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Curvista's - A wardrobe AW14/15 planning thread

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adviceforme Thu 14-Aug-14 16:54:20


I really enjoyed reading a curvy summer wardrobe thread a couple of months back, so I thought I'd see if anyone is up for an autumn/winter wardrobe planning thread.

I'm nearly 40 and never sure what I should be wearing anymore. Coupled with a few post DS wobbles and...lets say new shapes to deal with, I find I am struggling.

Are there any other MNetters who would like to join me in planning for AW14/15? We could share links, advice on shapes/colour/bargains/accessories and even trends from blogs.


Maverick66 Thu 14-Aug-14 17:13:30

Hi OP, Yes I would be very interested. I'm no fashionista but I love these threads for the curvier amongst us ;) I'm a size 20/22. Look forward to hearing from the others that took part in the summer thread.

Tethersend and Mrs Lettuce seem to have a vast knowledge of fashion so hopefully they will offer advice.

adviceforme Thu 14-Aug-14 17:49:28

Maverick66 Hi let's hope so. I have NC since that thread but I liked seeing how confidently some people were dressing an it brought me out of my shell a bit.

I stuggling to decide what shape I am at the minute. I've been on clothes sites all day and stuck a few things on pinterest.

Do you follow any do's/do not's?

BumgrapesofWrath Thu 14-Aug-14 17:58:09

I'd like to join this thread, I'm a 16/18 apple, and there are lots of things that don't suit me, so hoping for some gems here!

adviceforme Thu 14-Aug-14 18:07:14

Hello bumgrapes

lotsofcheese Thu 14-Aug-14 18:10:45

Watching with interest. Am 42 with 1 year-old & a size 14. Wanting to move away from the grotty-tshirts stage - but not sure what to!

Itscurtainsforyou Thu 14-Aug-14 18:15:14

Yes yes!
I'm size

Itscurtainsforyou Thu 14-Aug-14 18:17:40

Try again...

Yes yes! I'm a size 18-20, either pear or hourglass shape.

I've put together a preliminary capsule wardrobe for autumn/winter but looking for inspiration smile

I'm a big fan of waterfall cardigans but am never quite sure if they make me look bigger but like the way they mask my stomach

Oooh can I join please?

I'm a wobbly 16 and looking for some work bits. I love the workwear edit but it only seems to pick bits for skinny minnies!

adviceforme Thu 14-Aug-14 20:47:09

Oh lovely to see fellows curvies - lets see if we can turn all of us in curvistas then! grin

Welcome Ican, Itscurtains and lotsofcheese

I'm just doing bedtime and then I'll be back to post where I've go to in my '40 is looming, I still have baby weight curvy crisis' with hopefully a few useful links.

Maverick66 Thu 14-Aug-14 21:25:18

Hi Advice and others.

Sorry didn't answer you earlier Advice I was off line.

Have to start by saying I am a total technophobe so sorry if any links I suggest fail sad

My staple wardrobe is trousers but I would like to try new styles.
It's just finding the confidence, but as you say in your original post OP people on the summer thread had great suggestions and seem to wear things with great confidence.

I have always been very definitely pear shaped but since I am in my late forties now I have lost my waist, thickened around the middle and slimmed down in the thigh but obviously by no means thin of thigh IYKWIM.

Anyhow looking forward to sharing and stealing some ideas!

adviceforme Fri 15-Aug-14 16:11:33

Good afternoon - finally found a time to sit and post all the links. Like I said in my opening post, I am struggling - so a bit nervous about what people will think of my links - but then it's ok to have different tastes right? grin

So I really started to plan my wardrobe more the last year or so. I've found shopping more difficult and seemed to make mistakes quite often. I also became very self conscious about how I dressed for the school run (a whole other thread). To begin with I started reading on here bits and bobs but it always seemed to be links to skinny clothes or vair vair posh expensive sites.

I did my own colour analysis:

I did my own shape analysis:

The brands regularly buy from (and god I know some of these have been slated on some threads) - basics only. I used to shop here and only here for years. I dont know what I was thinking. - I like the soft tailoring and casualness but I dont think their colour pallette is now very good for me. - now these are mostly neutrals and only go up to 16 or 18's but I find their bubble hem dresses, empire lines good for me. But I can't goaround dressed like that most days - I kid myself and buy one each season for 'nights out' and lunch dates.

I have recently discovered - lots of bargains and often have larger sizes - wow lots of branded sports stuff I struggle to get in my size can be found here, but be prepared to pay a bit more.

Laredoute - these have some wonderful 18/20 wrap jersey dresses - not very thick but they are only £11. They also have some jersey shrugs to cover up tose arms.

A part from creating a nice silloette and smoothing out bumps. I struggle with baring my legs and arms. This makes me wary of many dresses. Unless I can get away with boots or leggings I can't bring myself to buy it.

My list of shopping places is uninspiring really but I am trying...Ive tried to look arounf pinteresta nd pin outfits that match my clear winter colour palette and then plan on copying in my own way. Ive noticed a lot comes from not having things matched to perfectly, but beng fully accessorised and cheap jeans and a plain top can be made to look fab with the right additions.

I really dont know what I did before..I think I just used to buy whatever came into season in Next (back when I wa working) and just wear them, with the odd Monsoon dress thrown in for going out.

So far for winter I have bought a huge cocoon coat (£26 Laredoute) which Im not sure about but looks great with skinnies and wedges - just need a big shopper. Thinking about teaming with bright pointy flats.

I have my main 'outdoorsey' type coat which is mid grey but has weird khaki tinge. Its a Craghopper -got it hafl price in the sale. I am lookng for some very good winter boots to go with this (we are away during winter and will be wearing these a lot plus school run) Lots of other boot and coat combinations from last years (went a bit mad)

Ive bought two pairs of very slitghly with trimmed fur high mid rise trainers converser and adidas - pretty safe colours/brands but all from sale and put away ready.

Sorry for essay...I'm a size 18, 5'8, 40C. Kankles but look ok with heels. I've never bought anything from Boden in my life (sorry I just cant see the attraction)


herecomesthsun Fri 15-Aug-14 17:20:04

Are you sure about the 40C- not a bigger cup/ smaller band?

PinkSquash Fri 15-Aug-14 22:02:12

Search for the better bra campaign, <evangelical> All the best styles look better with a good bra cough hypocrite cough grin

Anyway, I'm a 14/16 5'10 have just bought these and also in the cobalt blue. I am normally a skinnies wearer but I'm sick of it, so I'm trying something new. I think they look good on me as they are loose over my thighs.

I need to find everything really, a complete revamp so am looking forward to stealing some ideas.

Playbook Fri 15-Aug-14 22:11:30

Quite a lot on Asos Curve if you take the time to browse.

crescentmoon Fri 15-Aug-14 22:14:52

RigglinJigglin Sat 16-Aug-14 12:25:05

antimatter Sat 16-Aug-14 12:39:55

adviceforme you say you are 40C, size 18, 5'8
I would say you are probably 36E. It may be worth getting measured again before buying new tops dresses as your shape will change once you change bra size.

Maya15 Sat 16-Aug-14 19:02:37

I also really like Carmakoma. It is quite expensive but they always have good sales on. Shipping to UK is not cheap but the clothes are great quality. Please double-check the sizes though, they are slightly different.
I am a UK size 14-16 and I order their size XS.

Love Asos Curve sadly most of their items are too big for me. I am looking for fab jeans - anybody some good recommendations?

Maya15 Sat 16-Aug-14 19:07:13

Forgot to mention you can also get carmakoma on Asos and Evans now but usually full price not the sales items.

I also found this site recently but have not ordered anything yet. Slightly over my budget.

A blog I enjoy reading is
She is Australian though so many clothes are not available in the UK or have high shipping charges.

Jellypudmum Sun 17-Aug-14 04:41:29

A wobbly 18/20 here and fed up of black / dark colourssad

PinkSquash Sun 17-Aug-14 12:30:28

I've found the jeans from Littlewoods really good. I bought some high rise Molly skinnies which are still in good nick and extremely good for larger calves, thighs and bums (i.e. me).

They haven't stretched either and are decent denim fabrics and are inexpensive.

Totally not for autumn but I bought these sandals for my holiday, they also had a lovely pair of ankle boots for autumn but wonderfully enough, they have a decent sized sole so they fit well. Debenhams isn't the most fashionable but their shoes are really good IME

mamijacacalys Sun 17-Aug-14 13:52:48

Size 18 38G here, early 40s. HoC Winter colouring.
Firstly, underwear. I like a full cup bra and find Elomi, Fantasie and a bit of Triumph and Curvy Kate brands best. I buy them from Figleaves, brastop or Debenhams when there are discounts or sales.
Used to buy a lot of M&S bras but now avoid them like the plague as they are uselessly cut and don't last very long compared to these pucker brands.
In terms of main clothes shopping, I like M&S Autograph, Phase 8, Boden (only when there's a discount, obvs), John Lewis and small boutiques. Some bits from Next, Monsoon, TK Maxx, Laura Ashley.
I like Boden wide leg wool trousers here, which last years, with tops & cardis; or a dress with cardi and boots for work (smart corporate) with tunics/leggings dresses/leggings for casual wear. Most dresses from Phase 8 or Boden. This is good on me this season.
I am 5' 7'' with most of my height due to long legs, so sometimes need a long length depending on the style/fit of the dress or trousers in question (don't generally wear skirts). Short torso in relation to legs also important reason why boobs need best scaffold available!
I have avoided jeans for years but am a bit bored by leggings/tunics so am on a mission to find a good fitting pair this season without having to sell a kidney to afford a designer brand. The Littlewoods rec's sound good and I have heard good things about Next so I will report back.
My main advice is to be ruthless about how something looks when tried on and not to give a fig what size is printed on the label. I have clothes in my wardrobe from a size 12 to a size 22 yet all look good on me and I have been most definitely been a consistent size 18 for years! I mainly internet shop so generally order multiple sizes and send loads back until I find something that is flattering enough to keep!
Apologies for epic post but HTH smile

adviceforme Sun 17-Aug-14 14:49:02

Hello to all of those who have posted since my epic post ^^.

herecomesthesun and antimatter So..I've gotta admit I often grab a few cheap t-shirt bras as i hurtle through Asda. If I can get them on and they prevent nipples poking eyes out I keep them! I think I also need to admit I need some supporting knickers too if I am honest..I usually only wear for special occasion like under a fancy maxi for a 'do'

Thankyou for these additional links from playbook cresent Maya this is encouragement to step outside out comfort zones or purchases.

jellypud I am a complete convert to the whole colour analysis thing. I did mine myself - have a go. It's ok to have a capsule wardrobe of neutrals - black is back this season! Then hit it off with some bright jewel shades in shoes, scarfs, bags. Just to build your confidence up. I have bought a cobalt blue wrap dress for £11.70 to test out my colour wearing. Start with an easy amount or a forgiving dress/tunic thats easy to wear but still bright IYKWIM.

pink thanks I would never look in Littlewoods. As I've just said I really am trying with the colour thing. Two toned colour shoes are really on trend, you should get plenty wear out of those next season too. (well I think so)

mami so very similar to me...I liked that Boden dress (after what I said up thread too) it looks quite wearable. I'm a big fan of phase Eight. Some of my slightly younger baby group friends asked where i got my dresses from - Ive worn the same ones the last two winters. Ive had a huge clear out and kept a grey wrap over only which I love to accessorise differently.

Im totally with you on them wool torusers after getting lots of wear out of my wide leg black, cotton linen trousers this summer - I know them taper things are in - but these give me such a better silloette and I fee like I can stride around the park with kids with confidence. I may invest in these even though I dont need workwear.

*How do curvies you all feel about these trends:

Cropped tops - I positivelt snarled when I saw these making a comeback. There are a few cropped overlated jumpers around with blouson tails which I though great they'll cover my middle still but noooo..they looked like a huge rectangle of wobble on me from the edge of the horizontal crop to the tail e this one:

tapered jogger trousers - they look comfy enough. I confess to not having tried any on. I was a bit dismissive (as I was of patterned trousers but I have pattern issues anyway) and though they'd make me look fuller with wobble re extra material.

pleated skirts - i so want to where more feminie clothes, heels etc but they just seem so much more effort. I mostly do school runs/shopping/study o out come the parker, skinnies and trainers.

polyhymnia Sun 17-Aug-14 15:49:47

mami, what colour way do you have that Boden dress in?

Buy nearly all my dresses from Boden and that one looked the sort of style that usually works on me but I was put off by the choice between plain black, which I don't want, and what looked like rather garish patterns ( a common problem with Boden).

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