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oh good god, help me dress myself

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loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 22:12:06

I have a new job. And i need to smarten up. Ive only been required to be smart/casual up till now...think English/geography teacher style

I'm useless at this, but i think most effective changes would be some good shirts. I'm a bit plump and misshapen so i don't want really fitted, but don't want big baggy efforts which make me look like a sack of spuds. I'm a bit averse to really formal and would be more comfortable in clothes that have a bit of a twist...even if its just a nice colour/pattern

any suggestions?

also some thinking ankle boots?

Amandaclarke Tue 02-Sep-14 22:19:25

What I have noticed in the last couple of years is that suits are becoming more few and far between, particularly trouser suits - I steadfastly hang onto mine and refuse to give them up as they are a perfect work uniform, however walking around the city today I did feel a bit of a berk as I didn't see any other working women wearing a traditional trouser suit.

I am trying a new look, trying to be smart and corporate but a little less trussed up and formal. I have just bought this dress from Hobbs in both colours and can either wear with a jacket, or a cardigan, opaques and heels or boots.

BOX RED-10&refpage=dresses

minkah Tue 02-Sep-14 22:29:16

That's a truly fab dress, amandaclarke.

Loom bands, have you looked at gudrunsjoden? Do you like her style?

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 22:36:20

Ahh..that link doesn't work, but thanks

id be much happier in a dress with suit jacket. I have a couple of suitable dresses. But struggle with jackets also. I have 1 black one i have with bold stitching. Then i bought a grey tweedy one, but that just looks kinda faded/washed out. It might be ok with a black dress

any jacket suggestions?
i also think my long boots aren't professional enough

Amandaclarke Tue 02-Sep-14 22:46:00

Loombands - dress is the Brunswick from Hobbs, comes in red and blue. I have a short black jacket and a short navy jacket - I could wear both with both dresses colour wise and fit wise jacket has to be short in my opinion as the skirt flares from waist so a longer jacket wouldn't work. I also have a black cardigan and a red cardigan, could wear the black with both and the red with red dress.

I kind of agree about long boots not being professional although some people get away with it and look absolutely fantastic envy and prefer to stick to opaques and courts or shoe/boots in the winter.

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 22:50:14

im on laptop working smile

that dress is great!!

and theres a lot of other nice stuff on there too

ill have a look at gudrunsjoden now minkah thanks smile

another problem.....i really dont wear heels. what could i wear with this skirt for example?....sandals in the summer and boots in the winter?

schmee Tue 02-Sep-14 22:55:04

Love love love the gudrunsjoden tip minkah.

Monsoon, Boden and M&S did some great jersey blazers in the summer. Their not on their sites at the moment but you might find some on ebay e.g. this

Give a sense of structure without actually being structured.

I think long boots are OK in the workplace, but you might be better with coloured opaque tights and court shoes.

If your lumps and bumps include big boobs, bravissimo might be a good place for shirts, but really I think dresses with a jacket over the top are a much better option.

schmee Tue 02-Sep-14 22:56:15

Have you thought about booking a personal shopper?

TongueBiter Tue 02-Sep-14 23:02:11

Amanda - I refuse to stop wearing my traditional trousersuits too smile I would love to wear more dresses but not always practical at work, and I HATE, LOATHE AND DETEST TIGHTS!!

Amandaclarke Tue 02-Sep-14 23:04:25

Could you bear to wear a kitten heel?



or a flatter block heel

Personally I think you need some sort of heel with a skirt or dress - flats work with trousers or for when you running for the train but that's it!

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 23:08:11

i feel too self conscious to get a personal shopper blush And would feel obliged to buy summat even if i didnt like it

not loving Gudrun...not for work at least

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 23:10:38

no no no NO to kitten heels!!

but yes maybe to those little block type heels...i also think a platform type thingy might be ok. I really do wish i wore heels, because i can see it really looks good!

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 23:11:27

but...those Next block heels have too pointy a toe. I like round toes

mirpuppet Tue 02-Sep-14 23:12:03

When I went to John Lewis the personal shopper did not accompany to the till -- so no pressure to buy.

I think you should try it -- I have also done - house of fraser; debenehams and independent personal shopper. All good experiences.

Amandaclarke Tue 02-Sep-14 23:13:47

Message loud and clear - no kitten heels smile

So a round toe and a block heel or a wedge? right give me a minute....

mirpuppet Tue 02-Sep-14 23:14:01

I'm I looking at the right gudrunsjoden?

Could someone please link

I would not wear those clothes to work.

Amandaclarke Tue 02-Sep-14 23:17:35

Think I am looking at the wrong page too mirpuppet! If rounding up wilderbest was my new job - perfect!

Minkah - help us out please smile

Amandaclarke Tue 02-Sep-14 23:25:09

Okay here we go

Or these if you are in fact capturing wild animals in your new role grin






or - pointy I know but you know pointy is very much coming back...

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 23:28:24

is this nice?

Amandaclarke Tue 02-Sep-14 23:33:48

Yes it's gorgeous - however are you big busted? If yes I would stay away from a high neck and buy V necks with a nice necklace and good underwear.

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 23:35:49

Oh, i really like the Dune ones!! especially the first they count as heels?

loombands Tue 02-Sep-14 23:37:19

im 36E that big? t is a bit droopy grin

im 5ft8inch...16 on the bottom, 14 on the top (sometimes a 16)

minkah Tue 02-Sep-14 23:39:32

Ha ha, the gudrunsjoden website probably fixing you by showing all her clothing put together.

You would just pick some pieces, to spice up a plainer work wardrobe.

I made the suggestion with regard to you saying you prefer clothes with a bit of a twist, with colour and pattern.

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minkah Tue 02-Sep-14 23:40:02

Hmmmm. Image upload fail!

TongueBiter Tue 02-Sep-14 23:42:10

OP have you had a bra intervention? I'm at least a 16 on top and wear a 32gg - not any of the 36/38 DD/E bras that I used to think fitted me!

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