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Please help me find some sandals for my dress

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TheHouseofMirth Mon 18-Aug-14 22:49:17

I've just bought this dress for a formal evening thing. It's very dark navy and quite simple so I thought it needs a pair of killer heels, probably something strappy to go with it but I'm not sure about colour. I've just looked through 18 pages of sale shoes on yoox and am no further forward!

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Aug-14 23:07:13

these would work well but only one small size left

What sort of budget?

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Aug-14 23:07:43

The dress is wonderful BTW, forgot to say!

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Aug-14 23:16:39

navy awfully high

TheHouseofMirth Mon 18-Aug-14 23:18:56

Oooh they're lovely but sadly not my size (though annoyingly they are my pre-children size!)

I've been dithering between playing it safe with black or navy or having a bit of a splash of colour.

Budget up to £150 I think.

TheHouseofMirth Mon 18-Aug-14 23:20:49

Cross post - I meant the first pair. Zara ones are nice and I quite fancy awfully high for a change. I just need to make sure my feet are well strapped in!

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Aug-14 23:29:13

Maybe? 3 1/2 and 4 1/2

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Aug-14 23:31:24

4 1/2

MrsLettuce Mon 18-Aug-14 23:41:58

not really sandals
same here - love these
actually sandals, more sedate, same ones but different

TheHouseofMirth Mon 18-Aug-14 23:42:53

Ooh they're very nice!

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