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Ever been fobbed off by a personal stylist?

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Ladyfoxglove Tue 26-Aug-14 12:33:58

I have. Feeling a bit miffed.

How do you book a personal stylist and not get rebuffed?

I tried to make an appointment last week at a large, up-market department store in the North with a spend of a couple of grand. I tried to book an appointment in late October/early November and was told, "oh just come in anytime, we're not busy, especially on Saturday." You can grab anyone and they can help you put a few outfits together."

Is this true? Is this how it works now? < sulks >

moggiek Tue 26-Aug-14 12:56:55

That's really disappointing to hear. I've been planning to treat myself to this at JL in the autumn (although my budget isn't nearly as large as yours). Not sure if I'll bother now ....

Ladyfoxglove Tue 26-Aug-14 15:17:12

I know. I'm really disappointed as I don't usually spend that much in one go so it was going to be a special treat. (I normally shop myself throughout the year and end up with a hotch-potch of miss-matched, ill-thought-out outfits and I decided that this year, I'd spend my money wisely. I even checked the 'expected' spend with the store's website beforehand just in case and it was way over the limit they deem acceptable for their attention!

Normally, if I try to get an assistant's attention on Saturday they're busy helping other people.

I'm baffled to be honest and don't know what to do now.

skylerwhite1 Tue 26-Aug-14 15:22:57

Sounds a bit odd Ladyf as saturdays are normally such busy days in dept. stores. Did you ask to be put through to the personal shopping dept (They deffo have them in H of Fraser and Harvey N's) Try ringing back you might get a different answer. HTH

pootlebug Tue 26-Aug-14 15:23:16

Go elsewhere? I booked at John Lewis and it was great.

Ladyfoxglove Tue 26-Aug-14 15:35:34

Yes, it' was Harvey N's I rang (personal shopping dept). The person I spoke to even uttered the words, "I'm not trying to fob you off but..." always a dead giveaway.

i might go to J Lewis instead.

It just struck me as odd and dismissive and wrong. Why not say, we're full booked then but I can squeeze you in on DD/MM/YYYY?

Ladyfoxglove Tue 26-Aug-14 15:37:00

Pootlebug what was your experience at JL like? How long did you get with the stylist? Did they 'get' you and keep your individuality or did they 'clone' you?

BrightestBulbinBox Tue 26-Aug-14 15:41:14

So you're expected to be sat around waisting your very important time until an assistant does become available, drinking their cheap wine til you're tipsy and spend more without thinking? Ha, gotta love their strategy.

Get thee to Selfridges.

BecauseIsaidS0 Tue 26-Aug-14 15:41:58

Have you a Selfridges nearby? I used their personal shopping service and they were fab.

AwkwardSquad Tue 26-Aug-14 16:58:41

Newcastle too far? Fenwicks has a good range of clothes, much better than JL, and they have a personal shopper service.

Ladyfoxglove Wed 27-Aug-14 11:37:24

Yes, Newcastle is nearly three hours away but yes, it was Selfridges I tried.

I might call again and try to speak to a different person this time. Very odd experience.

RoganJosh Wed 27-Aug-14 11:42:10

I wonder if they want a chance to look at you to see if they'll get much money out of you.

I'd try somewhere else.

JRsandCoffee Wed 27-Aug-14 11:46:54

Have you thought about booking an independent style consultant/ personal shopper? Not necessarily as expensive as you might think and they have the run of all the shops, not just the concessions in a particular store and they also tend to have a good knowledge of where bargains are to be made and where not to cut corners, just a thought! If I had the money.....

ZeroSomeGameThingy Wed 27-Aug-14 11:53:23

Slightly confused

Was it HN or Selfridges you wanted to book? (The HN in Manchester is always empty so they may have forgotten how to be polite....)

But I wouldn't have said that JL would offer quite the same stuff. (Though they may be more attentive!)

thesaurusgirl Wed 27-Aug-14 12:03:06

Selfridges shoppers are crap in London too.

Unless you're a provincial fiftysomething housewife looking for designer denim or a C list celeb wanting Victoria Beckham for your latest appearance in Now magazine, they don't want to know.

I booked an appointment because I'd just split up with my long-term DP and needed a confidence boost, as well as a capsule wardrobe for a big new promotion. My stylist was about twelve, couldn't find anything to fit me (30FF size 8, not Dawn French), and hadn't a clue about corporate dress codes. I was ready to spend more than the price of a small car, and left with one jacket. Total waste of time.

kittykarate Wed 27-Aug-14 12:44:35

I had an appointment at Debenhams in the Trafford Centre(admittedly nowhere near as upmarket) when I wanted to move my work wardrobe from 'engineer slobby' to 'tidy yet comfortable'. I had 2 hours with them, no high pressure sales, and spent about £200 on stuff I still wear.

lordnoobson Wed 27-Aug-14 12:46:51

Me john Lewis. (Dunno why as I never buy clothes there) pretty crappy

BecauseIsaidS0 Wed 27-Aug-14 13:02:17

thesaurusgirl, that was not my experience at all! I spent two hours there and walked with three great dresses and one top for work, and she even found me a beautiful pair of Choos in my very rare size (IT34). I was very happy with the service.

adeucalione Wed 27-Aug-14 13:23:47

I agree that you were fobbed off - you don't want to 'grab anyone' on the shop floor, you want their personal shopper. And if it really isn't necessary to make an appointment with her, then she probably isn't very good!

I was recently getting flustered looking for an outfit in JL and approached their personal shopper on a whim - she was lovely but fully booked all day and couldn't offer me an appointment for another 5-6 days.

When I did see her she spent ages with me, got me to try things I wouldn't usually dare to try, and I left really happy with lots of stuff.

If your heart's set on that store I think you need to phone again and speak to someone more senior - bet they'll be horrified at the 'advice' you were given.

HermioneDanger Wed 27-Aug-14 14:25:46

I've done two and really not been impressed at all. The first one (Selfridges) was 20 minutes late and we were offered nothing to drink, called me a man to the receptionist (in my earshot) and then fell about laughing when he was told I'm a woman - I have short hair but am v curvy so definitely not mannish - then went on to tell me that my hips (size 8) are a figure flaw and I need to hide them. Needless to say we left without buying a thing.

The second one was for my mother at JL. When we booked the appointment we told them that she needed an outfit for the palace and gave her age/size/style. My mother is a size 18 and the first thing the shopper said was "I don't know if we have anything outsize for these occasions" and it got worse from there. I would have thought that JL on Oxford Street would be used to dressing ladies of a certain age for such events. We again left without buying a thing, went next door to Debenhams and spent a small fortune.

I'll never use one again.

Deathraystare Wed 27-Aug-14 17:13:27

Jeez - are they wanting to sell to the general public or not???

If size 8 hips are a flaw I wonder what they would think of size 20???? I think I would not make it through the door!!!!!

Kundry Wed 27-Aug-14 20:19:19

I use an independent personal shopper - she's worked as a personal shopper in Debenhams and John Lewis and now does it freelance.

Costs me £75 for a half day - I view it as money saved as I will actually wear everything we buy.

Advantage is you can go in any shop so you are only limited by how far you are prepared to walk. We go everywhere from designer to Primark.

She really gets my style and didn't sneer or look defeated when I was a size 22 (I shopped with her at anything between a 16 and a 22) - we still came out with a great flattering capsule wardrobe for work.

I think you were fobbed off by a 'Pretty Woman' style shop assistant who was to up herself to serve you.

ZenNudist Wed 27-Aug-14 20:38:06

Kundry where are you based? Can you link to your personal shoppers website?

ZenNudist Wed 27-Aug-14 20:40:31

Sorry thread hijack and that sounded rude. Am eating and typing blush. Would really value a personal shopper. Need a good work wardrobe for return from mat leave .

Kundry Wed 27-Aug-14 20:50:02

Hi ZenNudist - you have mail

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