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I'm going to NYC in December. What do I need to pack?!

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BlueberryMuffins76 Wed 20-Aug-14 02:18:39

Have had a mad moment and DP & I have this evening booked to go to NYC in December, the week before Christmas. I know it will be cold - my research tells me +\- 4 degrees and then I suppose wind chill on top of that? So I need some new clothes :-D I'm thinking boots, obviously - but snow boots or just decent leather ones? Something hardy? And a coat...I have a karrimor jacket, but will it cut it? I was wondering if anyone had experience of weather like we're likely to experience there, and if so, any handy tips for what to buy to stay warm without looking like the Michelin Man!

dexter73 Wed 20-Aug-14 06:26:31

Your post has brought back the memories of how cold NY can be in the winter! It is the wind chill which is the real killer. Decent leather boots should be fine. Wear lots of layers/thermals to keep warm and a hat and gloves. What is your coat like? Could you link to a picture of something similar?

FunkyBoldRibena Wed 20-Aug-14 06:33:55

Minus 8 with wind chill factor of -32 when I was there the week before Christmad.

Bonkers crazy cold.

I'd check the forecasts before you go - but yes, lots of warm clothes and don't forget the ears. Mine lost all feeling before getting to the first crossing in the morning. Very cold indeed.

BlueberryMuffins76 Wed 20-Aug-14 08:13:33

I can't link on my phone I don't think, but the jacket I have is a Karrimor ladies Pioneer - if you put that in google it will come up. It's a good jacket and keeps me warm in the! I'm not sure it's going to cut it, wind chill of -32 is crazy. I'd not thought about ears, I'm not a hat person but am definitely going to be investing in one!

MarshaBrady Wed 20-Aug-14 08:15:31

Yes very cold. Hat, over ears, good gloves, flat grippy boots and very warm coat. We underestimated and froze, and ended up buying stuff - big fluffy hats mostly.

lovetoski Wed 20-Aug-14 08:18:56

Went Boxing Day last year wasn't too cold until the last day and then it was freezing! Wind really cold. Everyone wears a hat. Shops, hotels etc are warm so need layers. Great atmosphere though you will love it. I wore a long puffa coat was fine.

JapaneseMargaret Wed 20-Aug-14 08:27:31

It could go either way. I've been about the most cold I've ever been on planet Earth in New York in December, and then the next year, been walking around without even a coat on.

Manhattan ladies of a certain age wear floor length fur coats - that's how cold it can get.

But everywhere is heated, so you don't want to be roasting with thermal layers on underneath when you go inside, especially if you're in and out of stores, shopping. It really is all in the coat.

One thing I remember is scuttling about like a cockroach, actively crossing the road to get out of the shade and into the sun, as that's how cold it was!

Notso Wed 20-Aug-14 08:41:29

Surely not so much that you need to start packing in August grin

Seriously though it's bloody freezing. I rarely feel the cold here, I love winter.
In NYC it was bitter. I had a long down coat which I would never usually wear here was a pain to pack but very worth it. My friend went a week before us and bought one over there as she was unprepared.
Definitely a hat and gloves too.
The problem we found was that it was so cold outside but boiling inside. You need a backpack to pack all your layers in when your walking round.

BlueberryMuffins76 Wed 20-Aug-14 11:24:53

Haha Notso I'm just over excited and want to buy new things for my holiday! Thanks for all the advice, layers it is!

bouquetofpencils Wed 20-Aug-14 11:47:21

Make sure your boots have very good soles and enough cushion for lots of walking on hard surfaces. I spent an afternoon searching for gel insoles on my last trip'
Top of empire states or a boat trip will be very cold! I never took my coat off so made sure I had a nice one for the photos!

twoweeks Wed 20-Aug-14 11:50:13

Proper thermal socks and gloves. A very warm coat and layers for underneath (thermals or tights/leggings for underneath jeans etc). A hat. Proper boots.

The only time in my life that I have ever worn a balaclava style face-covering thingie was in NYC in Feb grin.

katiegee Wed 20-Aug-14 11:58:13

ah New York winters... I miss them and don't miss them in equal measure! It is usually freezing! a good coat, hat, scarf, gloves are essential - I'm assuming you'll be doing a lot of walking?

I'd also try to go for layers if you can. It can be warm inside and on the subways and you'll appreciate being able to peel layers off when you go into a restaurant etc.

As for boots... go for comfort! You'll likely be walking miles! I'd probably suggest a good pair of leather boots that don't leak! It can be very wet but you might get lucky and it'll just be cold! My last winter in New York was mainly cold but dry. Either way, warm socks are a must!

I'm so jealous, have a fantastic time!

KatoPotato Wed 20-Aug-14 11:59:03

You need to pack ME! I'll get practising my contortion act now...

Notso Wed 20-Aug-14 12:31:00

smile BlueberryMuffins one of the best tips we got was to look through local newspapers for restaurant reviews when you want a lovely meal out. We were on honeymoon and picked two restaurants that way. One was tiny, like being in someone's front room, the other was a really amazing Italian. The food was fantastic and both places were off the beaten track so not somewhere we would have gone to otherwise.

Redtartanshoes Wed 20-Aug-14 12:42:26

Echo what others have said but if you are planning on lots if shopping/bars etc make sure you can de-layer as it's awful trailing round shops and being uncomfortably hot

westcountrywoman Wed 20-Aug-14 14:28:55

I've been to NY twice in December. The first year, there was lots of snow on the ground and it was pretty chilly. The following year, no snow but a nasty wind and it was freeeeezing!

You absolutely need a decent pair of boots. The pair I had were warm, waterproof (GoreTex) and also had decent grippy soles - important when the ground was a little slippery. All the main thoroughfares are gritted etc, however the the minor paths around the hotel etc. were not. These are the ones I had:

Also get decent socks to go with. I like Smartwool because of the high wool content. They are very breathable and don't smell after a day of hard use but most importantly, they're comfy (essential as you'll no doubt be walking miles each day).

I don't think your jacket will cut it to be honest, not unless you have a LOT of warm layers beneath. I had a down puffa-type jacket (from a outdoors brand, not a fashion one) and was still a bit chilly. You ideally want a VERY warm coat that is also waterproof. Or a warm coat and take a waterproof jacket with you. A wet warm coat is useless.

Tights under trousers are good. I believe that ice-skaters' tights are very warm but thin and you can buy them on Amazon. I just wore normal thick ones though. I also bought some merino wool vests.

Dont' forget decent gloves and a hat (preferably with ear flaps or get some ear-muffs!) - lots of knitted type ones let an alarming amount of wind through. The best pair of gloves I had were 99p in Tesco - microfleece ones that you buy from those hanging clip strips in the middle of the aisles! Leather would be better still.

Whatever you wear, layers are essential if you're going in and out of attractions / shops. You'll want to de-layer after 10 minutes or so of indoor heat.

Enjoy your trip. I loved NY at Christmas time and can't wait to go back one day!

QOD Wed 20-Aug-14 14:37:33

I go in mid November and I am soooooo excited! When I went in 2009 I weighed over 20 stone and had a chest infection, this time I am going at 12 1/2 and hopefully fit as a flea - I think I may find it a teeny tiny bit colder grin

Fairywhitebear Wed 20-Aug-14 14:43:38

Think cold..and then think colder.

We went for New Year 1999. Ended up watching it on the tv at the hotel. Seriously. It was that cold I just couldn't stay out in Times Square. It took me over an hour to warm up at the hotel.

If you're planning on staying outside in the cold, then ski gear! Seriously.

If you're shopping and nipping about etc, all in the layers. But it's a pita, cos the shops are boiling.

gastrognome Wed 20-Aug-14 16:32:32

Have been there for Christmas three times in the last 12 years (family living there). Weirdly, it's never been particularly cold when we have been there - around 5-10 C each time, with the odd day dipping below that. So layering our usual British winter clothes was fine - no need for snow boots or anything like that. But obviously it can vary a lot. You might arrive in a blizzard!

So if it was me, unless the forecast clearly states sub-zero temps, I wouldn't go crazy buying special cold weather gear - just take a good coat and boots and layer up your usual winter stuff. And if it does get really cold, see it as an excuse to shop for good winter clothes there! (Century 21 springs to mind...)

ememem84 Mon 25-Aug-14 13:00:26

warm coat. boots. gloves hat scarf and earmuffs. i wish id taken mine, but ended up buying a pair from a street vendor my ears were just too cold.

also sunglasses. it was cold but very bright when we were there.

fleece lined tights..

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