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What sunglasses do you wear?

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LovingSummer Fri 04-Jul-14 19:23:52

What's good about them and where did you get them from?

Mine have broken and I've never bothered to have a nice pair, but thought I would treat myself this time round.

Any ideas?

Earlybird Fri 04-Jul-14 19:30:56

Tom Ford - expensive, but I've had them for 3 years, and they are still going strong.

I find I take better care of expensive sunglasses and umbrellas. If I buy the cheap stuff, I seem to break and/or lose them much more quickly!

noisytoys Fri 04-Jul-14 19:33:31

Tommy Hilfiger ones from Specsavers with prescription lenses. Free on BOGOF with my regular pair. Can't wear regular sunglasses without prescription because I can't see with them smile

Amrapaali Fri 04-Jul-14 19:35:21

A Bloc pair from TKMaxx. Cost £15. Makes me feel very glamorous...

Amrapaali Fri 04-Jul-14 19:37:19

These are the Bloc ones. Aren't they beautiful? wink

nilbyname Fri 04-Jul-14 19:41:31

Ray Ban Aviators in gunmetal and black
Ray Ban wayfarers in extra large d frames- tortoise shell
D&G leopard print large jackie o style ones
Whistles grey cat eye shape ones.
Then quite a few cheaper ones....
Oh and some winter sport ones!

Slightly addicted to face wear!

nilbyname Fri 04-Jul-14 19:42:10

TK Maxx can be good for cheap finds or Brand Alley.

HappyGirlNow Fri 04-Jul-14 19:43:08

Big chanels (2 pairs black and a pair of tortoiseshell), cats eye michael Kor's - again glam.. Rayban Wayfarers in black and tortoiseshell and Rayban aviators.. They're my 'cool' ones.. Oh and some Prada tortoiseshell mid sized - back to glam..

I love them all grin

poorbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 19:43:09

Moschinos from tk m

poorbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 19:43:34

Tk Maxx!!
Paid £30.
They are gorgeous.

Catsmamma Fri 04-Jul-14 19:45:13

try and get some with decent polarising lenses in...they are way better at dealing with the glare.

check the CE mark too, sunspecs should have it and means they have a proper tint and a UV filter on to protect your eyes effectively.

GobblersKnob Fri 04-Jul-14 19:45:50

Loads of different ones from tk maxx.

Cumberlover76 Fri 04-Jul-14 19:49:19

Ray Ban Wayfarers, tortoishell, original design. Expensive but the best sunglasses I have ever had.

notoneforselfies Fri 04-Jul-14 19:50:42

Def get polarised. Makes such a difference. Especially for driving... (I bought them when, after a rainstorm on the motorway, the sun came out and I couldn't see the road for the glare. Terrifying.)

brightonbirdy Fri 04-Jul-14 19:51:47

Bloc from TK Maxx grin

Fozzleyplum Fri 04-Jul-14 20:16:59

Definitely TK Maxx. Why pay £200 when you can pay £20 for an equivalent pair? I only lose them / sit on them anyway.

Bunbaker Fri 04-Jul-14 20:23:42

Prescription sunglasses. I have a small head so I just wear what fits. I can forget about the branded stuff because they are all way too big.

piratecat Fri 04-Jul-14 20:26:09

mine are prescription, Dior if you please, BUT they were on sale in a little local place, v cheap. about £100. Got to have them, esp for driving.

leadrightfoot Fri 04-Jul-14 20:34:41

Three pairs in car house and handbag
Polarised lenses
Wraparound single piece lenses
No light in or around the sides genius

CointreauVersial Fri 04-Jul-14 21:14:27

I go for cheap and cheerful. I am currently alternating between a No7 pair I got with a half-price Boots voucher, a pair from M&S, and a Bourjois pair I got free with three items of makeup at Superdrug.

I would just lose expensive ones, I think, although I'm sometimes tempted.

LovingSummer Fri 04-Jul-14 21:21:35

Ooooh good replies, thank you all so much! I just don't notice what people are wearing and so it will be nice to start somewhere with some pointers from you all smile

Apollonia6 Fri 04-Jul-14 21:22:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MelanieCheeks Fri 04-Jul-14 21:24:06

Oakleys that I got in Orlando.

tgrayson Fri 04-Jul-14 21:30:19

I love the ray ban Jackie oohs they are timeless, classic and suit most face shapes. I have them in the brown.

BestIsWest Fri 04-Jul-14 22:14:34

I have a couple of pairs of Raybans bought in Portugal but also a Mercedes Benz pair from TKMaxx and they are great. Polarised are Mazing.

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