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Has anyone used a personal shopper ?

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Buttercup27 Sun 10-Aug-14 21:09:01

What is the experience like? Did you end up spending a fortune? Did you get clothes you actually like/wear.
I've lost 2 stone and would like to get a new capsule wardrobe, but don't have a clue what to get/where to go.
I'm now a size 12, have 2 boys 2 and 9 months and am a full time teacher. I would like separate work/casual wear. I'm a pear shape (I think).
Any suggestions of where to shop or any help I can get apart from kidnapping Gok Wan would be really appreciated !

CocktailQueen Sun 10-Aug-14 21:11:04

Yes! Can recommend John Lewis - they have helped me with wedding outfits and summer capsule wardrobe. They ask your money limits, your style and go off and get lots of clothes for you to try on. No hard sell for you to buy either. Have had great experiences with them.

Buttercup27 Sun 10-Aug-14 21:44:08

Ooooo that sounds like fun. Love John lewis for home ware but never really thought about them for clothes.

EssexMummy123 Sun 10-Aug-14 22:01:16

Don't go to Debenhams, I regret my PS experience there. I have heard that Lakeside and Bluewater have PS's though, which makes me think that perhaps all large shopping centre's have them.

Actually a friend had a great experience with John Lewis PS and she always looks very stylish and elegant.

Ps - if you get home and decide you don't like something you can always take it back, possibly to a different branch - which i may have done with Debenhams.

Trapper Sun 10-Aug-14 22:09:59

I booked one for my wife in the January sales at House of Fraser on Oxford Street. She hates shopping, but needed new clothes. She thought it was great. Spent more than planned, but on things she wanted and didn't feel pressured into buying more.
She came back with great clothes that she is pleased with - several items she would have thought of trying and some well-fitting jeans.
Best to have an idea of what you are after and a budget. Be clear with them if you only want them to look at items in the sale, or don't want to go over a certain amount on a single item.

ThePerfectNegroni Sun 10-Aug-14 22:14:35

I've used the TopShop one before. It is so much easier with a toddler. You leave a brief about what you want, you go in, they have a selection of stuff already pulled out for you, and they run and get you more stuff. Small child plays with magazines and if he gets grumpy, I whip out some downloaded cbeebies on the iplayer. Bish bash bosh.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 10-Aug-14 22:18:14

Yes. Used JL for wedding outfit. Were great, I loved outfit (not something I would have ever chosen myself). Insisted on sorting me out with new bra first blush (she was right though). Recommended excellent tailor for alterations which made a huge difference.

BecauseIsaidS0 Sun 10-Aug-14 23:12:33

I used the Selfridges personal shopping service. Spent a fortune, but used everything a lot, and these were work clothes so with the investment.

Mercedes Mon 11-Aug-14 00:47:17

I pst weight and was starting a new job so I went to John lewis and it was fab. Tried on stuff I would never have tried on and bought more than I intended - no pressure i just loved the clothes and have worn them all constantly.

Lucked Mon 11-Aug-14 00:50:29

Can I ask people what their budget was and how much they spent?

Buttercup27 Mon 11-Aug-14 04:00:27

I don't really know yet lucked! It's only just really occurred to me that I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe when I put on a pair a jeans and a top earlier and actually had time to look in the mirror and realised I looked swamped.
It's been 3 years since I bought clothes for myself (and then it was maternity from ebay) so to be honest I haven't a clue what my budget should be .

WildBillfemale Mon 11-Aug-14 07:14:29

Yes - John Lewis.
I ended up buying a dress, a top and some trousers I would never dreamed of buying.
The dress and top went back - they weren't really 'me'
The trouser ended up being one of the best clothing investments I'd made and they got worn to death.
I would do it again if only for the objective pair of eyes and fresh ideas.

Pastperfect Mon 11-Aug-14 07:21:35

Similarly has anyone used a stylist not affiliated to a particular store?

I seem to be so short of time these days that the idea of browsing without result terrifies me and combined with a crises of confidence as I approach 40 I could do with a hand.

Trapper Mon 11-Aug-14 13:21:46

@Lucked, I can't remember the budget, but DP ended up spending about £200.

Vivacia Mon 11-Aug-14 20:31:04

I've had mixed experiences at Debenhams. Some very flattering outfits that took me out of my comfort zone and loved. With a new PS I once ended up with a dress that I hated. I wore it once, kept it for a year (hating it) and have just got rid of it.

I have never felt under any pressure to buy anything and have found their recommendations matched my budget.

LizR999 Mon 11-Aug-14 22:42:31

Hello, As I'm in the business myself I really hope the following ideas might be of use: 1 - If you are needing a total wardrobe re-vamp, it' s a great opportunity to re-evaluate your whole look so don't rush into anything! Start with your personal colours before you get to an in-house stylist ( yes these do make a whole heap of difference to whatever you wear ) , then your body shape style for outfits, then accessories. 2 - Ideally, get to know your personal shopper and make sure they understand what you need and your Budget very well before they are let loose on the floor. 3 - Don't forget that getting your make-up and hair changed, is always good for a confidence boost and can change your look entirely. Both of these things can be done fairly cheaply, with a freebie make-up counter advice session and a last minute walk in hair do. In short, the clothes are important but the whole look makes you really shine, best wishes Liz x (I hope I've not contra-vened any rules here by putting all this down, it's my first Mumsnet post!)

DifferentNow Mon 11-Aug-14 22:57:34

I used the Debenhams one a few years ago. DH bought me one of those Red Letter Day things which included a spending budget of £250 I think.

I am useless at shopping. I don't know what suits me or is stylish and I just cba with it all.

I LOVED it. The personal shopper left me and my acompanying bestie sipping champers and brought a rail of hand picked items for me to try on. Everything fitted and suited me perfectly. She hadn't even asked my size. It was like magic!

LizzieBelle Mon 11-Aug-14 23:01:38

I used one in Harvey Nics for a wedding, it was very good

Honesttodog Tue 12-Aug-14 00:18:07

Can anyone suggest a PS to use for my hol in Ibiza? Going for a long wkend with v glam friends and am now not looking forward to it due to feeling fat and inadequate. Plus the Ibiza look is not really me, I like a bit of glamour and edge when I go out and every pic I have looked at is all fringed tops, denim shorts, lace, crochet... Happy to spend a bit on fun stuff but really no idea where to begin or what brands to go for.

Buttercup27 Tue 12-Aug-14 07:32:04

Great advice LizR999. No idea about personal colours and I guessed at body shape.any idea where to start?

BigSpottyCupofTea Tue 12-Aug-14 08:26:13

God, do not use Debenhams! I did, PS was shit but not quite as shit as I looked at the end of it. Ended up buying something just to get out of there. It's put me off using a PS ever again.

Heels99 Tue 12-Aug-14 08:32:10

Yes debenhams and john lewis. Debenhams depends very much on the shopper, I don't use them any more as the fantastic shopper they had has left. John lewis excellent. Good if you have limited time, can try lots of stuff on as you have your own large changing room, take with you anything you want to match. Be clear on budget. I just went for an appt to get a dress for special occasion, took my shoes with me. Definitely recommend it. The dress bought I would not even have tried on had I been on my own and it is fab. Have used john lewis quite a few times now and always been pleased

Heels99 Tue 12-Aug-14 08:33:13

And it's fine to try the stuff on at home again and then take back anything you don't want, it doesn't have to be to a different branch for goodness sake!

Heels99 Tue 12-Aug-14 08:36:56

Honest todos I would make your appointment soon as winter stuff is coming into the shops now. John lewis would be my recommendation but I did once have an appt with debenhams in October for summer stuff and they did manage to sort me out a lot of stuff...they have access to the stockrooms!

Teddybeau1988 Tue 12-Aug-14 08:48:28

Harrods have a PS service called By Appointment. They really go above and beyond. Ime they outshone selfridges and Harvey nics

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