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Bras - padded vs non-padded

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CaptainSparklePants Sun 27-Jul-14 00:48:52

After browsing bravissimo's website today and liking the look of some of the non-padded, sheer bras, but not buying them as I don't do non-padded, I've been wondering, what are the pros of non-padded?

I've always worn padded bras as I have a fear of getting (ahem) nippy, and everyone seeing, but there must be a reason to wear them as lingerie shops sell them! Are they merely decorative? wink

Please share bra wisdom with me! I may end up going wild and buy a non-padded bra for the first time ever!! grin

Ps I promise I'm not some sort of bra padding perv, just don't have anyone to ask this irl and googling throws up some questionably sexist discussions on other forums hmm

Capitola Sun 27-Jul-14 01:04:45

I hate hate hate padded bras and, in particular, those moulded cups that are everywhere. They're so unattractive.

I hate the way they look so obvious under clothes and make my boobs look enormous. I am a not huge 32dd, but a moulded cup makes me look like Dolly Parton.

I don't care about nipples showing. I would rather that now & then than boobs like weird bolsters. I like a nice lacy number and plain, sheer t-shirt bras for everyday.

I must be in the minority though as those bastard moulded cups are taking over the world.

Rant over.

MCSpammer Sun 27-Jul-14 07:12:29

I agree Capitola. They are everywhere. can't stand them. I have big boobs so you can imagine how I feel in them. They feel so wrong, like I'm wearing 4 bras. I love non moulded, they feel better to me and look better IMO. each to their own though smile

Fairylea Sun 27-Jul-14 07:14:56

I hate padded bras for all the reasons above plus they are so hot! I'm a 30gg and I hate wearing bras in hot weather at the best of times yet alone one that's thicker than it needs to be!

I wear a mix of very lightly padded ones from ewa michalak and unpadded mainly Cleo and bravissimo. I don't find nipples problematic tbh

pod3030 Sun 27-Jul-14 08:43:00

I hate padded bras too, but being small of boob it seems they think you want the padding. I'm a 32b and it's hard to find anything non padded and nice in my size that isnt a training bra.

FinDeSemaine Sun 27-Jul-14 08:43:01

I loathe padded bras and my breasts aren't even very large at 30DD. I also don't really care if anyone can detect my nipples!

StrawberryCheese Sun 27-Jul-14 08:43:05

I have never worn a non padded bra as I don't think my boobs would fit them properly. I need lightly padded (like bravissimo Satine) to give me a better shape.

ElephantsNeverForgive Sun 27-Jul-14 08:56:18

Totally agree with them being hot.

I'm fairly small of boob, some outfits benefit from a bit of padding, some don't.

If I go up the a couple if cup sizes, like the bra threads tell you to, it has to be unpadded to fit.

beccajoh Sun 27-Jul-14 09:05:39

My nipples seem to be permanently sticking out since I had kids so I like to wear something with a bit of coverage as it's just embarrassing otherwise. Stupid men asking me if I'm cold! I don't go for full on padding as I'm a 30G so no need to look any bigger, but quite like the shape the moulded ones give me.

Moulded bras look ridiculous when they're the wrong size.

goodasitgets Sun 27-Jul-14 09:39:37

I have a sheer one from ewa michalak that is like a feat of engineering grin
It gives amazing shape and support. Plus padded bras in my size are unusual, I do have one (same brand again) and it gives a lovely rounded uplifted shape

goodasitgets Sun 27-Jul-14 09:40:37

This is the sheer one

WildBillfemale Sun 27-Jul-14 09:54:45

I have big boobs so hate padding but do need coverage for my weather sensitive nips. I've found a thing foam cup does the deed, M&S has some like this.

Branleuse Sun 27-Jul-14 09:57:39

i have huge norks, so i only really go for non padded. I dont really care if people realise that I have nipples sometimes

Greengardenpixie Sun 27-Jul-14 10:17:32

Its all asda in particular seem to sell. They are hiddeous and my dh hates them. They are fake looking. The cheap ones are particularly nasty. I dont wear them. I do appreciate though a light amount of padding as i would get embaressed with nipples showing through! I tend to stay away from any type of padding though!
I also hate the word norks - sorry branleuse. Cringe when i see this idea why!!!

FinDeSemaine Sun 27-Jul-14 10:39:35

That Ewa Michalak bra is lovely. I got a nice non-padded one from M&S recently.

Capitola Sun 27-Jul-14 12:20:39

That's a nice bra.

We were watching 'Bridesmaids' here last night. I thought of this thread as I noticed the main character, in a post coital bed scene was wearing a bra (cos we all keep our bras on during sex confused) and it was a moulded one which was gaping and standing proud of her chest. Horrid things.

I hate them too, they're so rigid and uncomfortable. Plus I can't really see the problem of getting a bit nippy sometimes. The bra ladies in John Lewis really sold me the porcelain (is that panache or Freya?) saying that everyone has them now and I hate it, the cups come too far down below my boobs. I quite like cups that actually, you know, cup.

I'm not a fan of moulded as they're really difficult to get a good fit on. For those who particularly suffer then something which is lightly padded will be better - i.e. something which still has seams and is softer and more flexible rather than a solid cup.

SinglePringle Sun 27-Jul-14 14:50:32

I hate padded and molded for all the reasons above. Horrible, cheap looking, nasty things.

I much prefer lace or smooth bras. I don't own any padded or molded.

Branleuse Sun 27-Jul-14 17:18:15


Greengardenpixie Sun 27-Jul-14 17:21:00

Grrrr........ smile grin

r2d2ismyidealman Sun 27-Jul-14 18:56:14

Agree with others here. Padded bras are hot, a weird fake boob shape and the outline of the top of the cup always shows through my clothes. Plus I feel more bound up in them. Normal bras are just plain comfortable. My boob shape is one I'm happy with though, small and neat.

InSummer Sun 27-Jul-14 19:02:46

I like a non padded balconette bra.
I'm a small 30C and I much prefer to have a natural shape, even if they don't look as big/pushed up

Grandmacat Sun 19-Jul-15 23:04:43

I hate padded bras too. Why should we be dictated to by the industry. Is it because the youngest of us have been taught to be ashamed of our nipples?
How can we alert the shops to what we want from a bra? We come in so many shapes and sizes, not one mould!

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