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Nice solid silver drop earrings

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bouquetofpencils Sat 23-Aug-14 21:01:33

Hi all,

I wear my Swarovski teardrop earrings mostly when off out somewhere nice but I would like some non sparkly classic dangly earrings for more everyday use. The kind that go with anything. Not too long as I don't have a swan like neck.
Hubby is treating me to some for Christmas. My Swarovski ones were about 70 pounds so similarish budget.

Please do you have any suggestions?

bouquetofpencils Sun 24-Aug-14 13:06:48


VeryLittleGravitasIndeed Sun 24-Aug-14 13:28:34

Something like these?

jimmybim Sun 24-Aug-14 13:33:27


VeryLittleGravitasIndeed Sun 24-Aug-14 13:33:30

Or these?

BonaDea Sun 24-Aug-14 13:43:22

I have these from links and wear them all the time.

Was going to suggest Accessorize for pretty sterling silver ones, but see that your budget is substantially higher! No idea then, sorry. John Lewis?

KristinaM Sun 24-Aug-14 16:02:46

Lots here

I've bought from this company before and the customer service was excellent.

bouquetofpencils Mon 25-Aug-14 00:59:38

You are all fab. You have given me lots of places to browse!
They are all nice, I would be happy with any of them actually.
The links hope earrings look very classic, I did like those.
On the HiHoblinknthete was a nice Daisy pair too. That site is going to keep me busy!

Blueuggboots Mon 25-Aug-14 01:12:54

Have a look at Pia.

MmeMorrible Mon 25-Aug-14 01:16:21

Try Braybrook and Britten, lovely silverware and sometimes good bargains in their sample sales.

Shia Mon 25-Aug-14 07:40:38

Shia Mon 25-Aug-14 07:43:35

Very pretty

Shia Mon 25-Aug-14 07:46:08

Shia Mon 25-Aug-14 07:47:34

bouquetofpencils Mon 25-Aug-14 11:43:55

They are all divine. The NOTHS raindrop and the Links Hope earrings are the kind I was thinking of.

Spoilt for choice with these recommendations!

WildBillfemale Mon 25-Aug-14 11:56:17

Have a look on ETSY

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