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Ash boots Lovers , need your help !

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Beautydiva Mon 08-Sep-14 21:35:15

Firstly , I joined this site after reading reviews about Ash boots , what a fantastic site I must say smile

Secondly , has anyone got following pair of Ash boots ?

Are they comfortable ? How different they are from spiral/jalouse ?
Would you wear this one to work ?

Lastly , any recommend website to buy it from ?

Thanks a lot

HolgerDanske Mon 08-Sep-14 21:44:51

I don't have the Jessica boot, I have the Spiral.

Mine are very comfortable. I would think that the Jessica would be comfortable too, as they don't look all that different in construction.

As to whether or not one can wear them to work,I suppose that would depend on one's job.

I buy from Daniel footwear, Brand boudoir and Ash.

ThisBitchIsResting Mon 08-Sep-14 21:53:47

Shopstyle website is good for finding the cheapest place to buy stuff. Don't think you'll get cheap ones at this time of year though, unless you can wait for January sales when they'll be £50.

Cranagh Tue 09-Sep-14 08:15:55

I have the Jessica boots, they are very comfortable and not too high.

Beautydiva Tue 09-Sep-14 16:55:45

Thanks everyone .
I was looking woodash ones on office website for £70 and I was about to purchase it suddenly the price went back to £155 shock strange !
Called them and they said the price could change anytime .
Anyways thanks for sharing the websites, I'll have a look , how good are they accepting returns etc , just in case if doesn't fit .

I'm size 6 and half so thinking to order size 39 as I read their sizes are big ?

divingoffthebalcony Tue 09-Sep-14 17:00:10

Definitely size down. I'm a 4.5 and usually buy a 5, but the 4's are absolutely ample (I have Jalouses and Bowies)

noddyholder Tue 09-Sep-14 17:07:16

I have ash crosbys and they are quite big Not really fashionable any more but I love them and still wear 4 years on and still in perfect condition.

Beautydiva Tue 09-Sep-14 18:29:07

Will order in 39 then , now looking for good deals . How much minimum and maximum have you paid for them ?

Beautydiva Tue 09-Sep-14 20:56:49

What is size 38 in ash boots ? 5.5 0r 6 ?? Please help me , I just saw one for £52 but it's only in size 38

HolgerDanske Wed 10-Sep-14 06:47:35

There should be a size guide on the ash website. But usually a 38 is 5.5, so with the tendency toward coming up big, maybe a 38 would be ok for you.

Most places have free returns. Check the policy and if they do, go ahead and order and you could send them back if they don't fit.

TheBuskersDog Wed 10-Sep-14 08:05:00

I think a 38 is a 5, I am a 5.5 to 6 and have that size.

Beautydiva Wed 10-Sep-14 17:11:48

Yes you are right it's size 5 . I wish I could fit in those , as I have seen it for £50 can't justify paying £110 now hmm

HolgerDanske Wed 10-Sep-14 17:56:29

But if busker fits the 38 then hopefully you should too?

HolgerDanske Wed 10-Sep-14 17:57:16

Uh sorry, the busker's dog! My brain only saw busker for some reason :-)

Beautydiva Thu 11-Sep-14 19:36:15

Thanks I'm thinking to try them on first , will have a look who stocks them

Beautydiva Sun 14-Sep-14 00:31:31

So I have ordered the last pieces of ash justin and ash wood ash both in size 6 .
I didn't want to take a chance of ordering size 5 just in case it didn't fit and also I wasn't sure if the seller was authorised (confused emoticon ) .Although I'm still looking for offers on ash Jessica.
Anyways Thanks to you guyz for your help

Beautydiva Wed 17-Sep-14 18:59:06

My both orders arrived today and the sad part is they are too small for me hmm. I had a good bargain and now feeling devastated as size 7 is not available in sales hmm

Beautydiva Thu 06-Nov-14 11:27:16

I just got a size bigger now in woodash jalouse and the sole feels a bit hard .

And also I am worried if it's look a bit bigger by the ankle .

Do you guyz use any protectors on them ?

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Thu 06-Nov-14 11:43:32

I use suede protector spray on mine. Collonil is good

Beautydiva Fri 07-Nov-14 11:49:49

Thanks will google it smile

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