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Lyn Harris perfume

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Deathraystare Sun 31-Aug-14 01:00:50

Ok I got the trio in M&S. Love them all. Tried Le Noir tonight. The ingredients are~:A sophisticated classic. Italian bergamot, green mandarin with lavender and tarragon on a base of pimento, patchouli and rich amber...

Something is coming through very strongly and quite unusual but I have smelt it before - may even have had this note in another perfume. Buggered if I can work out what it is!!! It might be the tarragon or maybe the lavender but it smells unusual that's for sure. It is lovely anyway.

Deathraystare Sun 31-Aug-14 23:16:49

Ok, going to answer my own question. I think it may be the tarragon.

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