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Help me find a killer dress - the ex girlfriend will be there

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flux500 Mon 21-Jul-14 13:02:12

Hi everyone,

I'm going on a night out on Saturday with my boyfriend and a few if our friends. One of which now goes it with my boyfriends ex. And we are all going out together hmm

So I want to look really good. The ex is younger than me by about 5 years so I'm not wanting to look young, I'm happy to look like a woman. I'm 30.

My look is like the dragon lady off game of thrones although I'm skinnier than her and have bigger boobs. My boyfriend loves the game of thrones character look I have - it's what naturally attacted him to me - so I don't want to deviate too far from that as it just wouldn't be me.

I'm looking for a strappy backless kind of dress, short and I'm happy to go without bra.

Has anyone seen a killer dress like this?? Or just a killer dress in general as I'm open to suggestions.

Budget not more than £150

Thank you for any links or suggestions smile

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 14:08:57

Being the only person who doesn't watch GoT, I had to google Dragon Lady. She seems to spend most of her time in beigey, embroidered artisan things with show-off necklines. Is that what you want?

I think you're being a bit daft, tbh. You're not competing with her for her boyfriend, are you?! Is this killer enough?

JustSquirted Mon 21-Jul-14 14:13:24


flux500 Mon 21-Jul-14 14:36:56

Garlic I guess I am being a bit daft but I just want to look good. Don't want my boyfriend thinking he's downgraded... and it's that time of the month so I'm feeling a bit insecure sad

Yes she does wear those kind of things it's more the fabrics and colours as opposed to styles.

Squirted I love that dress but it's in dollors so not something I can get for Saturday...

I guess if any of you have a dress you wear that's never let you down then that would point me in the right direction smile

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 14:42:36

Prom dress

Black lace

Another one-shoulder job

Tiny sequinned dress

Would your boobs even fit in this?

Red embellished babydoll

Any of these close to 'killer'?

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 14:43:41

it's more the fabrics and colours as opposed to styles

Ah, bugger, I got the wrong idea grin

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 14:46:31

Strappy slip dresses never let me down! Well, they would these days, but you know ...

This! <gavel>

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 14:54:26

She'd wear this, wouldn't she?

I must stop window-shopping now grin

flux500 Mon 21-Jul-14 15:04:26

Wow garlic thanks do much! smile

I love that festival bodice one! The lipsy ones are all nice but they're more what the girlfriend would wear so I don't want to be looking like her if you know what I mean. That black lace one is nice though and I'm going to short list that one too.

I like the slip dresses and they seem very flattering but also the midi length is gorgeous smile

Just need my boss to stop looking over and I can have a proper look at all those!

flux500 Mon 21-Jul-14 15:12:08

Ps sorry for typos I'm typing fast blush

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 15:13:36

Aha, got somewhere! smile

squoosh Mon 21-Jul-14 16:31:30

I misread your opening post and thought you were saying you looked like that lady from Dragon's Den. I thought 'wow, that's a strong look!'

FidelineAndBombazine Mon 21-Jul-14 16:39:50

My boyfriend loves the game of thrones character look I have - it's what naturally attacted him to me


I'm glad you're making inroads squoosh, I'm still scratching my head here.

Staywithme Mon 21-Jul-14 16:47:11

The festival one is gorgeous and if I was 15 years younger and had boobs I'd def wear it.

grin Dragons' Den!

flux500 Mon 21-Jul-14 17:11:05

Squoosh oh my god that made me laugh out loud in the office and get funny looks. grin but thanks because it's the best laugh I've had all day smile

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 17:31:16

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I can get the FreePeople look with no money and a fat, ancient body confused Reckon I'd do better with Squoosh's suggestion! <gives up>

HavantGuard Mon 21-Jul-14 17:35:58

You could always wear this one. Then if she makes you feel insecure, whip some googly eyes out of your handbag, stick them to your chest and point them at whoever's talking as though they're following the conversation.

GarlicJulyKit Mon 21-Jul-14 17:43:18


Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 17:43:22

I think you should go with something you have and feel comfortable in.. he's with you now not her , why do you need compete? ( and you dont want to give her an excuse to be bitchy to you) ..having said that this is nice and a bit subtle and sophisticated ,( but still GOT ish ?)

Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 17:44:41

sorry i meant this one

FidelineAndBombazine Mon 21-Jul-14 17:55:22

OP If this turns into a lifelong relationship are you going to have to dress in homage to this one fictional character forever because this is what his 'natural attraction' to you is based on?

FauxFox Mon 21-Jul-14 18:11:39

I would go for something more understated like this much sexier...then you need the shoes, that's the important bit grin

FidelineAndBombazine Mon 21-Jul-14 18:18:08

That is beautiful Faux (and a whopping discount to boot).

I don't think OP is of the 'understated is sexier' school of thought though.

nannynoss Mon 21-Jul-14 18:21:08

I love that slip dress Garlic posted, you should definitely wear that! With some nice natural waves in your hair.
It's always nicer to look good in a low maintenance, confident kind of way, than look like you've tried too hard and not feel comfortable!

Dontgotosleep Mon 21-Jul-14 19:31:04

With the greatest respect o.p. Perhaps you need advice on your relationship if you are trying to out do the ex bit long in the tooth for that aren't you

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