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New york, 5 days, 20 weeks pregnant what the hell can I wear?!

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missmakesstuff Sun 28-Sep-14 22:51:20

I'm hoping I can get some thoughts from anyone who lives in the big Apple or has visited in autumn, I'm going on a school trip with our 6th form in late October, 5 full days of walking, galleries, tours etc. I'm going to be 20 weeks pregnant and already am struggling for clothes as its baby #2 and my belly and arse are expanding fast. I've bought some mat clothes but mainly quite warm stuff and things for work. I've just asked about the weather and it can apparently be quite warm there! So I'm now worried, with all the walking and being inside, I'm going to be boiling, I've no clue what to take really.

I've got a pair of skinny jeans and a wider leg pair, both dark dyed. Got a couple of long sleeved tops, just normal stretchy jersey, plus one casual dress which I'm at the moment just bunging on at the weekend as its too big really and I can only really wear it with boots I think.
I have nice ankle boots that I can wear with anything but might be too hot?
I think I'm just panicking as I feel so fat currently, it's still not going to be a proper bump by then so nothing looks nice currently, and I don't want to spend money on stuff I won't wear because by then it will be winter for the rest of the pregnancy.

I'm excited about the trip but I also know there will be lots of photos taken and I don't want to look like a fat frump in all the pics (or sweaty cause I've brought all the wrong stuff!)

Annarose2014 Sun 28-Sep-14 23:01:56

Late October? Could be freezing! New York winters can be hard. I went in late October several years ago and the wind was bitter and I hadn't brought a hat. sad

You'll be doing a TON of walking - the bounciest shoes you have, nothing hard soled. I always find the pounding the pavements the toughest part of visiting there.

missmakesstuff Mon 29-Sep-14 21:17:19

Really? We've been told 20ish degrees c and could be wet...aargh, it's only 5 days, I've been moaning at the kids not to bring too much, can see myself have a massive bag full of clothes from t-shirts to full on scarves and hat....

Cranagh Mon 29-Sep-14 21:30:45

I lived there for years. At the end of October it has usually cooled down. You should be fine with jeans, long sleeved tops and a light coat.

Coumarin Mon 29-Sep-14 23:51:51

It looks fairly mild to warm right at the end and mild to cool mid to late Oct. layers are your friend I think and jeans will be fine.

Coumarin Mon 29-Sep-14 23:52:00

missmakesstuff Tue 30-Sep-14 18:16:07

Thanks guys, I think I will take my jeans and boots then plus whatever tops I can find that still fit me by then...hoping my jacket will still do up too...

AngusAndElspethsThistleWhistle Tue 30-Sep-14 18:20:16

I live in NY and last year October was cool but not cold. Layers are definitely your best bet.

Even if you need cheap extras, Old Navy does a good range of inexpensive maternity clothes and are open til 10pm if you got the chance to nip out.

Feel free to pm me nearer the time and I'll let you know what the weather is doing! smile

becominganaussie Fri 10-Oct-14 02:49:09

hi missmakesstuff, i've done two work trips to NY in October, the weather has always been tricky - a mix of cold and warm, so layers are your best bet. A cashmere cape might be a good idea to take along, you can pull it off if it gets too warm. You don't need to worry about fastening it up, it can grow with your bump, keep you warm during winter and the rest of your pregnancy. My MIL gifted me an italian cashmere one which I adore. I'm thinking of getting another one from Massimo dutti -
Shopbop has some great options too

mathanxiety Fri 10-Oct-14 06:33:53

Leggings, jeans, long tops, or jersey dresses that can be worn over leggings, big cotton scarf for the cold or just for decoration, a jacket or light coat that you can close, long drapey cardigan, long woolly sweater, cashmere is a great idea, a skirt that can be worn over leggings, maybe an oversized hoodie, and forget about boots and anything with heels. Get yourself a pair of stylish sneakers -- this for instance -- and don't worry about looking odd. Sneakers are worn with everything in NY by people who have a good deal of walking to do. Hard soled footwear will result in sore feet.

NY women wear very neutral colours, a lot of black along with their sneakers. They are practical dressers. Cuff your jeans and wear sneakers proudly. Do not let socks show however.

Belindabelle Fri 10-Oct-14 07:14:44

I am going to New York soon and have to pack today.
Before I booked I imagined mid October would be sunny and chilly and had visions of walking through Central Park wearing hat,scarves, gloves etc. The long range forecast a few weeks ago was warm and sunny so I was looking at linen dresses, maybe even dressy shorts etc. Now it looks less warm with a few rainy days! Really don't want to take too many clothes but don't want to get it wrong.

Very happy to read that sneakers are acceptable footwear. I was worried about looking too touristy and casual. Most of my clothes seem to be navy and grey with a little red and camel. I have a dark grey pashmina which I will wear on the plane and then use over jacket in the evening if it is chilly. The rain forecast is worrying me though.

burnishedsilver Fri 10-Oct-14 08:45:03

I was in NY in November one year and ended up in t shirts! The weather is erratic. I'd suggest jeans and tee shirts with a heavier top that can be removed.

Americans dress way more casual than we do. I didn't wear any of the dressier stuff that I brought.

Floisme Fri 10-Oct-14 09:07:04

I've been at this time of year and the weather is all over the place. Definitely lots of layers and flat shoes.

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