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Spas in South/West London

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ElleDubloo Mon 18-Aug-14 09:21:40

I'd like to take my MIL and SIL to a spa for a day. None of us have ever been. MIL is 58, SIL is 24, I'm 28 (and will be 37 weeks pregnant when we go). We live in West London and want to go somewhere for a few hours of pampering and relaxation. No need to stay overnight. I'm looking forward to a pregnancy massage and pedicure, but the others don't know what they want yet. Budget is approx £80-150 per person (DH is paying) ;)

1. Do you have any recommendations, based on previous experience?
2. Any tips for choosing a spa?
3. What's a good way of searching for special offers? (I've checked but there aren't huge discounts there)
4. Would you recommend any specific treatments?
5. Anything to avoid?

Thanks a lot!

Pinksun12 Tue 19-Aug-14 05:54:12

I went to the Sanctuary at Covent garden when I was heavily pregnant. It was amazing!!! They had a special mums to be package with 2 treatments I think, all pregnant friendly. In the spa itself I was only allowed to use the pool, not sauna, steam room or jacuzzi. Have fun!

ElleDubloo Tue 19-Aug-14 11:31:19

I tried googling the Sanctuary at Covent Garden, but unfortunately it's closed down!

HermioneWeasley Tue 19-Aug-14 15:37:32

Watching this with interest - the sanctuary at covent garden was brilliant and I've yet to find an alternative in terms of price and facilities

TurboTheChicken Tue 19-Aug-14 15:42:40

How about Spa NK? I've been to the one in Notting Hill for the rose facial which was fabulous. Or Bliss on Sloane Avenue? Or The Cow Shed?
All good although pricey!

polyhymnia Tue 19-Aug-14 15:50:35

Bliss and Space NK both great - much nicer than the Sanctuary was IMO . But no swimming pools etc.

crescentmoon Tue 19-Aug-14 16:02:04

there is Casa Spa on Edgeware Road, W2, its a traditional moroccan hammam and turkish baths. unisex all week except on mondays when its ladies only.

iv not been but have had friends who've gone and they loved it.

then theres Pasha Spa, a turkish/ottoman style spa on Camberwell Road SE5. has ink{ really great reviews} on Trip Advisor.

slightly cheaper than Casa Spa and Pasha Spa is the Turkish Bath Hammam (spa) in Stoke Newington, N16 (ladies only Monday, Wednesday Saturday)

hope that helps.

peppapigonaloop Tue 19-Aug-14 19:24:42

Do you drive? If you felt like leaving London the spa at cliveden is lovely and not too could get a full day mummy to be package for your budget

polyhymnia Tue 19-Aug-14 19:39:54

If you're leaving London very much recommend Pennyhill Park, near Camberley, Surrey. Just down M3.

Sorry can't link on phone but it is easily the most luxurious one I have ever been to in terms of pools, steam rooms, ice rooms, etc etc.

Flipflops7 Tue 19-Aug-14 19:50:48

There really are no good day spas in London. I have been looking for a while and it seems to be impossible to find a pool (proper sized one).

I would love to be proved wrong, I think it's a huge gap in the market.

peppapigonaloop Tue 19-Aug-14 19:56:15

Agree flip flops since sanctuary closed there is really nothing good..plenty of places for just a treatments it nowhere to hang out by the pool etc..

Bambi75 Tue 19-Aug-14 19:56:31

You cannot beat the Elemis day spa. And their pregnancy massage is divine.

MamaLazarou Tue 19-Aug-14 21:03:33

There's a day spa in the basement of the Chelsea Harbour Club. Big pool, huge jacuzzi, saunas, etc. It never gets too busy. We went one Saturday and had the place all to ourselves, which was a real treat.

angeltulips Tue 19-Aug-14 21:11:08

Mandarin oriental has a pool and is lovely - not sure about the cost tho

Berkeley spa has a rooftop pool!

I have heard ok things about k west and it has a hydrotherapy pool

HermioneWeasley Tue 19-Aug-14 23:02:30

Penny hill park hotel has a good spa.....but it's not in London (it's near Windsor)

ElleDubloo Wed 20-Aug-14 08:02:38

Wow, thanks for all the tips. These places all look amazing. I may end up getting hooked on the spa experience and go round London trying all of these out grin But now the question is which to try first grin

Flipflops7 Wed 20-Aug-14 14:58:07

Thanks from me too smile

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