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Hunter wellies, leaking already.

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BackToYourselfYouSillyOldElf Mon 29-Sep-14 13:18:32

My Wellies are cracking on both feet in a few different places. They let water in straight away and are only 3yo. My old Hunters were 20 years old and never did this.

What can I replace them with?

victoryinthekitchen Mon 29-Sep-14 14:10:21

Watching with interest as I bought dh a pair for his birthday, within 6 months they were leaking, so I returned them for another pair which unfortunately are going the same way!

Fabulassie Mon 29-Sep-14 15:01:31

I think a lot of luxury/status brands have cut corners on production. It's very likely that your old Hunters were made of different materials to a higher standard.

It's not just luxury brands, though. It's just production across the board, plain and simple.

Just like washing machines used to last for decades (raise your hand if your parents still have the same one they had when you lived at home!) Had a guy out repairing our Hoover who said they simply used thinner, shabbier materials these days and they're not expected to last more than three years.

hellsbellsmelons Mon 29-Sep-14 15:04:07

Or good old BARBOUR of course

JillySuper Mon 29-Sep-14 15:14:42

I have both Hunters and Barbours - prefer the Barbour wellies as more comfortable.

Lovelybunchofcocopops Mon 29-Sep-14 17:32:59

Hunters are rubbish these days - I started a thread about it in the tack room

Admittedly I am using them for muddy work, but in think you have been very fortunate to get 3 years out of them. They certainly aren't as well made as they used to be.

Lovelybunchofcocopops Mon 29-Sep-14 17:33:52

You will find some other recommendations on the thread above....

mateysmum Mon 29-Sep-14 17:36:30

Try Aigle - brilliant robust and comfy wellies - very popular round this rural neck of the woods since Hunters became crap.

Pollywallywinkles Mon 29-Sep-14 17:41:02

My old hunters are going strong still after 27 years. The material used to make them now is nowhere near the quality of my old boots. I hope mine last until I'm too old to wear wellies as I don't know what I would replace them with.

123Jump Mon 29-Sep-14 18:08:29

We bought a pair for a friend as she had coveted them for ages. Leaked in no time, and the company insisted that it was her fault as they had been left in the sun.
She keeps them in a closet.confused

BackToYourselfYouSillyOldElf Mon 29-Sep-14 21:29:21

Thanks for those links I'll have a look.

It's sad isn't it when trusted brands let standards slip. I've got some Barbour boots that must be 15 years old and look like new, but I've got a 2yo Barbour coat that was stupidly expensive but seemed so warm and practical and after 6 months the fabric wore through at the pockets and cuffs. They replaced it and the same thing has happened. Plus in the meantime they'd replaced the down filling with some cheap man made stuff. I wish Id saved my money and just bought a cheap one because it wouldn't have been any worse quality.

BackToYourselfYouSillyOldElf Mon 29-Sep-14 21:57:36

cocopops how did your Aigles turn out in the end. I've had a quick look on amazon and they look very 'Hunter' in style and price which worries me a bit.

coalscuttle Mon 29-Sep-14 21:58:49

You need chameaus

peasandlove Tue 30-Sep-14 03:44:59

There are a lot of fake hunters about online too now that they are trendy.

Whippet81 Tue 30-Sep-14 05:20:28

I blame Kate Moss or whoever started all this trendy Hunters business off.

I have been wearing them for years daily to do the horses and they uses to be about £35 a pair and last forever. I can't believe the price of them now and I've heard the quality is crap as they are just for fashion.

I seriously get really upset when countryside wear gets 'trendified' (I know I need to get out more ).

I wouldn't go for Joules wellies either - where I used to work we used to have two or three pairs back a week - I have got some - well they had beagles on how could I not - but I only use them in wet for dog walking nothing muddy or extreme.

What are you using them for? Saft question I know but there's a difference between school run and fencing in four foot of mud as to how much to spend etc.

I had a pair or Dubarrys that lasted me four years of being worn everyday and mucking out/wading through fields etc they are expensive but if looked after should last - I wouldn't expect any boot to last me more than this - they are warmer as well as rubber boots are so cold. I have Ariat Grasmeres at the mo and they're are much cheaper and seem good.

Aigle are another good make if you're after rubber boots.

The muck boot co boots are good too but not very pretty - they keep your feet warm though - just make sure you get the ones with good grip on the bottom as the smooth bottom ones left me with a dislocated knee.

Luxaroma Tue 30-Sep-14 06:54:16

My Hunters leaked 6 months after I bought them and that was with very light wear, so I think You did well getting 3 years out of them!
After 8 years wearing leaky wellies I've just bought a pair of neoprene lined Aigle with anti fatigue sole and they are so comfortable and warm with a good tread. I looked at the Muck boot but the design doesn't appeal. Le Chameau didnt fit right, too roomy.

I have one question how do you pronounce Aigle? grin

Laquila Tue 30-Sep-14 07:13:00

Ay-gle (ay to rhyme with hay, gle in a soft French way!)

I'm a big fan of Dunlop wellies - cheap and have never leaked on me

mateysmum Tue 30-Sep-14 09:09:18

OP the Aigles are world's better than Hunters. I bought them mainly for dog walking across pretty rugged fields because they have a walking boot type sole which makes them far more comfortable and durable. Tried them in our local "country" store where they also sell Hunters and the Hunters seemed no better than £15 Dunlops.

Although I winced a bit at spending £90 on a pair of wellies, a year on I feel it was well worth it after the horrid wet winter we had, they were a life saver.

FredaB Fri 28-Oct-16 21:16:44

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