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I need bra help!

(14 Posts)
LizzieMint Sun 31-Aug-14 08:15:45

Is there any way really of getting a properly comfortable bra? I'm confident I'm in the right size. I'm a size 16, a bit overweight and have big boobs. I wear a size 34gg but by the end of the day the bottom of the straps and the underwires at the sides usually dig in horribly and can leave sore welts. Some styles/brands are better than others (fantasie fits pretty well) but I think it's just a result of having a tight-enough band for support. Is there any hope?

DiplomaticWife Sun 31-Aug-14 09:41:08

Hi there

Sympathies - as I'm also well endowed (34 E/F cup)

Freya bras work for me (direct online or available from Bravissimo - who give fab fittings). Freya also makes swimwear.

I see that Triumph have launched 'magic bra' without traditional underwiring... which I'd like to give a go. Would love to hear if anyone has tried this yet.

LizzieMint Sun 31-Aug-14 10:50:26

Just had a look at those, they only go up to an F cup and all the bras on the Triumph site are plunge ones which are no good for me.
Something like that would be ideal though I think, why don't manufacturers make them bigger?! It was the same with those wonderbras with plastic inserts (can't remember what they called them, but they are sort of hand shaped), they didn't go up high enough in cup sizes either.
I have lots of Freya bras but they are the ones which are digging in the most at the moment.

DiplomaticWife Sun 31-Aug-14 11:06:17

Realise it's a bit obvious.... but do you think you may need another bra fitting with Freya (Bravissimo staff are really good): if digging in, you may need a bigger size than you are currently wearing. Freya goes up to K cup.

When I had my fitting, they jumped me 3 cup sizes from the bra I walked in with - so you never can tell.

LizzieMint Sun 31-Aug-14 11:22:34

I honestly think the size is fine, the cups fit well, the strap is level, the centre gore fits flat against my ribcage etc. I think it's just that the strap has to fit quite tightly to give support, but then the wires at the side dig in - because the wires in large sizes are quite wide, they end up being right round my side. Some makes are more comfortable than others, but I couldn't say I had a single really comfortable bra, they all dig in to some extent. I wish I could go bra-less!!

DiplomaticWife Sun 31-Aug-14 11:36:22

I hear you. I wouldn't say any of my bras are 100% perfect either (especially after 8-10 hours).

Bit drastic I know, but have you been thinking about possible reduction. The idea is scary... but I have a friend who recently went from H to C cup and she is absolutely delighted with the results (NHS referral). It's horrible to be in discomfort - and back-pain can be a problem later in life I think.


SorrelForbes Sun 31-Aug-14 11:46:08

OP, it could be a style/shape issue. How far round do the wires come? They should encase all your breast tissue but shouldn't reach round past mid arm pit really.

Freya and Fantasie have quite wide cups which certainly don't work me at al as they are too wide and shallow.

LizzieMint Sun 31-Aug-14 13:15:52

I've idly considered a reduction but I don't think I'd ever go for something that drastic. I'm tall and big-framed anyway so don't look too out-of-proportion. The wires probably end about 3/4 of the way under my armpit, then lots of styles have side supports further back than that which are always irritating so I remove those straight away if the bra has them.
Interesting that freya and fantasie are wide/shallow - do you know of any narrow/voluminous(!) makes?

SorrelForbes Sun 31-Aug-14 13:38:25

Panache, Cleo and various Polish brands like Ewa Michalak and Comexim are
all narrow wired bras

DiplomaticWife Sun 31-Aug-14 13:51:10

I am really learning something here... going to have a look at Fantasie now

marriednotdead Sun 31-Aug-14 16:17:53

I'd have a further look at Fantasie styles, especially if you've found them good in the past. Given the issues you've described, don't be afraid to try a cup or two larger to see if it resolves the side digging. If your breasts naturally sit like that, you're less likely to fall out of the centre of the bra so the cup being too small isn't immediately obvious!

The ones with the 'widest' wires I've found are the Belle and the Salsa. The side supports you describe are in the Belle but not the Salsa. They're designed to stop the bra scrunching up/ into flesh, and as you've found, can be easily removed with a seam ripper if they are the only problem with a particular style. The Abigail is also great and a lot prettier.

A sister brand is Elomi and all the styles I've encountered sit nice and wide; they are designed for fuller figured women.

The Leia website is the retail outlet for both brands.

LizzieMint Tue 02-Sep-14 14:33:16

Figleaves now has 20% off Freya and fantasie styles, so I'm going to get some different styles ordered

LizzieMint Tue 06-Jan-15 16:18:30

I just came back on this thread to say I've done it! I've actually, finally found a bra that is still comfortable at the end of the day, doesn't dig in anywhere, fits well etc. it's amazing! I've tried soooo many over the past few months.
I'm now debating just how many to buy. And what do you do with bras you've worn for a day or two that are no good? Can't return them because they're worn, but won't be wearing them again. What a waste!

StatisticallyChallenged Tue 06-Jan-15 17:04:56

Larger cup bras sell well on ebay

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