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Exfoliating/Acid Based Toners

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LordTumble Mon 21-Jul-14 09:14:53

So I've been reading a lot of Caroline Hirons and would really like to add an exfoliating toner to my range. The only problem is I am on a limited budget so can't really afford to fork out £25 for Clarins etc.

Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative?

Iatemyskinnyperson Mon 21-Jul-14 09:19:52

Pixi glow tonic

Iatemyskinnyperson Mon 21-Jul-14 09:22:17

benton aloe BHA toner

LordTumble Mon 21-Jul-14 09:41:25

Thank you grin

ohmymimi Mon 21-Jul-14 10:42:05

No7 do a brightening toner, which I use and like.

Unexpected Mon 21-Jul-14 10:54:08

Never used it but this one from Boots Botanics gets good reviews. And it's cheap!

isshoes Mon 21-Jul-14 11:09:19

I've just bought the clarifying one by Ren. Got it from Marks and Spencer - £12.

Amethyst24 Mon 21-Jul-14 11:25:13

I have the Clarins one and TBH I don't notice any difference using it.

goodasitgets Mon 21-Jul-14 11:26:14

Bravura calendula toner is great

goodasitgets Mon 21-Jul-14 11:27:25

Link for you. It's £8.39 and they have others too, usually buy 2 get 1 free

LordTumble Mon 21-Jul-14 14:43:54

Thanks everyone, I'll take a look at all of those suggestions.

Amethyst, that's interesting, everyone seems to rave about it. I just can't afford to buy it and not like it iykwim?!

Gremlingirl Mon 21-Jul-14 14:47:16

On her bargain video on YouTube she recommends some of the Clearasil pads which have salicylic acid in them. Costs about £3.

Notonaschoolnight Mon 21-Jul-14 15:54:53

Superdrug own Deep Action cleansing pads also have salycylic acid in for £2.49 and are currently bogof

PeppermintInfusion Mon 21-Jul-14 17:08:31

I like the REN one also, it's not as harsh as some of the others so I can use it everyday though I'm thinking of getting something stronger for when I'm doing a mask/deep cleanse type thing.

CecyHall Mon 21-Jul-14 17:12:55

Chemical exfoliators make my skin look awful- I have no idea why bit they seem to do the opposite of what they promise!

I've gone back to exfoliators with bits in (but lots of fine bits rather than aprii type scrubs) and my skin is doing much better.

AmethystMoon Mon 21-Jul-14 17:19:45

What would be stronger than the Ren one Peppermint? I use seen but would like an occasionally stronger product. Any suggestions?

AmethystMoon Mon 21-Jul-14 17:20:03

Use Ren not seen!

Eliza22 Mon 21-Jul-14 18:27:56

I have the Clarins one. It's good. I've stopped using grainy, scratchy ones in favour of this. I find my face doesn't feel as dried out.

PeppermintInfusion Mon 21-Jul-14 18:31:02

Amethyst, I'm actually on the hunt for this at the moment! I used to use Clinique 2nd step but it's too harsh for my skin these days. I'm thinking of either getting the alpha h gold one or the pixie one.

goodasitgets Mon 21-Jul-14 20:17:36

The bravura is stronger than REN, I have both smile

Coumarin Mon 21-Jul-14 20:22:02

Am I the only person who reacts badly to these?

My skin breaks out in spots after one use and feels kind of rough. Even with the clarins one that CH claimed was so gentle you could use it every day. (I didn't)

I'd love to find one that did the trick but daren't try another one.

PeppermintInfusion Mon 21-Jul-14 20:30:08

Goodasitgets, I might get that then smile

CecyHall Mon 21-Jul-14 20:34:57

Coumarin CH spouts a lot of stuff as gospel when it is just her opinion (and even then often backtracks). If it doesn't work for you then it doesn't work, there are plenty more skin care fish in the sea!

goodasitgets Mon 21-Jul-14 20:41:09

Definitely, it's whatever works for you. I follow CH routine at night, am I just use a cream cleanser, hydrating toner, hydraluron and moisturise
My skin is incredible compared to how it used to be
No makeup pic (am v freckled at the minute!)

madmomma Mon 21-Jul-14 20:53:04

the clarins one makes me breakout and nothing else ever does. I shall stick with a flannel for exfoliating.

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