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Breaking in Doc Martens

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ButchCassidy Tue 19-Aug-14 06:55:06

hmm I love boots but they are killing my feet....any tips/advice appreciated

CheeseBored Tue 19-Aug-14 07:13:31

try putting olive oil on them. it worked for me. other than that its just sitting (or walking) it out. they are a bastard to break in!

GertieFinkle Tue 19-Aug-14 07:25:58

We used to rub a 10p up and down the heel/ankle part on the inside to soften the leather. Of course that was in the days when 10ps were proper coins, not the namby pamby Mickey Mouse money they are now. You'd probably have to use a 50p or £1 now. Bloody inflation.

msfreud Tue 19-Aug-14 07:28:34

Wear tights/pop socks under your socks - the two layers of socks will rub against each other rather than against your feet. Anti-blister running socks work too.

todayisnottheday Tue 19-Aug-14 07:46:04

If they are leather not patent you can buy a spray that softens the leather to allow your feet to shape it. Can't remember the name but it's the best thing ever. I broke in a pair of riding boots that behaved a lot like docs in two goes! You'll find it in a cobbler or decent supermarket. Also second twin layers (definitely tights, anything too thick makes it worse) and some good blister treatment.

RonaldMcDonald Tue 19-Aug-14 07:54:33

Last time I bought the DMs with the soft leather as I couldn't face breaking them in.
My memory of it was.....

ButchCassidy Tue 19-Aug-14 08:11:33

Thanks. They are leather (with a beautiful flower embroidered up the side smile) I'm going to try all the tips and hunt down the leather spray .

HorraceTheOtter Tue 19-Aug-14 08:15:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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