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Skater skirts <shudder>

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PiratePanda Wed 06-Aug-14 01:17:29

Dear women of all shapes, sizes and ages everywhere,

Skater skirts look hideous on everybody. For the love of god, please stop.

Yours gratefully


MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 01:19:58

I quite like mine so nerrrr

PiratePanda Wed 06-Aug-14 01:20:57

Morphine that's a dress, not a skirt.

bigTillyMint Wed 06-Aug-14 01:22:20

They do NOT look hideous on everybody. They look fab on young not too tall curvy girls, which sadly counts me out!

MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 01:22:35

It isn't actually, the top is tucked in and is the exact shade. I wouldn't have posted it if it were a dress

PiratePanda Wed 06-Aug-14 01:28:24

They emphasise one's tummy (yes, even yours, Morphine). They make even the skinniest young women look like they might be a little pregnant, and they cut off thickly at the thickest part of the thigh. No.

The effect is quite different with a knee-length full skirt, which serves simply to emphasise a small waist.

MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 01:31:17

Like that one too. I like them, I don't care if they emphasize my stomach because they're one of the few styles I can wear with my mahoosive hips.

I like them smile each to their own. Knee length skirts make my calfs look even bigger than they are now

MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 01:32:36

And I know I'm overweight anyway so a bit of big belly and thunder and lightening thighs are to be expected ha!

SecretWitch Wed 06-Aug-14 01:41:57

Morphine, I would kill for your figure! I think you look gorgeous! (Well from the bottem down) grin

PittTheYounger Wed 06-Aug-14 01:47:03

They look like those skirts hippos wear

MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 01:48:52

Oh jeez secretwitch thankyou blush, but honestly those sorts of dresses do me favours. I'm overweight and tend to look and feel better those - which is why it's annoying when people say they're horrible because surely comfort for a person is important! They don't make my hips feel like they're being squashed, but allow my waist to be shown too

SecretWitch Wed 06-Aug-14 01:51:18

Morphine, they look fab on you. Your legs look pretty and your tum looks flat. Lucky, lucky you!

MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 01:53:34

Well there we have it, skater dresses aren't hideous on everyone, SecretWitch says so <nods head>

No really, thankyou. I didn't want compliments just wanted to show why I liked them but I do love a good compliment

SecretWitch Wed 06-Aug-14 02:00:07

Exactly! I am such a fashionista..* looks down at 15 year old university Tshirt and yoga pants*

MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 02:00:54

I'm currently wearing pants with cows on, and a primark vest for two years ago. I am bang on trend.

bigTillyMint Wed 06-Aug-14 02:04:02

Morphine you look fab! Exactly the right shape for themsmile whereas I look ridiculous and way too old!

MorphineDreams Wed 06-Aug-14 02:06:07

I bet you don't!

beachywaves Wed 06-Aug-14 08:39:22

Its not only that they are hideously unflattering and make everyones hips look enormous, but why do grown women want to dress like little girls?

itsbetterthanabox Wed 06-Aug-14 12:50:35

Do you mean just skirts or dresses too? What's the other option? Pencil shape! Dear god no! Skater skirts only look little girl like when worn very short imo.

ApplebyMennym Wed 06-Aug-14 12:56:35

Dear judgemental random woman

I will continue to wear whatever the fuck I like and not give a shit whether it fits your definition of flattering or not. I don't dress to please anyone but myself.

Love and kisses


Elswyth Wed 06-Aug-14 13:01:56

I disagree that they emphasise Morphine's tummy shock and that they look awful on everybody.

I have a few skater skirts and dresses. Mine are Boden so probably more matronly, and slightly longer than those on the photos.

MollySolverson Wed 06-Aug-14 13:02:34

What a horrible thread. Also, what Appleby said.

ElephantsNeverForgive Wed 06-Aug-14 13:02:52

They are fun and massively better than tight skirts if you have a waist and hips.

Pencil skirts simply make my arse look huge. Pre DCs, when I had a waist, straight skirts just gaped at the top.

The DD2's school skirt is awful, it's no shape at all and sits 1/2 way down her bum.

If you have a ridiculous budget and can afford lined skirts and beautifully tailored dresses, It's a different matter.

But most of us just want a nice dress or a fun skirt as a change for jeans and skater style works well.

WildBillfemale Wed 06-Aug-14 13:04:36

Ia - they seem to morph grown women into little girls - it's a strange look.

ElephantsNeverForgive Wed 06-Aug-14 13:10:05

So what, why shouldn't grown women wear something that's fun.

God why do some women have to be so judgy of other women's fashion choices?

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