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Making bootleg jeans look less than tragic

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ocelot41 Sun 31-Aug-14 15:30:28

Good women of Mumsnet, please help! Although slim ish (12-14) I am also shortish ( 5 4") busty and irredeemably thunderous of thigh and bootcuts are the only jeans I can get to fit me. But in flats I look just...dumpy...mumsy...DULL. Help me? Would boots with wedges look OK? Is there ANY way to make bootcuts look OK or am I doomed to the outer circle of style hell?

saltnpepa Sun 31-Aug-14 19:29:16

Move away from the bootcuts. Get some tube skirts/pencil skirt and tuck in a shirt/top. Thunderous thighs become transformed to curves and busty looks fab. Wear with ankle boots if calves are good or knee high boots.

ocelot41 Sun 31-Aug-14 21:04:07

Where to find comfy tube skirts oh wise one?wink

saltnpepa Sun 31-Aug-14 21:25:33

Me and Em, Miss selfridge, all over the place.

AmethystMoon Sun 31-Aug-14 21:31:00

Whistles tube skirts are thick and hold in wobbly bits smile

Bunbaker Sun 31-Aug-14 21:34:05

"Get some tube skirts/pencil skirt and tuck in a shirt/top. Thunderous thighs become transformed to curves and busty looks fab."

Not sure that advice is the right advice. I am somewhat thunderous of thigh and tube/pencil skirts make my thighs look even more thunderous. A line skirts are far more flattering.

saltnpepa Sun 31-Aug-14 21:42:42

A line skirts cover everything up and are a tad 'mumsy' dare I say it. I'd put them next to bootleg trousers.

Bunbaker Sun 31-Aug-14 21:50:55

I don't care grin. I would rather look mumsy than lumpy.

ocelot41 Sun 31-Aug-14 21:55:26

Ooh gosh...clearly a contentious issue! Will try and see what I think...

HoldenMcGroin Sun 31-Aug-14 21:58:36

I saw a woman in bootcuts yesterday, they looked great!

She had black ankle boots on

The jeans were v v dark denim

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 31-Aug-14 21:59:34

What is the problem with bootcut jeans?


Most people who wear leggings shouldn't.
Alot of people who wear skinnies really shouldn't.
Flares- jusy no

I wear Converse or a chelsea boot style (AKA Mum Boot)
Providing the jeans are long enough, they are flattering and balanced.
I have skinny ankles, long skinny feet, I can't wear heels and my legs aren't straight (OK you couldn't get a bus through the gap, but they're a bit bandy)
So not ideal for skinnies.
And skirts Phewnaaaa no.

ocelot41 Sun 31-Aug-14 22:51:53

I think it is the combo of being pearshaped and a bit short that is the killer. I KNOW heels help and that's fine for smart but with small kids running round a park? Not going to happen.Have yet to master casual in a way that doesn't look just awwwful...blush

mirpuppet Sun 31-Aug-14 22:57:42

Have you tried boyfriend jeans?

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Sun 31-Aug-14 23:05:38

Boots (esp ones that are a bit rugged or interesting rather than the really blah mid-heel sort) or nice/cool trainers if you ask me.

I will blow big raspberries at anyone who tries to get me out of my bootcuts, they are the only jeans that suit me but I insist that they DO suit me! grin

On the other hand you would so NOT want to see me in skinnies ever ever ever (nor a tube skirt)...

ocelot41 Sun 31-Aug-14 23:07:25

Hmmm boyfriends no... I had written them off as for the tall skinny types. Do they work?

Nomakeupselfish Sun 31-Aug-14 23:46:03

Why are people always banging on about tube skirts on here? I've never seen anyone actually wearing one... How can a tight skirt and ankle boots be more flattering than a well fitting pair of boot cut jeans with a great pair of boots?
Admittedly though, I'm neither particularly stylish or beautiful so perhaps in the wrong place....

latika Sun 31-Aug-14 23:52:12

I'd love to know what boot it jeans have done to offend most shops! I'm 5ft 2 and a 16 and skinnies look hideous on me. Spent 5 hours last weekend looking for decent bootcut jeans and not a pair to be found in the shops. Went home empty handed sad

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Mon 01-Sep-14 00:57:24

<ppppssttt Gap - or even better, Gap outlet grin>

CalamityKate1 Mon 01-Sep-14 01:49:03

I like bootcut jeans. I think they're very flattering!

AmethystMoon Mon 01-Sep-14 05:48:10

Gap curvy boot jeans are flattering for pear shapes. Just make sure they are long enough, I think bootcut are fine so long as they don't flap around your ankles. IMO that is when they look awful as they make legs look stumpy.

Lifesalemon Mon 01-Sep-14 06:06:11

I'm pear shaped and in my opinion tube skirts are awful but I love bootcut and slouch/boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans I like best with converse style flats and I think most styles of footwear can be worn with bootcuts as long as the length is ok.

ChippyMinton Mon 01-Sep-14 06:48:54

There is a middle way. Try on some GAP Real Straight, or NEXT Everyday Slim. With some chunky boots, not mid-heel pointy things that make your feet look like pigs trotters poking out of a bootcut.

ocelot41 Mon 01-Sep-14 06:51:15

OK so I need to try boyfriend jeans, slouch jeans and tube skirts. Thanks people! Re: tube skirts - are ones with ruching better or wuss?

OwlCapone Mon 01-Sep-14 07:14:18

I'm trying to work out how a constricting skirt is a good replacement for jeans confused

ILikeToClean Mon 01-Sep-14 07:18:27

How about the hidden wedge trainers? They give a bit of height but are comfy but you look like you're wearing flats and are casual. They work best with straight legs or boot cuts too, but wear them fairly long.

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