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An M&S triumph: the Used Cotton Bud Necklace

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wildfig Tue 19-Aug-14 11:04:06

Am sure this is much, much nicer in real life, but the website team at M&S have really outdone themselves with the photo of this one...

handy if you have an itchy ear

trikken Tue 19-Aug-14 11:14:05

That is not good. It really does look like cotton buds.

OneLittleLady Tue 19-Aug-14 11:15:00

that really is awful

PenisesAreNotPink Tue 19-Aug-14 11:15:26

Good gravy

That's the shittest thing ever shock

It looks dirty at the ends

polyhymnia Tue 19-Aug-14 11:16:19


Finola1step Tue 19-Aug-14 11:17:48


EduCated Tue 19-Aug-14 11:19:26

That is grim. They look so...waxy.

Gileswithachainsaw Tue 19-Aug-14 11:22:36

Omg you weren't kidding

VanGogh Tue 19-Aug-14 11:25:15

Best thing EVER!
<Maybe MIL would like one?>

snice Tue 19-Aug-14 11:38:27

I thought you might exaggerating OP-I was wrong!

snice Tue 19-Aug-14 11:39:22

Funnily enough it's reduced

LizzieMint Tue 19-Aug-14 11:39:42

That's hilarious! Wonder why it's in the sale...

MadameOvary Tue 19-Aug-14 11:40:52

You may be able to wrap a stick, but you can't polish a turd.

wildfig Tue 19-Aug-14 11:47:02

Having said that, I do sometimes wonder if it's a deliberate and sneaky M&S strategy to plant a couple of proper Per Una stinkers on the website at sale time, specifically to ensure a stream of disbelieving MNers browsing through the horrors.

I apologise now for any no-iron cheetah-print kaftans and acid-wash jeggings that might start stalking your sidebars. blush

Cornflakesnmilk Tue 19-Aug-14 11:48:17

It actually looks dirty - Id love to know who on earth has purchased one??

NotALondoner Tue 19-Aug-14 12:01:57

No sarky reviews yet? Come on ladies, who can compose a good one?!

MarshaBrady Tue 19-Aug-14 12:03:48

oh my

Cracking find there! Hiiideous dahling.

OwlCapone Tue 19-Aug-14 12:17:59

If you zoom in, it actually doesn't look like cotton buds at all. It has photographed really badly though as it does look exactly like used cotton buds in the ordinary photo!

MrsWinnibago Tue 19-Aug-14 12:20:54

Bwahahaha!!! OMG! They're having a laugh!

I will launch "The Used Nail File Bracelet" as an answer to this genius!

Marcipex Tue 19-Aug-14 12:23:07

Urgh, can't believe it.

MrsWinnibago Tue 19-Aug-14 12:24:24

Owl but from a distance, anyone wearing it will in fact look like they're wearing the contents of their bathroom bin!

Jellified Tue 19-Aug-14 12:24:55

Brilliant will get Dd to make these for DGMs for Christmas. Might do for teacher's present toogrin

ElectricalBanana Tue 19-Aug-14 12:27:31

Mmmm I love the ' shades of ear wax' look!

wildfig Tue 19-Aug-14 12:29:07

I know, owl, when you zoom in, it's clearly metal, and is probably quite nice on to the point where I've just put one in my shopping basket but does no one at M&S ever look at these photos of hideous skirts, pained models, clumpsome shoes, frumperific dresses, wacktacular Per Una prints, and say, 'Hang on, I'm not sure we're really selling this, lads...'

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