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Hair straighteners... Are expensive ones better?

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Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 05:59:35

Hello. I have a cheap hair straightener thingy. (what does GHD mean, anyway?) I never used it much, but now I have Babbyliss Big Hair, and I find that finishing off with the straightener helps with my unruly mop. I have lots of post-chemo /middle-age curl that wants to frizz. My current straightener helps smooth things down after drying.

Would paying £80 - £100 mean getting a better result? What do you get for all that extra money?

Cric Thu 25-Sep-14 06:29:54

GHD stands for good hair day. I would say they are 100% worth paying extra for (and my hair only has a slight wave). I have had cheap and GHDs. Would never go back!! They also last years smile

CitronVert Thu 25-Sep-14 06:34:32

I had a pair of Babyliss ones which I liked. After they went bang DH bought me a set of GHDs. I was a bit cross with him as they were so expensive but my word they are so much better.

I was a bit cynical before but they really are different- much quicker and more effective.

Tipsykisses Thu 25-Sep-14 06:39:39

I've gone through no end of straighteners over years with my thick unruly hair , when I finally splashed out on GHDs I wished I'd bought them sooner !

They are the only ones that do the job properly & I would replace them with another pair if they break .

I think you deserve to treat yourself after going through the chemo , hope you are well now .x

ememem84 Thu 25-Sep-14 06:39:41

I second ghd's. Have had mine since 2003. And they still work just as well. They are expensive but they last.

Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 06:51:47

Thanks Tipsykisses, I am completely cured now. smile

So GHD is a particular brand?

Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 07:04:06

I'm going to look into ceramic plate straighteners, as that seems to make a difference, but I'm hoping to spend a little less than £100... I see the Babbyliss Pro Elegance gets good reviews.

Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 07:18:02

I think I will see if they have these in store :

Cric Thu 25-Sep-14 07:32:52

GHD is a brand that you can buy on salons.

flipchart Thu 25-Sep-14 07:37:40

I've only ever had GHDs and didn't know any different. However my SIL borrowers them once and cous instantly tell the difference between her cheaper version and mine. She went out and got some.

Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 07:40:07

I figure if I've never had GHD then a good but more affordable pair should be such an improvement over what I have that I will still be happy...

fairyfuckwings Thu 25-Sep-14 07:43:28

I must be the only person who doesn't like ghds! I've had two pairs. The first pair lasted a few years of daily use before they blew up in my hand. The second pair lasted 2 years when the thermostat went. They just got hotter and hotter. Unfortunately I didn't notice until I'd singed. One side of my hair. I had to get it all cut off.

I'm now on my second pair of remington (25 quid off amazon) ceramic straighteners. They have an adjustable heat setting which is much better for me as my hair is very fine plus I use them daily. Ghds only have one very hot setting.

Georgethesecond Thu 25-Sep-14 07:47:50

Yes. I had a cheap pair and my mum still has. GHDs are better.

Cric Thu 25-Sep-14 07:48:11

Try and find someone you know to test them.... I have had ceramic plates that aren't GHDs and still not cut it for me. There are some other great brands but as I said ask around to see what people have smile

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 25-Sep-14 07:48:59

Ive had GHDs for about ten years and love them. The flex broke on my first set after daily use (and travelling!) and they lasted about six years. This second set seem to be holding up very well.

Not only are they better at straightening hair than all the other ones I tried prior, they also do it in half the time.

gamerchick Thu 25-Sep-14 07:51:51

I miss my ghds but mine also blew up in my hand. As a aside ghd repair them for free.. you just contact them and they send a bag out. I didn't bother though.

I use some 40 quid ones from asda they work pretty good.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 25-Sep-14 07:56:38

Ghd are £89 on amazon.

Mine are about 13 years old now.

Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 08:11:36

I want to buy some today. That means I either go to argos for ghd or buy the ones at boots. Do the salons listed on the ghd website sell them to people who walk in off the street?

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 25-Sep-14 08:13:58

Yep, they'll take your money if you just walk in.

AngieM2 Thu 25-Sep-14 08:25:18

I have Remingtons (about £40) and I bought my teen some GHD's for her birthday (£100). I'm sure the technology in the plates is the same as I checked this when I bought them. Absolutely no difference at all IMO, in fact I prefer the Remingtons, and they have a temperature control which the GHD's dont.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 25-Sep-14 08:26:37

Do Boots sell GHDs?Be worth biying them from there for the points!

Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 09:16:49

No, boots don't sell them. The points are definitely a factor!

hellsbellsmelons Thu 25-Sep-14 12:15:30

Sorry but I've been through many hair straighteners and GHDs are sooooo overrated!
I find Remington much better but I have massively curly hair and GHDs just can't cope.
THESE are good.

I converted all my friends from GHD over to Remington.
But they are a very personal choice!

hellsbellsmelons Thu 25-Sep-14 12:16:53

They have them in BOOTS too if you have the points.

Fabulassie Thu 25-Sep-14 12:41:48

Well! I bought the GHD's after all. I know that all of the highly-rated straighteners have at least one review saying "better than GHD" and so I was very tempted by the ones I linked above, but I finally went for the GHD because it has a wide plate. Also, it seems they have good customer service/aftercare.

I bought them at a Vidal salon - my own salon sells Cloud Nine (which are generally considered at least as good as GHD, based on what I've read) but they didn't have them in stock just now.

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