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Anyone tried Chipmunks shoes for kids?

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anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 10:49:43

Message withdrawn

CheesyFeet Wed 27-Sep-06 11:21:06

Yes, we have them for dd - they are very sturdy and seem well made. DD has a very high and wide feet, Clarks shoes generally don't fit but Chipmunks fit her beautifully. Only downside is that they don't have half sizes. We get ours from Brantano at £10 a pair.

anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 11:26:55

Message withdrawn

CheesyFeet Wed 27-Sep-06 11:44:25

They are cute We get loads of comments saying how lovely they are.

DD is 2.2 and a size 6!

We got chatting to someone (another parent, not a shop person) in Brantano who said that they had worked for Clarks and that Clarks shoes are well overpriced and that Chipmunks are just as good - they have built up arches and cushioned soles etc.

hunkermunker Wed 27-Sep-06 11:45:19

No, but I have tried Kids shoes for Chipmunks.

They got very cross.

CheesyFeet Wed 27-Sep-06 11:47:52

<snort> @ Hunkermunker

I'm amazed you managed to get them to stay still for long enough

hunkermunker Wed 27-Sep-06 11:49:04

They were on the naughty step (for climbing wilfully and squeaking with their pouches full) at the time, CF.

CheesyFeet Wed 27-Sep-06 11:50:36

I hope you didn't use excessive force

hunkermunker Wed 27-Sep-06 11:52:16

<<defensive>> It was whack a rodent day.

[ponders] Are CMs rodents?

anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 11:56:05

Message withdrawn

CheesyFeet Wed 27-Sep-06 12:02:59

<bored at work so googles the rodent status of chipmunks>

Yes they are <knowledgable>

Not sure about the shoe/boot thing anniemac, we always get shoes for dd because she can't undo the buckles, anything with a velcro strap ends up being chucked out of the buggy.

anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 12:07:04

Message withdrawn

CheesyFeet Wed 27-Sep-06 12:15:42

dd has these

She can do zips too <grrr>

anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 12:36:47

Message withdrawn

cgw60 Thu 11-Jun-09 17:50:48

I buy Chipmunks for my children. They are fantastic shoes. The problem is that they only go up to a size 9 - and as one of my children is now a 10, I do buy other shoes for them.

I contacted Brantano - but they dont do them now.

I get them measured in my Start-Rite of Clarks shop and now buy all their shoes from


They are 1/2 the price - and the lady who runs the company is fantastic. My shoes literally arrived in 24 hours from when I ordered them!

Have a look an make your own mind up?

rosiejoy Thu 11-Jun-09 18:32:57

that site looks great, have just bought dcs shoes but def will look at it in the autumn

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