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Needing a bra intervention!

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dmsz Sun 17-Aug-14 21:00:07

I'm currently wearing a 34b, for a while I've known this was the wrong size, my back strap rides up my back by the end of the day (but I always thought this was because it was too small, until I read that being a size 8 would mean I probably wouldn;t be 36, or even 34 confused ) and then I came across a scoop and swoop article on a lingerie blog on Friday. After doing this I ended up with quad boob (and actual cleavage!) but now my bra is more uncomfortable than ever, the wires are digging into my ribs and I keep needing to scoop everything back into place until this evening when I couldn't take the pain anymore and just took it off and gave up.

I measured then used some online calculators and got a huge selection of results so looking for some help from those in the know! Some of these suggested sizes were 32e, 30f and 32dd, so no idea where to start. I was browsing the Next site with the intention of ordering 1 of each size to see what fits but found they don't do those sizes in the types of bras I wear (the 2 sizes bigger range) My underbust is 31 inches and bust 36.5inches.

hollie84 Sun 17-Aug-14 21:02:43

I'd try 32DD, 30F etc to start to be honest as your measurements fall between a couple of sizes.

CelticPromise Sun 17-Aug-14 21:04:33

I would start with 30F/FF. I promise it will make a difference!

How did you measure? Can you measure following this guide please

Fairylea Sun 17-Aug-14 21:07:21

Have you measured as per the better bra campaign fitting page? (Google better bra campaign and look for the fitting page). Is the over bust measurement you've posted the measurement from bending over and leaning forward?

Fairylea Sun 17-Aug-14 21:07:39

Sorry cross posted.

dmsz Sun 17-Aug-14 21:16:37

Thanks. Just measured leaning over and it was 37.5

In that case, I'd probably try 30F/FF and 32E/F to begin with.

dmsz Tue 19-Aug-14 12:29:18

Thanks such as difference, I was expecting to move to a sister size of 34b/c but nothing that massively different!!

Ordered the different sizes to see which fits best, anyone have any idea where I could get any of the 2/3 sizes bigger padded bras the likes of Next, M&S and Ann Summers have? They only seem to go as far as a 32dd sad

I'd suggest trying to work out your size first as it would be almost impossible to judge fit in one of those. Also - you might well find that once you are in a bra which lifts and supports properly and encases all of your breast tissue you won't actually need the 2/3 sizes bigger bras.

There are some really good cleavage boosting bras in your new size range

dmsz Tue 19-Aug-14 13:59:23

The bras I ordered yesterday arrived and none really seem to fit. I don't know whether this is because they were actually wrong, I don't know how a bra is supposed to fit having been wearing the wrong size for years or whether its just because I'm not used to the non-super padded/super push up bras.

30F was a little tight band wise but the cups seemed huge and basically just covered/flattened my whole chest. The 32e band was fine, I felt like I was expecting it to be tighter though but same issue with the cups and too much material, 32dd which I hadn't realised I'd also ordered was the best out of them but once again thought the band could have been tighter. confused

OK, which bra did you order? Probably got a style issue going on especially if you've been wearing super push up plunges (which tend to not cover much further than the nipple!) and have ordered a balcony or something.

Also have you scooped? Start with the 30F. Put it on by leaning forward, dropping your breasts in to the cups and doing it up at the back. Then, once it's on, stand side on to a mirror. Put your left hand inside the right cup, reach round under your arm and hoik all the soft tissue in to the cup. repeat at other side.

dmsz Tue 19-Aug-14 14:25:43

Yes, I scooped with them all. This is what I ordered: www.next.co.uk/g7t10400s9

OK, from memory that does run a little small in the band. However, it's also a moulded cup and they're really hard to get a good fit with and certainly poor for working out your size as they don't flex to your shape at all. It can be really hard to work out of the cups fit, or if they are just the wrong shape.I'm suspecting the cups are too wide and shallow for you - are your breasts quite "upfront" i.e. more on the front of your chest and relatively narrow, rather than wider and shallower and going under your armpit?

HaloNight Tue 19-Aug-14 15:21:03

Hello, can I gatecrash please? Having trawled through lots of these wonderful bra threads I've just followed the measurement advice on the linked Bra Campaign blog and have come up with 35 under bust and 42 over bust when bending over. My calculations make that a possible 34G? I can't see how my boobs will possibly fill a G cup, I currently have on a 40B and the cup seems too big! Do you think I'm doing it wrong?

Desperate for bras that fit - I have 40Bs and 38Cs and they are not doing the job! Help will be gratefully appreciated!

Thank you!

Not quite a G- you'd want to try 34F/FF and 36E/F. A 40B is designed for someone measuring 40 under, 42 over so it's totally possible - cup sizes don't exist without band sizes so a 40B is nothing like a 34B in terms of breast volume

HaloNight Tue 19-Aug-14 15:34:39

Ah thank you so much - I'm obviously wearing not even close to the right size! I shall try these options when I can get out to the shops at the weekend.

Also, what I'm not 100% clear on is this talk of "scooping" - what does that entail and what will it tell me?

HaloNight Tue 19-Aug-14 15:35:59

Sorry, just scrolled up and saw that you have actually described it already - got confused by all the different threads I was trying to glean info from! So what is the end result of scoopage and what should I be looking for?

Scooping pulls all the breast tissue in to the cups. It's pretty common for people to have tissue escaping at the underarm and back and it needs to be hoiked in to place.

My cups often look baggy until I manhandle everything in to place - a lot of people think their bra fits until they scoop and discover that their cup runneth over!

dmsz Tue 19-Aug-14 16:04:51

Ah, I thought as it was a tshirt bra it was a "safe" option to use for sizing smile Yes, they're more upfront

You probably need something relatively narrow in the wires then. Most cleo bras are ok (not lucy or maddie though) and at cup sizes below a GG Freya generally aren't that wide either.

There's loads of choice, just probably not in the shops you are used to. Have a look at the bravissimo website, figleaves, leia, mycurvesandme and brastop

RosePresser Tue 19-Aug-14 18:31:16

Can I hijack?! I have been wearing 34C for ages, and after reading threads on here I measured while bending over and my under bust is 31" with the tape pretty tight and fullest bust part was 37" with tape just comfy. From looking at the bra campaign blog I should be in a 30/32E is that right?!?! My boobs are tiny, but they are kind of wide and shallow.....any advice?

RosePresser Tue 19-Aug-14 18:33:59

Just re-measured and it's actually more like 36" across bust when bending over, on 37" the tape was gaping.

dmsz Tue 19-Aug-14 18:56:46

Thanks, I think I'll try some on in Debenhams/HOF/John Lewis this time before I end up with a neverending stream of parcels being delivered grin

Fairylea Tue 19-Aug-14 19:27:48

Personally I find next bras in anything over a D Cup just awful. They seem to take an A cup design and just make it bigger - which really doesn't work.

I really like the satine and alana bras from bravissimo. They seem to run quite true to size, if anything a little small in the cup. I find them both very comfortable. I'd order a few in different sizes around the size you think and go from there.

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