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Square silk scarves that don't cost a fortune - where can I find them?

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BodminPill Tue 23-Sep-14 18:23:58

I've been on the hunt for a couple for nice drapey square silk or silk chiffon scarves, but I either can't find them in my price range (up to $100 tops) or the designs/prints are not for me.

I'm trying to avoid anything too floral, unless it's quite geometric or abstract and I dislike anything equestrian or to "traditional" (think classic Hermes-type designs).

Am I asking for too much or am I just looking in the wrong places?


coffeeinbed Tue 23-Sep-14 18:24:39

Did you mean $ or £?

BodminPill Tue 23-Sep-14 18:24:46

That should be 100 pounds not $$$ - sorry am typing on an N.American keyboard!

coffeeinbed Tue 23-Sep-14 18:26:39

Sorry, I'm the wrong person here, I do like a Hermes scarf. Or two.

Silken Favours?

Fabulassie Tue 23-Sep-14 18:36:47

ebay? I just did a search for "pure silk scarf" and lots of options came up:

I'd imagine most of them come from China. No idea if the quality/feel of silk scarves vary hugely or not.

Spidergirl8 Tue 23-Sep-14 19:10:24

TK Maxx often have a good selection

CathAnderson Tue 23-Sep-14 19:22:35

+1 for eBay get most of mine there. Just watch out for item location, if it's coming from China it can take up to 4 weeks.

beachywaves Tue 23-Sep-14 19:55:46

I was looking earlier this week - Biba at House of Fraser have some gorgeous ones. Also Echo on ebay. Joules have some if you like that kind of look.

WorkingBling Tue 23-Sep-14 19:57:50

At some more upmarket markets you can get surprisingly good quality silk scarves at reasonable prices. But not sure about square shape.

BodminPill Tue 23-Sep-14 20:11:09

Coffee I do love some of the Hermes designs, but the it's the equestrian stuff that really leaves me cold, or any copy-cat type designs with lots of gold chains etc on, as they are really not "me". Moot point anyway as Hermes is waaaaaaaaay out of budget grin

I'll check out ebay - I was a bit wary of the quality, but I've never given it try so I could be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for reminding me!

shopalot Tue 23-Sep-14 20:27:37

I have just bought a gorgeous silk scarf from Massimo Dutti. It was £45 and is lovely.

coffeeinbed Tue 23-Sep-14 20:43:00

Oh dear no, the gold chain and the horsey stuff is ghastly.

foxybingodotcom Tue 23-Sep-14 20:46:33

Checked out the Massimo ones - love the whole site but the geometric print silk scarf is beautiful.

BodminPill Tue 23-Sep-14 21:09:47

Ooo yes - Massimo Dutti ones are lovely. Which design did you get shopalot?

shopalot Tue 23-Sep-14 21:13:32

I have this one and I love it

notapizzaeater Tue 23-Sep-14 21:14:25 have tins of scarfs really cheap

shopalot Tue 23-Sep-14 21:20:37

Very tempted by the geometric print one in the mauve.....

MildredH Tue 23-Sep-14 21:31:18

Actually tried on a lovely one at tkmaxx today. ( got real shouldhaveboughtit-itis)

beachywaves Wed 24-Sep-14 08:40:43

Shopalot - thankyou for bring to my attention Massimo Dutti. Lovely things on there. What is the quality like and how do the sizings come up?

CeeceeBloomingdale Wed 24-Sep-14 08:56:01

Asos have come up trumps in the past. Diesel do nice ones

cressetmama Wed 24-Sep-14 09:18:31


shopalot Wed 24-Sep-14 13:37:22

Massimo dutti is owned by the same people as Zara but is their high end bit. To be honest I haven't bought anything in there apart from the scarf which is beautiful. A friend who lives in Madrid shops there a lot and especially loves their leather, bags and shoes.

I went in on Sunday in Regent street and it all looked lovely. No idea about sizing and whether it washes well I am afraid. I couldn't try anything on on Sunday as I had dh and three do in tow!!!!!!!! (But I plan to go back....on my own!!!!)

shopalot Wed 24-Sep-14 13:38:13

Dc.....not do (damn the spell check!!!)

shopalot Wed 24-Sep-14 13:40:12

What I can say is that the delivery and returns service is excellent and it all comes beautifully wrapped and lovely!!!!

beachywaves Wed 24-Sep-14 13:47:35

Thanks for that - I may treat myself.

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