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Coarse, curly, wild, crazy hair - what do you use to make it behave?

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Lottapianos Wed 06-Aug-14 15:22:02

I'm in need of some product inspiration people! I'm also in need of a haircut - it's been 3 months and hair is looking extra wild, so am booked in at hairdresser on Saturday.

My hair is armpit length, curls beautifully when wet or otherwise well-moisturised but I find it almost impossible to keep it like this when it dries. The curls pull out and turn into waves whenever I tie it up, and I often get a halo of frizz all over. The ends get knotted very easily. At the moment, I shampoo 2-3 times a week with Body Shop Rainforest shampoo (brilliant), then use Body Shop Rainforest Butter as a leave-in, then a bit of Boots Curl Creme on top , then Umberto Giannini gel. I 'plop' it in an old t-shirt, then air dry for ten bloody hours. It looks lovely when its dry, but has turned to a state again by the next day.

I would love to cut down on drying time but have had no success at all with diffusing, I also don't reallly have the time so would just like it to air dry faster, especially coming into autumn/winter. All advice gratefully received (no silicone though, thanks!)

monsterowl Wed 06-Aug-14 16:18:21

Sounds like you are doing the curly girl method except that you are using shampoo ... have you tried cutting that out and washing with conditioner instead? My hair is similar to yours and cutting out shampoo has made it behave a bit better.

No other suggestions I'm afraid, but want to bookmark this thread so I can earwig on any miracle tips ...

Lottapianos Wed 06-Aug-14 16:21:05

monsterowl, I have tried cutting out shampoo but hair and scalp just didnt' feel clean. I tried it for a couple of weeks but didn't stick with it any longer. I do find the Rainforest shampoo very moisturising, and much better than the Tresemme one I was using before.

Iggly Wed 06-Aug-14 16:22:59

Why don't you use the rainforest conditioner as well? The leave in butter isn't very good IMO. It makes my dd's hair a bit crunchy the next day.

Scarletohello Wed 06-Aug-14 16:24:05

Well you're doing everything right but I wondered what you do with your hair the next day? Do you spray it with water and scrunch it a bit. Mixing a bit of glycerine or lavender oil in the water spray can help.

Lottapianos Wed 06-Aug-14 16:47:10

'Do you spray it with water and scrunch it a bit. Mixing a bit of glycerine or lavender oil in the water spray can help'

No I don't do this, I don't use anything on it the next day and that's when it starts looking like crap. Glycerin is supposed to be excellent for helping skin and hair to retain moisture so that sounds good. Where would one buy such a thing?!

Iggly, I do like the Rainforest butter as a leave-in, but could try the conditioner some time isntead

I spray mine with cooled boiled water. This helps to refresh the curls and re activate any product.

'Tis an ongoing battle!

I just use a plant spray bottle from DIY shop. I've got some glycerine from home-made snow globes hmm so I'll try that with my water.

Lottapianos Wed 06-Aug-14 16:54:44

It's a bit like having a rather temperamental pet. Mine doesn't like weather - doesn't like heat, doesn't like cold, doesn't like wind, and absolutely positively loathes the rain (think Monica Geller in Barbados). Needs constant ongoing TLC and lots of time. hmm

Its a good thing I love it.... most of the time grin

Scarletohello Wed 06-Aug-14 16:55:24

You can get glycerine in a chemists.

Lottapianos Wed 06-Aug-14 16:57:17

Is it a clear liquid Scarlet? and what ratio do you follow when diluting? Sorry for thickness blush

DangerousDorothy Wed 06-Aug-14 20:30:51

I spray a homemade mix of conditioner and water from a spray bottle on 2nd day hair and scrunch it through, followed by umberto gel and I think my curls are nicer than when I wash it.

ThePerfectNegroni Wed 06-Aug-14 20:34:17

I think using the butter, curl cream and gel is too much for your hair and is weighting it down.

Also, try a silk pillow case and a refresher spray like others have suggested.

ShutTheFuckUpBarbara Wed 06-Aug-14 20:45:53

I wouldn't use water, it is (paradoxically) very drying.

I am not sure whether they contain silicones but Aussie have a few products I have been impressed with recently. Their leave-in conditioner sprays are good, I use them on day 2 to wet my hair with instead of water and reshape the curls.

Honestly though the thing that really stops the frizz for me is silicones (sorry).

I remember the pre-silicone haircare days and they weren't pretty.

Shonajay Wed 06-Aug-14 21:01:22

Never ever brush it, unless with fingers. Every day use a ten p size of coconut oil, it seperated curls beautifully and doesn't look greasy at all. You could use more if needed but it never looks greasy.

finestvirginia Wed 06-Aug-14 21:28:23

I use Waitrose baby massage coconut oil with vanilla on my coarse hair. I can go for nearly a week without washing or wetting (well 4 days!) It keeps it glossy, non frizzy and tangle free. It is better than the expensive food grade coconut oil that's often recommended and it smells good.

ShinySilver Wed 06-Aug-14 22:11:32

OP I have used Boots curl creme together with the Umberto gel! I thought it was a good mix - the creme on its own didn't give enough hold whereas the gel was crispy on its own.
Still experimenting with products myself to try and reduce 2nd day frizz.

Lottapianos Wed 06-Aug-14 22:22:49

Have heard lots of recommendations for silk pillow cases, must give it a try.

I think that spraying water on my hair would just make it frizz like hell but will give it a go. Silicones don't nourish your hair at all and have always left my hair flyaway and still frizzy so that's why I avoid them.

Thanks all

monsterowl Thu 07-Aug-14 10:48:03

Re silk pillow cases: I just bought this one and it arrived yesterday. Can't tell yet whether it has been good for my hair, since my hair looked terrible when I went to bed (super-dry ... I'd forgotten to scrunch in a small amount of coconut oil post-washing as I usually do). But the quality is really good and it's a generous size. Also arrived very fast. It's only silk on one side, which according to other reviewers is good because it stops it slipping off the bed.

BTW I manage second-day frizz by getting my hair wet in the shower (but not washing it), then plopping as usual and leaving to dry naturally. It's the best method I've found, but then my hair is not even shoulder length yet - might be a hassle when it gets longer.

Lottapianos Thu 07-Aug-14 11:31:39

Thanks monsterowl, I think I will get it - good price and have heard rave reviews about silk pillowcases and the difference they make to dry hair.

I washed hair this morning with Rainforest shampoo, then used Rainforest butter as a leave-in and added UG gel, so skipped the curl creme. It's looking good and is about 80% dry - would usually be only around 50% dry at this time. So maybe using 2 instead of 3 products will make a difference. Trial and error again!

aNoteToFollowSo Thu 07-Aug-14 11:43:41

Wait, stop, this could just change my life….

Do you curly haired lot not wet your hair every single day? I have never discovered a way of making my curly hair look even halfway decent that doesn't involve stepping into the shower each day. And yes, I hate going out with wet hair, especially in winter. I would LOVE to discover a technique for day two, never days three and four. Is water/glycerine the magic bullet for me?

Lottapianos Thu 07-Aug-14 11:51:19

Hey aNote, well the water/glycerine spray seems to work for some people, not for others. I suspect I'm in the second category. Like you, my hair loves being wet and is at its best when its wet but with products in, but I mean properly wet and not just damp. It's a faff. Glycerine is cheap as chips so why not give it a go?

aNoteToFollowSo Thu 07-Aug-14 15:04:14

Right, I'm off to the garden centre for a spray bottle and glycerine (isn't it good for fighting aphids too ??] Here's hoping

Cathycat Thu 07-Aug-14 15:48:06

I have hair like yours! I must say I wash it everyday, keeping it in a shoulder length Bob. After a daily wash and condition, I rub hair cream into the ends then dry it on a low setting. I then clip it up or whatever for that day and smother it in hair spray. I then scrunched it with a bit of cream again.

Ohanarama Thu 07-Aug-14 16:07:17

So glad I read this thread as I've long suspected my pillowcase was drying out my hair overnight. Thanks Monsterowl for the pillowcase link - after seeing the reviews I purchased one straight off, fingers crossed it will help as my hair's been a wooly nightmare for weeks now smile

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