy anything that doesn't work once home) but I would imagine they're fairly standard about things.

The staff in Manchester city centre are really lovely, to be honest. I mean, for such a massive and busy store I've always been impressed by them. I once lost a small child (didn't realise he didn't get on the escalator with me... oops!) and they had him in their security room, happily drawing pictures and were really sweet and didn't make me feel like a horrible mum.

bikermouse1 Wed 01-Oct-14 21:30:48

Awwww, really pleased to read they were great with the little lad.

Already feeling wRm towards the company flowers

Whippet81 Wed 01-Oct-14 21:41:10

Just be warned the Birmingham store is usually chaos - get your elbows ready and keep an eye on your bag/purse.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 01-Oct-14 21:50:08

I saw a really nice skirt ( black and white, heavy material, I think a zigzag design) but I don't wear skirts so I didn't buy it.

Some nice jumpers, they don't last very long but I wash them in a netbag to stop them stretching out of shape.

I have a pair of fleece lined leggings/footless tights. Just washed them this weekend ready for the cold grin

I buy the stretchy nude vests for under my white work tunic.

Their jeans do me NO favours at all.

MyGastIsFlabbered Wed 01-Oct-14 21:50:15

Apparently they have Hogwarts jogging bottoms (I need these even if no-one else does!)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 01-Oct-14 21:52:55

I buy trousers for my ultra skinny DS.
He's a 25 waist and 32 leg.
And growing in height <<sigh>>

Skinheadmermaid Wed 01-Oct-14 21:58:05

Theres loads of great stuff in Primark at the moment. I spent £50 in there a couple of weeks ago- I only went in for some knickers!

OneLittleLady Wed 01-Oct-14 21:59:43

mygast they really do have hogwarts jogging bottoms as well as some HP tees and a sweatshirt. I've been eyeing up the tees

spottymoo Wed 01-Oct-14 22:22:39

Dd had a hogwarts t shirt at the beginning of summer only cost £6 yet it's washed and ironed better than her jack wills ones. They don't really do a teen section at the two near us so dd wears the ladies size 6

I love the socks and pjs tends to buy pj bottoms and then just plain vests rather than the tops to match.

Kids have both had onseies that have washed great. Dss has the jeans as he's so skinny the adjustable waists are good.

Jeggins have been pretty good for me and dd the leggings are quite thin but under skirts or tunics their fine.

Dh loves the jeans prefer them to more expensive ones the jumpers havnt washed that well but the men's tshirts all have.

We tbd to go every few months and send about £60 and always come home with a huge bag of things and been happy with the vast majority of things.

AimlesslyPurposeful Thu 02-Oct-14 01:50:03

The long sleeve Ts are great! I bought a bundle of them a few weeks ago. I think they were £4.00 each. Very soft and stretchy.

I had been looking for a black long sleeve T in M&S but they were out of stock in my size. Popped into Primark and they had them so I bought a black one but sized up assuming that as it was so cheap it would shrink but it didn't. Went back the following week and bought more in other colours.

minkah Thu 02-Oct-14 01:53:00

I bought joggers for both DC's in primark, and after one wash they shrunk to crazily short, with one leg shorter than the other! Weird.

DialsMavis Thu 02-Oct-14 13:20:30

I got a great pair of jeans there the other week. They are called "hold my shape" or "stay in shape" or something, and they do! They fit really well mad don't go baggy at all. I also got 2 silky material v neck t shirts and they look good and have washed well thus far. I also got a bright yellow bat wing cardi/ oversized bum covering shrug which I love, but it has a hole in it already... Not sure if that's down to my clumsyness or bad quality.

Suddengeekgirl Thu 02-Oct-14 15:02:13

Thanks all!

Got some pjs for me and dh but decided to only get one pair and see how they wash/ wear. A bit confused as I've realised now I'm home that my new pjs have something spilt on them. Hopefully it'll wash out.

I didn't manage to get anything for the dcs as they didn't have any long sleeve tops shock and all the nice girls trousers weren't in dd's size. hmm

Actually had a bit of a bargain shop what with primark, h&m 3 for 2 girls basics and gap outlet having 30%+ off the sale prices - 2 gap tops for under £8! grin

AstoriaMalfoy Thu 02-Oct-14 17:39:49

On the back of this thread I've bought the hogwarts joggers (and a t-shirt ). smile

lucy101 Thu 02-Oct-14 20:17:20

They have some extraordinary things sometimes. One year I bought kid leather elbow length gloves for a couple of pounds in the sale. They look like something ten times the price. I am a fan of the PJ's too and linen shirts for DH. He also seems to perfectly fit the slim fit chinos and they are in so many lovely colours. Underwear is excellent too, especially the shapewear. I haven't found children's clothes so good though... the materials don't seem to wash well.

phonebox Thu 02-Oct-14 20:24:08

I bought a pair of satin-look pyjamas from Primark in 2004 and they looked like new until last month when finally a button fell off, after 10 years of tumble-drying!

I will never diss Primark. Best £6 I ever spent.

Khalessi Thu 02-Oct-14 20:26:22

I bought some Mary jane style trainers for work in there for £8 last weekend, they're as good as Skechers.

FelixFelix Thu 02-Oct-14 20:30:55

Mavis I bought those jeans recently! I think they are lift and shape or something, reduced to £7. Only jeans I've ever had that haven't gone baggy after a couple of hours wear. They hold my stomach in and fit so well. I wish I'd bought another pair!!

ItMustBeBedtimeSurely Thu 02-Oct-14 20:35:08

Second the recommendation for the long sleeve Tees. 5% elastane so they keep their shape, generously in length and in every colour, including lots of different stripes.

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