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To UGG or not to UGG

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MakeMineAGuinness Wed 27-Aug-14 19:04:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TessTackle Wed 27-Aug-14 19:06:31

Real Ugg Australia boots don't slouch.

I love mine in winter but know on MN they are frowned upon blush

If you, like me, have a size 5 or smaller foot you can get kids ones which are cheaper. I have bailey bow, they have satin bows on the back and I love them.

TessTackle Wed 27-Aug-14 19:07:30

I also have grey tall, chestnut short, and DD has grey bailey button. I'd only advise against the bailey button, once you fold them down they never sit the same again. Hth smile

emsyj Wed 27-Aug-14 19:09:36

I want some of the 'Noira' leather boots but they are £235 and I just can't bring myself to pay it. I wish I'd bought them last year but now they're hard to get hold of and they will probably be even more unstylish by the time I've had my money's worth.

I bought some cheap Bearpaw boots from TK Maxx last year and they split really quickly. I think the Ugg are better quality (although I'd read great reviews of the Bearpaw brand on here...)

TheHoundsBitch Wed 27-Aug-14 19:10:09

I love them, but mine got knackered after 5 years wear and I can't afford new ones. I bought Bearpaws (TK Maxx £30) last September and had to chuck them in April because the sole had worn through sad Cold feet this winter.

LadyFairfaxSake Wed 27-Aug-14 19:16:10

Don't Ugg, Timberland instead, better value, longer lasting, better made, Thinsulate lined & waterproof. Infinitely better looking.

MumbleBag Wed 27-Aug-14 19:29:03

I have the UGG Grandle leather boots and I lived in them last Winter.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 27-Aug-14 19:29:45

EMU - look on QVC.
They have a re-inforced heel

I detest the faux- Uggs which roll over and people walk on the part that should be over the ankle. They'd be as well in a big sock hmm
DD wears a suede boot but she grows out of them before they wear out ( She gets the Kirkland shearling boots from Costco) They might fit for one winter before she outgrows

LEMmingaround Wed 27-Aug-14 19:31:38

They aren't waterproof which is my bug bear for that sort of money.

monkeyfacegrace Wed 27-Aug-14 19:32:10

I buy two pairs of Uggs annually. I rarely wear anything else.

I care not for fashion, trends, or cost.

I care about walking around with my little trotters being cuddled all day. Ahhhhh, heaven is Uggs on a cold winters day grin

Cheesymonster Wed 27-Aug-14 19:42:25

I love mine. It's like having your feet cuddled by a friendly sheep.

Nyancat Wed 27-Aug-14 20:09:39

I had uggs, but when they needed replaced went for emu instead. just be warned they are brilliantly cosy but lethal in ice and not waterproof

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 27-Aug-14 20:11:45

I have a pair of Emu. Like Ugg, only cheaper. I stopped wearing them after seeing a 60 year old bloke on the train wearing a pair of fake Uggs, it really put me off. I have a pair of fleece lined Doc Martens and I've lived in those for the past 2 years. They are sooo warm and cosy, plus waterproof.

Nerf Wed 27-Aug-14 20:16:26

I have ugg slippers (chestnut) , ugg flip flops (black) and grey furry ugg boots. Hate the classic ones, hate fake ones that flop.
Love them , wear them loads , even with dresses in summer.wink

TheFairyCaravan Wed 27-Aug-14 20:22:40

I love my Uggs.

I love my Celtics too. I think Celtics are slightly better made than Uggs, the soles are thicker too as is the sheepskin lining.

GermanHouseCat Wed 27-Aug-14 20:26:15

TheHoundsBitch what shoe size are you?

TheHoundsBitch Wed 27-Aug-14 20:31:02

6.5 German <curious> grin

ThisBitchIsResting Wed 27-Aug-14 20:34:57

I love mine, like walking on clouds. I don't venture out in them if it might rain though, or snow, so they're not hugely practical but they are soo cosy. Try branch309 for ex display bargains, mine were £50 (grey short ones with Swarowski crystals all over smile )

GermanHouseCat Wed 27-Aug-14 20:38:00

I was going to give you a pair (don't like the thought of cold feet) but they're too small unfortunately hmm

WaitingForMe Wed 27-Aug-14 20:41:00

Another vote for Timberlands. I bought a lovely calf length pair four years ago for £200 and they're about to go into their fourth winter. Still look like new.

Cheapest footwear I've ever bought on a cost-per-wear basis.

fairgame Wed 27-Aug-14 20:41:34

I bought my first uggs last year. I got the josette in black and I love them! They are very warm and comfy and hard wearing. I wore them almost every day from october til march and they are still going strong with no slouch in sight.

TheHoundsBitch Wed 27-Aug-14 20:43:17

Oh bless you! I couldn't have accepted anyway - I was being a little dramatic, I'm not really that poor! Just can't spend £150-200 on boots! Thank you so much anyway flowers

PinkSparklyElephant Wed 27-Aug-14 21:01:45

I've got the classic in chestnut and black and also the leather Gershwin. The leather ones brilliant as they can be worn in rain or snow without worrying about ruining them.

MakeMineAGuinness Thu 28-Aug-14 07:37:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spottymoo Thu 28-Aug-14 08:53:22

I love my uggs I've got chestnut ones with a buckle at the side can't remember the name I got them from m&m direct genuine uggs but cheaper mine should have been £225 I spent £100 last summer on them and can't wait to get them out again.

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