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Any decent bra fitters in Cumbria? Anyone tried Turnbulls in Carlisle?

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mrskittyfantistico Sun 21-Sep-14 22:19:23

Hello. I've been lurking around these parts and, thanks to the fantastic bra interventionists, now know that I've been squishing into the wrong sized bra for many many, many, many years.
The problem is that after rather a lot of unsuccessful attempts at buying the right size online I think my only hope is to get myself to a bra fitter for some proper advice. Fine in theory except that I live in the wilds of Cumbria and the nearest Bravissimo, Manchester, is 3 hours away! Looking online there is a place in Carlisle called Turnbulls which gets good reviews but I don't want to travel 2 hours to find they measure just like M & S and have a wasted trip. The ideal places would be Whitehaven or Barrow but I could get to anywhere on the train, including North Lancashire.
So, does anyone have any experiences of bra fitters in Cumbria that don't follow the old measuring systems of whacking 4 inches onto your band size?

ILoveWoollyStuff Sun 21-Sep-14 22:33:26

Hello mrskitty, I use them and can add to the good reviews. Lovely, calm, no-nonsense ladies who will do their best to find the right bra style and fit and will consider your budget too where possible. No tape measures to be found! Let me know if you make a trip and fancy a coffee! smile

mrskittyfantistico Sun 21-Sep-14 22:46:21

Oooh, thank you for the quick and positive reply WoollyStuff! They do sound good, if I don't a nearer recommendation then I may well go for it, and a coffee would be lovely!

charlie7 Sun 21-Sep-14 23:17:58

Would def recommend them too- one of the best places I've ever been for bra fitting. I went for maternity, then breast feeding ones and normal ones. Brilliant service, worth a trip.

mrskittyfantistico Sun 21-Sep-14 23:33:02

Thank you Charlie! Can either of you confirm whether they fit you in bras that match the measurement of your under bust? (i.e, they don't add inches to the band size- this is my fear!)

calendula Sun 21-Sep-14 23:38:08

They do things properly in my experience. I went in with a 34AA from M&S and came out with a 32C that fitted much better.

mrskittyfantistico Sun 21-Sep-14 23:42:38

Oh, that sounds promising Calendula, thanks.

charlie7 Mon 22-Sep-14 22:31:22

They fit them as they should do- and yes I agree much better than m and s!

mrskittyfantistico Tue 23-Sep-14 09:48:24

Thanks so much, it is sounding like the 4 hour round trip will be worth it...!

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Tue 23-Sep-14 09:52:19

<waves at fellow Cumbrians>

Completely off topic, I know but I don't think there's a lot of us. grin

mrskittyfantistico Tue 23-Sep-14 10:04:46

Hello! <waves back>
There don't seem to be do there?! I really should check out the local page again but it was really quiet last time I looked.

ILoveWoollyStuff Tue 23-Sep-14 22:51:34

<waves back> pm me if you want to meet whilst you're in town grin

As an aside, the local site seems to have quite an emphasis on the south of the County. I guess it just depends where the moderator is located, and as we know, we're in a large area with a relatively small population. Or maybe we're all just really too shy to post in case we're instantly recognised irl. grin

Mummyofonesofar Wed 20-May-15 08:46:27

Sorry to jump on a Zombie thread but I am in need of a maternity bra and I live near Carlisle. I have had a look on the Turnbulls shop and it looks very out of date. Do they do pretty maternity styles?

lk26 Wed 20-May-15 08:49:10

It does look old fashioned but they are the go to bra place round here.
Sadly don't know about maternity bras there.
Hope you get one.

Mummyofonesofar Wed 20-May-15 11:20:47

Thanks IK

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