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is there a 'one suits all' blusher I can buy?

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BobPatandIgglePiggle Sun 14-Sep-14 13:42:08

I never seem to find the time to go to one of the beauty counters in stores and am a bit rubbish at choosing my own.

I have dyed 'morello cherry' hair and pale to warm skin.

Any suggestions for a 'one suits everyone' blusher that I can buy online??

Skinheadmermaid Sun 14-Sep-14 15:56:34

I keep hearing about Nars 'orgasm' and 'deep throat' as the be all and end all of blushers.
I think orgasm is the one thats meant to be universally suitable.
You could also try benetint?

leedy Sun 14-Sep-14 17:13:01

Nars Orgasm is very flattering on most people, but is pricey enough - think there are reasonable dupes around (though can't think of any off the top of my head). If expense is no object, though, I'd go for it, I love mine and am on my third pan of it.

santamarianovella Sun 14-Sep-14 17:15:41

YY to Nars orgasm, I use the cream blusher though,

BunnyLebowski Sun 14-Sep-14 17:16:57

Sleek Rose Gold is an almost identical dupe for Nars Orgasm. And about £5 in Superdrug.


pinkfrocks Sun 14-Sep-14 17:17:25

I hated it. Far too bright and far too glittery. I am pale and it made me look like a clown.

Back2Two Sun 14-Sep-14 17:28:21

Yy I agree with the too glittery.
I was really disappointed after the hype (didn't buy it)

elephanteraser Sun 14-Sep-14 17:32:55

I use deep throat daily [win really love it

sleepingbetternow82 Sun 14-Sep-14 17:42:04

I bought "orgasm" after reading it suited everyone but sadly it didn't suit me! Still looking and watching this thread!

DaftSkunk Sun 14-Sep-14 17:45:53

I was recommended Bourjois in Rose Ambre. Little pot of blush I think they're called. I would recommend too!

LinusDKD Sun 14-Sep-14 17:51:22

Orgasm didn't suit my pale skin but Deap Throat is lovely.

I also like Revlon Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink and a recent discovery is Nyx cream blush in Red Cheeks.

I am keeping that last one for winter as it is super pigmented and a very Snow White kind of pinky red and you only need a tiny amount and a lot of blending.

BobPatandIgglePiggle Sun 14-Sep-14 18:09:07

Ooh - never looked at Nars. Might save that for my santa list though.. thanks so much for the suggestions, didn't think I'd get any replies!

IHeartLockhart Sun 14-Sep-14 18:11:13

I've used dandelion by Benefit for years, I love it. So subtle yet adds that touch of warmth I need.

SchnitzelVonKrumm Sun 14-Sep-14 18:18:19

Orgasm terrible if you're pale. There's a Chantecaille one called Winter Bloom that's very wearable.

cromwell44 Sun 14-Sep-14 18:19:03

I second the Bourjois rose blusher in a little pot. Lasts for ages. Never found anything as good and easy to apply.

endoflevelbaddy Sun 14-Sep-14 18:26:41

There's a fab urban decay naked face palette with matte bronzer and blusher, and a powder highlighter. Not sure how much but I'm similar colouring to OP and I use it every day, can just add more for an evening look. It was a Mother's Day present and it's not even half used yet, so I would definitely recommend.

LosBreakingBad Sun 14-Sep-14 18:31:09

There's a blogger called London beauty Review, who sounds as if she has identical colouring to you. She's worth a look as her recommendations are good. I can't link as I'm on phone.

silversixpence Sun 14-Sep-14 18:36:54

I have the rose ambre bourjois one too and it is a lovely colour on me (medium dark Asian skin) and my sister (pale, almost Caucasian skin tone)

mylittlepeanutface Sun 14-Sep-14 19:22:50

I wear Nars Orgasm every day. It does have subtle glitter flecks in it but I don't find it too much and I have very pale skin.
The cost may be a lot but I've had the same one for about 4 years and it's not even half way done so it works out great value!

beachywaves Sun 14-Sep-14 19:38:51

I fourth Bourjois Rose Ambre - very prettifying.

usualnamechanger Sun 14-Sep-14 19:45:24

Rose gold, sleek. You might need a stronger colour if you are black, they have nice shades of blusher and they are cheap.

usualnamechanger Sun 14-Sep-14 19:47:10

Rose gold by sleek is a nars orgasm dupe.

yazzy85 Sun 14-Sep-14 19:48:34

Mac Springsheen is a lovely alternative to Nars Orgasm, I have both and prefer Springsheen as it doesn't have glitter.

morechildrenplease Sun 14-Sep-14 22:21:08

Bourjois here too. Love it

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Tue 16-Sep-14 15:19:48

I am liking the seventeen blush stamp ones that are in a pot with a sponge that deposits a perfect circle of colour on each cheek that you then blend in. the pale pinky one has been super for my summer pinks.

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