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Have a hat - need a dress to match for wedding

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JanineStHubbins Sun 24-Aug-14 13:41:55

Here's a challenge!

I have a wedding coming up next month, and want to wear a beautiful hat which a relative made for me as a gift. Never had a chance to wear it before.

I've attached a picture - it's a sort of salmon/dusty pink, made of flowers, with little diamantés in the centre of each little flower. It's quite flat, and to be worn at a jaunty angle. V pretty, I hope!

So, please help me find a dress to wear! I'm travelling quite a lot for the next few weeks before the wedding, so I'd love to have a short list of dresses to try on when I do make it in to the shops.

I am 31, 5'4", size 8, slight build with medium-sized chest (28/30D). Very pale/fair skinned, with dark hair and green eyes. Thinking about it, I prob dress quite conservatively - rarely wear low-cut or short dresses.

Budget is up to £100 for the dress. Bag and shoe recommendations also welcome.

Thanks thanks

jimmybim Sun 24-Aug-14 14:01:01

Lovely hat. I think grey or navy would be nice.
A bit over budget

JanineStHubbins Sun 24-Aug-14 14:07:34

Thanks jimmy, that's a nice dress! I hadn't thought of grey. I'll add that to the list to try on - I know I said I dress conservatively, but I wonder if that might be a bit too ageing.

Should I try to find shoes to match the hat, or would that be too match-matchy? I'm useless at accessorising sad

FamiliesShareGerms Sun 24-Aug-14 14:12:00

You'd need to see it in the flesh to check the colour, but shape might be good?

Hat might pick out the colour nicely?

Very formal but chic?

Very pretty

FamiliesShareGerms Sun 24-Aug-14 14:13:20


FamiliesShareGerms Sun 24-Aug-14 14:16:00

In fact, John Lewis has loads of options, so if I were you I'd take the hat to a decent department store and see how it looks in the flesh with different dresses. Personal shopper service might also be an idea?

On shoes, it will depend on the dress - navy or nude might be better

jimmybim Sun 24-Aug-14 14:18:05

I would go for navy shoes (or whatever colour dress you go for).

JanineStHubbins Sun 24-Aug-14 14:20:27

Oh, I hadn't thought of personal shopper/bringing the hat along! Thanks Families.

None of those are quite my style - I have a bit of a complex about my norks, and so I think loose/flowing things look enormous on me. Like the navy chic one, but again I have a feeling it would be too old for me.

FamiliesShareGerms Sun 24-Aug-14 14:24:38

In which case...

Pretty and gathered waist might suit?

JanineStHubbins Sun 24-Aug-14 14:26:39

Very nice, Families, but not in my size. I'll have a browse around that site though.

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