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Who still shops at Long Tall Sally fgs?

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winkywinkola Mon 28-Jul-14 14:20:17

It's so frumpy and dated. I can't believe it's still turning a profit making tall women look so bad.

trikken Mon 28-Jul-14 14:22:09

My dm does. I think its really expensive too. Last time I looked I couldn't see anything at all I remotely liked.

DuchessofKirkcaldy Mon 28-Jul-14 14:24:30

My transgender friend. smile

KikitheKitKat Mon 28-Jul-14 14:25:06

I didn't realize they still existed! About 30 years ago they were constantly promoted in fashion magazies as complete trendsville. I guess they've just stayed there, thirty years ago.

mrsbucketxx Mon 28-Jul-14 14:29:38

As a tall woman I think its frumpy as hell. I do grt my pj's from there its the only place I can get proper long jammies.

Takesalongtime Mon 28-Jul-14 16:41:32

Gave up shopping there! Instead- next & new look.
Mrsbucket- next do tall pjs!

mrsbucketxx Mon 28-Jul-14 16:42:40

Thanks grin

ChanelNumber19 Mon 28-Jul-14 18:46:13

yeh, there's some bad stuff in there! it's like petite ranges (I'm 5'1") they're not trying to appeal to young people, or rich people, or professionals, or bohemian types, they're trying to appeal to as many tall people as possible (or short people) so it comes up really bland.

Messygirl Mon 28-Jul-14 18:48:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Messygirl Mon 28-Jul-14 18:48:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

michellestub1965 Mon 28-Jul-14 19:52:15

As 5ft not me!

MorrisZapp Mon 28-Jul-14 19:53:27

I saw Phil Jupitus the other day with a 'High and Mighty' bag.

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 28-Jul-14 19:58:31

terrible frumpy overpriced. did buy their leggings for years though, they were ok.

MrsDavidBowie Tue 29-Jul-14 09:32:03

Awful shop.
Uninterested staff in Chiltern Street branch

CMOTDibbler Tue 29-Jul-14 09:34:26

They used to have great basics that I didn't mind paying over the odds for. But now it is boring/tacky/poor quality and expensive.
I like Next tall, and ASOS tall have some nice stuff

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 29-Jul-14 13:45:03

since responding to this thread, I've been bombarded with LTS adverts on FB. where do FB get this info?

ILoveYouBaby Tue 29-Jul-14 13:58:58

I like that skirt! I do get a few things from their sale, I wouldn't pay full price though.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Tue 29-Jul-14 14:01:02

I'm not tall enough at 5'8 for LTS, but I'm not sure what is wrong with the skirt?

mrsbucketxx Tue 29-Jul-14 19:51:47

If your using crome or firefox the cookies are saved if you looked at links or sites which fb or here uses. It happens to me to.

ChanelNumber19 Tue 29-Jul-14 20:30:01

same here alltoomuchrightnow, which is funny really as I'd need to stand on a box to get a shop assistant's attention in LTS!

ThrowAChickenInTheAir Tue 29-Jul-14 20:38:47

I gave up on them ages ago too. Often overpriced. I just had a look at the sale - not many bargains there.

winkywinkola Tue 29-Jul-14 21:55:28

I always think a long skirt or maxi dress on a tall woman like myself makes them look like an exclamation mark. It accentuates their height and length in an unflattering, frumpy way.

peasandlove Tue 29-Jul-14 22:45:21

Download ad blocker for Firefox. It's not till I don't have it I realise how many ads we are being bombarded with

mrsbucketxx Wed 30-Jul-14 10:35:11

Winky I love my maxi's. But being curvy I think helps im not straight up and down.

MrsDavidBowie Wed 30-Jul-14 16:58:07

I am six feet tall and love maxis but they have to be very slim fitting. Have a lovely black skirt from Top Shop and a dress from Tall Girls which is a favourite.
I am in Chiltern St tomorrow looking at shows so will see what monstrosities LTS have in.

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