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Ewa michalak bra sizing

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hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 14:30:08

Am about to order a bra, but can't remember if I order my usual size, or one cupsize up. It is the S style I am looking at, and I am a 28G/GG or 30FF/G. Anyone roughly my size ordered that style?

Depends on the brand you normally wear and on breast shape. I wear my normal Freya /bravissimo size, one cup above my Cleo size. The s style are lovely, about to order some more myself

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 15:06:43

Oh hello SC! You gave me lots of help on another thread, but I can't find the thread now grr. I have a CHP style, but it is a bit small, and I have got a bit fatter, so can't tell from that if it is just small anyway in the cup or if it is because I ordered the wrong size to start with. You suggested I probably need a 28GG, maybe a G, I am wearing a 30ff but my ribs are small, 27". I do however hate it when bras are really tight as it gives me back pain, hence the 30s. The EM bra is a 30FF and the band does seem fine, it is black though, and black always comes up smaller, also as the cup is too small that will be making a difference with the band won't it? I always wear Freya bras, but they do give me an East west shape rather than a front shape which suits me better. Breast shape is quite round naturally, but I bf for years and years and I am an old gimmer, so they have dropped somewhat! I want that fabulous Polish scaffolding!

Which chp is it? And which s are you considering. I have a similar trapez on just now and it's a very soft band which I definitely wouldn't size up in. If you are fairly rounded with top fullness I'd be inclined towards the 28gg. You can always pop an extender in if you need to let it loosen a bit. However that said the 30g will be a standard size therefore returnable and taking a band in a couple of inches is pretty easy too

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 17:50:33

I have the CHP Cappuccino. The S styles I like are the S Trustkawski z malinami (!) And the S Teczowe kfiaty. There is a red and white bra I like a lot too, and green one CHP musisztomiec , (may have mis-spelled that!) I like the green colour. I like the high waist pants that go with the Teczowe kfiaty but can't find them on the website, and when i emailed them i got vague response that left me none the wiser!

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 17:51:44

Oh and I am less full on the top than I used to be, due to droopage, but I do still have fullness all over the breast, rather than just volume at the bottom.

I do have a few chp, but I prefer the shape of the S overall. The PL is pretty good too.

I'm going to order the tecz..... too - and the red and white one. And maybe the trustkawski....and I'm thinking an S karmelki too as I need a newnude bra. There's a thread over on chat just now about the Joseph Rowntree poverty research and one of their assumptions is women buy 6 bras a year and folk think that seems outrageously high...I could buy that in one Ewa expedition grin

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 18:16:26

I need a nude bra too..I have drawers full of unworn bras though. Talking of which the facebook group didn't get in touch, should I apply to them?

if you just request to join the admins should add you

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 19:06:48

Could you pm me the name please? Then I will send them a request.
Do you think those high waist pants are just not available? I checked the website quite regularly but they have never appeared. I got the pants to go with the CP bra and they are a really good fit, they don't dig in round the bottom.

they might do them as a custom order - I'm going to email an order tonight so I will ask.

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 19:23:05

Oh thanks. When I emailed, the response was along the lines of "order them and we will send them" but there seems to be no way or ordering them. I will check my emails and see just what the bloke said, in case it makes more sense to you!

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 19:25:26

it says "if you can make that order and than separately you can order those panties when they will be available" .....!!! The "that order" bit refers to the bra, as I wanted to order them together to avoid two lots of postage.

I think they're saying the pants are out of stock just now - I'll see what response I get!

SorrelForbes Tue 01-Jul-14 19:41:23

Just to confuse things further, I'm a 30GG in the CHP Cappucino but a 32G in the CH Biszkopty and CH Karmelki (the badn came up smaller than the Cappucino).

Not helpful...

I have, however, just ordered this nude Comexim bra.

I think that from reading reviews the newer bras in their ranges tend to be a little more reliable in terms of band size - some of their older ones were really narrow. Which could explain yours Sorrel?

SorrelForbes Tue 01-Jul-14 20:44:36

I think so yes. My CHP is much newer than the other two. I would always order my usual Cleo size these days and hope for the best

They've brought out an s karmelki which I'm quite fancying

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 21:12:20

those comexim bras look lovely! How do they fit? Am off to look at the karmelki now!
I like it, very pretty for a nude bra. The strapless one looks good too.

SorrelForbes Tue 01-Jul-14 21:16:57

I have the CH Karmelki and it's my go-to nude bra. I've yet to try an S shapes as I'm currently banned from ordering due to a slight disagreement over returns

Comexim seem to be about three cups smaller than your usual size. For my first order I used their chart to work out my size (I'm a UK 30GG) and ordered three bras, all 70K. They were ginormous. Taking Stat's advice, I've now ordered a 30J!

Ha I'll be doing an order soon Sorrel if you need an illicit addition! Can't believe you are still banned - it's funny really!

Helly comexim skips double letters so you pretty much count from A again. I'm a 30H/HH depending on brand (mainly HH) and wear a 65K. I do have a 60L too as I was told it ran big.

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 22:14:12

Their chart thing makes me a 28HH snug fit or a 30 H comfy fit, this is based on 27 underbust, 36 over standing with a bra on. My brain is hurting trying to work that out, they don't skip all double letters do they? As they have the HH? So Do they just do single letters until H? eg. DD= their E, E would be their F, F would be G, G would be H and GG HH? That sounds about right actually, given that I am in a 30FF but probably need a G. However if they run big then maybe I should just order a G?

Yes they randomly do HH...odd! I would suggest a 28 band. The one I went down to a 28 in only ran big in the band, their cups are more dependable I think. I would suggest the 28HH probably.

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 22:45:04

I like the comexim Summer time bra. I think you have that don't you SC? How does it fit? It is in the sale, so I think I will buy it.

hellymelly Tue 01-Jul-14 22:48:53

They have sold out of my size actually. Oh well. Do they not do any pants at all? Can't see any.

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