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Tresemme 7 Day Smooth System

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ITrulyMoustache Tue 19-Aug-14 08:54:35

Does anyone here use the full system and can they give me some tips?

I've been using the heat activated treatment for months, but with my normal brand of shampoo/conditioner. I've been loving it. However my normal stuff is stripping my hair colour out at an alarming rate, so I decided to try the full 7 day system as apparently its better for hair colour and I hoped it may help the hair damage.

In general I'm really happy with it. My hair tends to look thicker (not that it needed that), fuller and far less damaged. The colour is staying and is usually glossy and bright. Its styles up lovely.

Except... for the day after I use the heat activated treatment. When I'm drying my hair with this system it often feels a bit tacky. With the treatment, it doesn't stop feeling tacky until after I've straightened it. But it looks lovely that day. Then when I wake the next morning its all over the place, I have to completely restyle it and for some reason that's a harder job than normal too. After that it just takes some touching up. The wash cycles without the heat treatment I don't have the issue with, and my hair in generally feels nicer.

I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong with this system. Am I possibly using too much treatment now?


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