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Greek holiday packing tips!

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HellonHeels Tue 29-Jul-14 15:33:48

Do you clever S&B-ers think I can do a week on the Greek coast with 6kg carry on bag only? I am reasonably low maintenance but do like my hair straighteners and a touch of makeup and something nice to wear in the evening.

Also, any recommendations for the carry on bag?

Please share your travel packing tips!

HellonHeels Tue 29-Jul-14 15:34:50

oops sorry about the overuse of !

Ottokitty Tue 29-Jul-14 16:10:09

Dump the hair straighteners if you enjoy a beach holiday as the humidity / sun / sea / pool trashes the hair and they're not exactly light. Embrace the curls and clip up your locks. I'd take beach wear, cover ups, clothes that you can wash through after wearing: concentrating on natural fabrics that dry quickly. Think more tops than bottoms ratio as tops can double up as nightwear, beach cover ups etc. A hammam towel makes a lighter towel for the beach. I tend to accessorise with scarves and jewellery and things to make my wardrobe more interesting - Greece sells great stuff like that too. Help their economy. I shower and do laundry at the same time - why waste beach time? Easy to pick up detergent in Greece. Ditto shampoo / shower gel and the like. My addiction to Korres products - gorgeous Greek natural stuff - started after a carry on adventure. If you've got a beauty product that you can't live without find a travel size in the UK. I double up moisturiser with La Roche Posay antihelios sun range - brilliant stuff. Wear your heavier gear - and layer up - on the plane. Research your airline's size of case and buy the lightest case you can find. Don't forget your Kindle. Yammas!

Ottokitty Tue 29-Jul-14 16:12:51

Oh and depending on where you're going Greeks aren't too dressy in the evening. You know they've made an effort but it's not overkill. Small bag and girl can travel.

KristinaM Tue 29-Jul-14 16:19:21

You don't need heels, sparkling flip flops or pretty sandals are fine for the evening

If you are going soon , it will be too hot for make up, apart from lippie and mascara . Ditto denim

It can be windy in the evenings, take a cardigan or similar . Will do for the plane too

Use fake tan instead of frying yourself on the beach and have some fun instead of sunbathing all day

dexter73 Tue 29-Jul-14 16:30:06

One of my friends has this bag which is good because it is very light so doesn't steal too much of your allowance.

Wait4nothing Tue 29-Jul-14 16:52:48

I'd go for a couple of dresses that you could dress up with accessories & pretty metallic sandles then wear the next day over bikini with flip flops.
Again nice tops to wear on a night (maxi skirt or light trousers) then re-wear the next day.
2 bikinis
For travelling wear some layered vests, cardi, large scarf (double as a sarong for the beach) and heaviest bottoms.
I've done a 4 night winter stay on hand luggage so a week in summer will be much easier!

sweetheart Tue 29-Jul-14 16:53:10

Try sticking to 3 colours clothes wise, 2 neutral colours and 1 bright colour so that all your items can be mixed and matched

specialsubject Tue 29-Jul-14 16:54:04

if it is before mid-September, forget straighteners, way way too hot to use them. Obviously you don't need a hairdryer either, wash hair and go outside for 10 mins.

cobbles and marble don't mix with heels, take pretty flip flops or flats for the evening, one pair is all you need. One pair trainers for sightseeing (wear on plane), one pair day flip flops and possibly beach shoes. Two bikinis, two rash vests, a few vest tops, a skirt, 7 pairs of knickers, couple of evening tops, done.

with handluggage only remember the liquids, gels and pastes rules; you'll need to buy a bottle of suncream when you get there as 100ml certainly won't be enough.


HellonHeels Tue 29-Jul-14 20:32:41

Thanks so much for all these suggestions - really helpful.

Never knew about hamman towels, just ordered one, they look fab. I only own one bikini - do you think I need two? I need expensive ones (bravissimo) because of comedy tits.

What do you think to eyelash tinting instead of faffing with mascara?

The sun lotion is a problem for me; I react to nearly all of them so not sure about having to buy random products on arrival.

daftbesom Tue 29-Jul-14 20:35:56

Only pick stuff that matches everything else. My last holiday was blue and white.

If you wear tankinis, the top can double up as a vest in the evening, maybe under a loose shirt?

Only one pair of shoes and wear them to travel in (I'm thinking walking-sandals or slingbacks, not flipflops).

daftbesom Tue 29-Jul-14 20:37:30

Sorry OP, x-post. I got my eyelashes permed not tinted (they are naturally dark but and straight) and I enjoyed being able to leave the mascara at home.

specialsubject Tue 29-Jul-14 20:39:26

ah - the sun lotion is an issue if you are only taking hand luggage which means each bottle can't be more than 100ml. Even with no deliberate sunbathing and wearing a rash vest to swim you'll use more than that.

are you going somewhere big enough to have shops?

two bikinis means one on, one drying on the balcony.

specialsubject Tue 29-Jul-14 20:39:56

doh - of course there's an answer. Buy it after security at the UK airport.

(slaps head)

MotherBluestocking Tue 29-Jul-14 20:44:01

If you buy sun lotion at the airport (where are you flying from?) will it count in your 6kg? Remember clothes weigh next to nothing, especially summer clothes, so definitely two bikinis, and think about a jersey maxi dress (rolls up to almost nothing) or a pair of light trousers to add to evening options. I'd cram in a second pair of evening flats for variety, but this may be simply because my mother's 1987 excoriation of a fellow hotel guest's fourteen nights of a pair of orange heels is seared into my memory.
You will probably want to add bras to specialsubject's packing list, too.
Eyelash tinting - if you like, but how much space does a tube of waterproof mascara take?
Korres products - yes, divine - fill your boots when you get there.

sleepdodger Tue 29-Jul-14 20:56:08

Decant preferred sun cream into smaller 100ml bottles which is allowed and then you don't have to lug it all to beach pool etc!

Itscurtainsforyou Tue 29-Jul-14 21:09:08

I did this earlier this year! Baggage allowance of 5kg, with the bag that someone posted earlier.

I took a couple of tankinis, 2 pairs of shorts, wore one pair of trousers, one dress, then about 5 tops (plus underwear obviously) and two pairs of shoes (wearing one).

I picked up toiletries at the airport (pre-ordered and collected from boots so I knew they'd have in what I needed) and they didn't count towards my weight allowance - just remember you might not be able to bring them back because of size/weight.

I did cheat a bit and wear a jacket with lots of pockets so I had a back-up plan of what to do in case I was over the limit (I mainly used this for toys/things to entertain my LO and my tablet and charger).

Start packing early and weigh your bag so you know where you are in terms of meeting your weight target, then you can amend/fill pockets accordingly!

Good luck

bewleysisters Tue 29-Jul-14 21:10:53

Keep it all floaty and loose to cope with heat? Kaftan/white shirts that can work as beach cover-ups by day and evening wear by night? Yes yes to jersey/silk dresses that roll up? Where are you staying - will there be basic toiletries/towels available?

Bluebell79 Tue 29-Jul-14 21:17:40

I been to the Greek Islands for a few years running now, always in June and it's too hot to use a hair dryer and straighteners, I have to clip my short bob up. I found maxi dresses made me too sweaty and my thighs rubbed together due to all the walking.those pj style or harem trousers were good for travelling in, used to wear cropped leggings. Have never needed a cardigan in the evenings only when we land back in the uk at night. I take sparkly fit flops so comfy and travel in converse as I have children that stomp on my feet. I only take one swin suit dries so quickly, don't feel confident in a bikini. I find it too hot for makeup but take a cream blush and lip gloss and concealer for evenings. Do not take your fav lipstick it will melt! Holdalls are lighter than suitcases.try not too pack light colours especially white as they can usually only be worn once.

HellonHeels Thu 31-Jul-14 15:40:43

Thanks so much everyone all these tips are so helpful. I do also love:

I'd cram in a second pair of evening flats for variety, but this may be simply because my mother's 1987 excoriation of a fellow hotel guest's fourteen nights of a pair of orange heels is seared into my memory grin

Will look for lip gloss though I hate the stickiness of it. Hair is the worst thing I think. I accept what you're all saying about straighteners and going with the wave/curl but my hair is just FRIZZ FRIGHT rather than luscious waves sad

So I've got:
hammam towel on order.
4 pairs knickers (will wash and dry)
2 bras
1 bikini
German traveller style walking sandals (ugly but practical)
1 pair black + silver havaianas
black craghoppers crops (very hard wearing, have a bit of stretch, look OK)
black fine merino t shirt
black vest
black strappy top
stone coloured loose-ish linen trousers

fine blue and white striped sundress thing for over bikini and just wearing around
Hat, sunglasses

navy blue vest (or maybe t shirt)
bronze sparkly flip flops
long sleeve fine merino top (to keep sun off)

No idea what a rash vest is?
Eyelash tinting more for convenience of no applying/removing/running

specialsubject Fri 01-Aug-14 10:22:57

science error!! Black is utterly the wrong colour for the heat! You want pale colours. Same with navy blue!

a rash vest is the adult version of a kids sunsuit - you wear it in the water to keep the sun off.

HellonHeels Fri 01-Aug-14 11:32:16

Hmmm I don't really do pale colours at all. The stone coloured linen trousers and the stripy sundress are about the only non-dark things I have. I'm not a white vest / white linen trousers kind of woman. Surely a black or navy blue vest/strappy top/tshirt won't be too much hotter than a pale colour?

Where do I get these rash vests from? Does everyone here wear them? I am assuming they block more rays than just wearing a tshirt which I think becomes inefficient when wet?

Thanks everyone smile

ClaireFraser Fri 01-Aug-14 11:44:02

Travel sized toiletries, mascara &lipstick, one pair shorts, one maxi skirt, one dress, pashmina that can double up a shoulder cover or a sarong.

Four tops that will work with either shorts or skirt.

Two client weight cardigans

One pair sparkly flip flops. One pair shoes you can walk in (flats or wedges)

Lightweight handbag/beach bag that can be rolled up and squeezed into hand luggage.

Sunglasses, big squashy straw hat (can be packed into hand luggage, stuff the crown with clothes and round the edges)


1 bra (wear the other one), pair of knickers per day.

Kindle or books. Phone charger. Antihistamine tablets. Painkillers.

Buy sun cream when you get there.

Easy. Done!

The key thing is to make sure that everything you take can be worn with everything else, gives you more combinations and stuff can always be quickly hand washed if needed.

You always need less than you think you do, I find the hardest thing is fitting all my books in - I usually end up with a lightweight trench that I can stuff books in the pockets of, or make my DH stick them in his pockets!

Have fun!

SpringyReframed Fri 01-Aug-14 11:53:16

I'm just back and I think all the advice is great here apart from lack of a beach cover up - kimono/tunic type thing is essential.

I wore mine to death and wish I had had more than one! You need it when you've had enough of the sun, want to walk into a beach bar, or indeed walk to the beach etc. I bought a new one this year made of fine cotton from Tesco of all places(£7 on sale rail!) and it was perfect. It also weighs nothing. They need to have sleeves and preferably not too low at the front to cover chest.

I would buy all your sun products etc airside and then they dont count in your baggage allowance.

Also I never saw anyone in a rash vest. I suppose if you were doing water sports they would be great but otherwise a bit odd?

Have a lovely time!!

specialsubject Fri 01-Aug-14 14:31:31

springy last time I went to a UK beach I was the only one wearing a rash vest. Most people are happy to turn to leather, and you see the same abroad. So call me odd.

they are indeed good for watersports where you'll be out for a while, but many people also spend ages in the pool/sea and are getting just as fried. As they dry they cool you off, but you won't want to wear one if you aren't in the water as that would be too hot. That's what the t-shirt/cover up is for.

yes, I am advocating not deliberately sunbathing. I am not suggesting you stay indoors which is what someone is going to think.

rashies come from Tesco and sports direct as well as surfwear shops - look online, they aren't pricey. And yes, a t-shirt is almost transparent to UV when wet.

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