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Younique beauty products

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maras2 Wed 01-Oct-14 18:58:01

I wonder if anyone knows if the selling scheme for these products is above board.My DD has an American FB friend who sent her some 'revolutionary' mascara with which she was very pleased.This friend has now anounced that DD has joined the Younique sales team.I've read all the stuff on line about this and it does sound genuinine but as I'm a cynical old bag I wonder if any Mumsnetter's know more than the power of Google.TIA.

Lifeloveandlaundry Thu 02-Oct-14 22:50:06

Hi I would like to reassure you it is above board and its an amazing product with amazing opportunities for those who want it. Im Nadia and UK presenter number 33..... I cannot wait to start my business properly! Any questions, I am happy to help!

Lifeloveandlaundry Thu 02-Oct-14 22:55:45

Younique is an amazing mineral makeup range from the USA which launched here yesterday and is available for UK purchase november 1st. It has an innovative approach to selling as it relies on sales through social media, people sell from home home on Facebook! I am a huge fan of the 3D mascara which gives the false eyelash effect but washes off with warm water! If anyone would like more information about younique I would be happy to answer questions.

surprise Thu 02-Oct-14 23:02:06

I wouldn't trust anything called Younique. What a terrible name.

It's multi level marketing in the same way forever living is. Wouldn't touch bit with a barge pole.

Fabulassie Fri 03-Oct-14 12:59:33

Avon is also MLM, and their products are good. I used to sell Avon in the States and the MLM stuff was annoying. I just went for sales and pure commission. I did OK-ish but not great, and I was quite the hustler.

If she's required to buy a big start-up kit, be wary. If, however, she is not, then she will likely just end up making enough money to buy her own makeup.

Hakluyt Fri 03-Oct-14 13:02:17

It's pyramid selling.

Rearrange these words into a well known phrase or saying "with" "barge""touch" "don't" pole" "a"

LaurieFairyCake Fri 03-Oct-14 13:05:23

It's multi level marketing and the actual products are the same as Avon or superdrug

The people that make the most money are the people she will be working for who will get 10-20% of her commission

And people who join Mumsnet and make one post about how fabulous their multi level marketing stuff hmm

Stick around, post on some real stuff...

maras2 Fri 03-Oct-14 14:52:04

Thanks all. Mx.

Lifeloveandlaundry Sat 04-Oct-14 16:34:54

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LaurieFairyCake Sat 04-Oct-14 16:38:07

If your sponsor makes commision on it then obviously you get less than the cost of the sale.

The only reason it will make you stronger is if the catalogues are unusually heavy.

Hakluyt Sat 04-Oct-14 16:58:03

So how do you and your sponsor make money? And how many people do you have to "sponsor" before you start making money?

Lifeloveandlaundry Sat 04-Oct-14 17:25:30

LOL! I can imagine doing my Jillian Michaels workout with catalogues instead of weights!
I do not have to recruit, simple. If I want to make more money then its in my interest to do so but I can just sell the product and keep my commission . My sponsor will make an extra 3% on anything I make but not from my commission thats my own. I am not going out of my way to recruit at the moment as I don't think people like being recruited!!! I get 20% to start increasing to 30% as I move up the levels. Theres no time limit either, it takes as long as it takes.
Also, I'm interested in peoples reasoning about mlm etc..... it does seem to get a negative response, do you have a particular experience of it that was bad? I appreciate people don't like being 'sold' to. Love to hear about experiences as I do want to learn.

Hakluyt Sat 04-Oct-14 18:01:53

So, you've paid out £69. How much can you expect to make from that outlay?

Lifeloveandlaundry Sun 05-Oct-14 21:10:36

Sorry about late reply I went for cocktails with a friend and Ive been out all day with the family. I think you have misunderstood the kit system, I don't sell my kit I use it! People if they want my product they order through my website. it goes straight to them so I don't have to go out and deliver the makeup. I will when I start in a few weeks, purchase 5 mascaras and sell those as cash and carry saving customers shipping charges. As I will order them through one of my own online parties I will already have my commission plus party points to put towards 1/2 price or free items.

Lifeloveandlaundry Sun 05-Oct-14 21:12:37

I can't give money figures as I haven't sold anything yet, this is not something thats going to make me rich overnight or rich unless I work hard! I am under no illusions, if I want it I work for it! Thats life!

KirstyCG Mon 06-Oct-14 21:02:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

KirstyCG Mon 06-Oct-14 21:07:38

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Fubsy Mon 06-Oct-14 21:16:17

I can honestly say I have never heard of these products outside Mumsnet, where they seem to be promoted frequently - usually with the same blurb.

Doesn't really make me want to buy!

Could've sworn I posted on this earlier.

Anyway, your daughter should avoid like the plague.

Firstly, it has a sign up fee for some crappy pack.

Secondly, the make up I've seen is atrocious, unless you want too look like you are wearing spiders on your eyes that is.

Thirdly, nobody knows much about the stuff -good reason to avoid.

Then, of course, is the fact that given that nobody knows much if anything about the stuff, that custom could be very small, if you even get any.

The fact that the people already signed up don't know much is concerning.

The way the people who sign up are oh so pushy and telling you how fantastic what they are doing when they haven't even started yet and have no idea about anything is concerning, don't you think?

Oh the enthusiasm about something you barely know about....

I picture a lot of people jumping on the band wagon as their job seems to be sitting doing nothing at all and waiting for money to come in. Oh, no sorry, they have to post occasional photos! (I accidentally got added to a team group on facebook. Well, I say accidentally, I just asked who the company was as I'd never heard of them, next thing you know the crazy woman had me as a recruit!)

Lifeloveandlaundry Tue 07-Oct-14 13:19:53

Hi, I have actually been using the mascara for several months now and do genuinely love it. It is different to most mascara on the market today and if you apply it crapply it will look crap! What else would you expect! I also have several people waiting to order and if they don't love it they have 14 days to return for a refund. You can't do that at Boots if you don't like a piece of makeup you bought.
I have no expectations of sitting back and letting money roll in... thats not real life. I want extra money, I work! If money making was that easy we would all be in the Maldives on a sun lounger! I have spent several weeks researching the company to make sure its not a scam etc and fully appreciate people have the right to be cynical but assumptions shouldn't be enough to put you off something as they are often wrong.
Triptrap you can't be recruited if you dont want to be, you have to sign up yourself via Facebook. No-one can do it for you and if they have, then that presenter will be disciplined and may be dismissed.
I would just like to say I am a real mum of 2 with a full time job looking to do something different. Im not somebody sat behind a laptop screen looking to spread the evil curse of mlm to the people! Most of us wear makeup and for a variety of reasons and I have seen my friend in America have amazing success for her and her family. So much so she has sold her salon business as she made more money selling younique in 3 months than she did in 6 months at the salon. Thats the evidence I have seen with my own eyes.

Hakluyt Tue 07-Oct-14 13:23:03

KirstyCG- how much money have you made? You know, real, actual money?

Lifeloveandlaundry Tue 07-Oct-14 13:31:06

I'll chip in Hakluyt, if thats ok. If KirstyCG is in the UK she won't have made physical money yet, I haven't as its only opened up to presenters for sign up. The products will be on sale November 1st here in the UK. At the moment presenters are building teams if they want to and talking about younique to get the name out there. Its all about learning about the company and product and learning about our website and how to use the virtual party system.
Hope that helps.

Hakluyt Tue 07-Oct-14 13:50:20


So who got your £69?

Lifeloveandlaundry Tue 07-Oct-14 14:16:00


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