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Long boots for chunky legs

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PinkSparklyElephant Sun 24-Aug-14 18:50:07

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can buy a pair of knee high boots? I have wide calves but my feet are normal width and I find some wide fit boots are too wide for my feet.

I can only afford one pair of boots and they need to be suitable for work with a skirt and for casual wear with skinny jeans or leggings.

I've seen these on the Next website but I'm looking for other ideas.

Thanks in advance.

GloriousGloria Sun 24-Aug-14 18:55:05

I think everywhere does wide calf fitting now don't they?

ie Dorothy Perkins Wallis debenhams clarks etc. also try asos

thedicewoman Sun 24-Aug-14 18:55:25

Duo boots, they measure your calves and you get them to fit perfectly.they are pricey but my last pair lasted me 7 years!

PinkSparklyElephant Sun 24-Aug-14 18:59:14

It's quite a long time since I bought boots and wide fit were as rare as hens' teeth then!

I'll have a look at Duo, I don't mind paying more if they are comfortable and fit!

readyforno2 Sun 24-Aug-14 19:21:00

Try simply be. I have very chunky legs and they do a range of leg widths.

PinkSparklyElephant Sun 24-Aug-14 19:21:46

Thanks, I'll have a look.

Letitbee Sun 24-Aug-14 19:29:29

Duo have a fantastic collection this year !

Fruityflapjack Sun 24-Aug-14 19:29:52

A second for Duo. I have two pairs and I love them. They are the first long boots that have ever fitted me. Wide fit in other shops are just not wide enough for me.

Ponks Sun 24-Aug-14 20:28:54

I have chunky calves but found Hobbs boots fit nicely

iwantgin Sun 24-Aug-14 20:30:37

Clarks have a few pairs in the wide calf fit.

I ended up with a pair from Sainsburys a couple of years ago. They weren't sold as being 'wide fit' but they fit my sturdy legs quite nicely.

Marylou2 Sun 24-Aug-14 21:36:57

M&S are fab for this. Fabulous quality too. I have 2 pairs still going strong after 2 winters.

BikeRunSki Sun 24-Aug-14 21:43:18

I find Duo are really baggy on the ankle though. I have these DMs (bear with me, look at the link, they are not "bovver boots"!) in 3 colours, which I wear with everything, and they are now entering their 8th winter!

MrsJamin Sun 24-Aug-14 21:53:40

Fly London Mol boots are great

BikeRunSki Mon 25-Aug-14 09:43:32

Fly boots are lovely, but they don't go over my chunky calves (muscly, not fat).

NorksEnormous Mon 25-Aug-14 10:04:52

Definately simply be smile

Littlepinkpear Mon 25-Aug-14 17:44:47

Can't find them on the website but next have a pair of riding boots with an elastic panel in black and brown for £46. They are great and come in a wide fitting they are brilliant - they have had them in store for 3 years and I renew mine every year.

Littlepinkpear Mon 25-Aug-14 17:45:44

Found it! here there are a few others too

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