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So...armpits, specifically Lily Allen's

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MostlyCake Fri 27-Jun-14 21:42:24

Just watching Glastonbury - how would you go about getting armpits as smooth as her? No matter what I do haven't tried waxing or epilating I always can feel tiny tiny hairs and have a sort of dark shadow.

I'm fair skinned and dark haired, probably the worst combo for this....

Also, isn't her hair cool! Wish I had the guts sad

thereinmadnesslies Fri 27-Jun-14 21:44:40

I'm interested to know this. Lasered maybe? I love her hair, might do it for my holiday then dye it back for work.

SanityClause Fri 27-Jun-14 21:44:51

I had mine lasered a few years ago. It takes about six sessions to kill all the hairs. There's still one or two fine ones that need shaving off every month or so.

idontlikealdi Fri 27-Jun-14 21:46:45

Some genetic freak means I have about five underarm hairs and need to shave about once a month. My sister has permanent stubble, even when she's just waxed or shaved. So, no answer but she may be one of the lucky ones?

Madamecastafiore Fri 27-Jun-14 21:47:11

I have Lily armpits. I had them lasered.

todayiamfat Fri 27-Jun-14 21:49:49

I had them lasered and they are still bad. Have to shave daily in the summer and have a shadow.

I suppose they aren't quite as bad as before the laser. (Had 8 sessions. Pale with dark hair)

Oldraver Fri 27-Jun-14 21:52:09

Idontlike...I only have a few but never bother shaving them

SinglePringle Fri 27-Jun-14 21:52:58

Also, her make up artist will have put foundation on them. It's fairly standard on performers.

Thurlow Fri 27-Jun-14 21:54:33

I always assumed all celebrities have had everything lasered off, and are as smooth all over as a newborn

AtYourCervix Fri 27-Jun-14 21:55:29

I have smooth pits. I think because the hair is v blond there (like a feckin rugby chap everywhere else).

MisForMumNotMaid Fri 27-Jun-14 21:55:33

Mine are pretty good but my skin is much older. I epilate. First time was after quite a few glasses of wine. It doesn't hurt much subsequent times as there's far less to pluck.

tak1ngchances Fri 27-Jun-14 21:55:46

I never grew hair under my arms. This probably makes me very lucky...however I make up for it with luxuriant hair on my legs and rampant pubes.

Hassled Fri 27-Jun-14 21:56:16

Some people just don't have very hairy armpits. I don't - a few measly half-arsed strands. Blink and you'd miss it. Which is weird, because the same is not true elsewhere on my body.

MostlyCake Fri 27-Jun-14 22:53:03

Hmmm.... later jury seems to be out....

i do have a stupidly expensive boots home lazer thing that I've always been too scared to try....maybe should give it a go?

I can't shave daily as my skin goes mental with shaving rash, likewise bikini line do something more permanent might be just the job.

MostlyCake Fri 27-Jun-14 22:53:31

lazer jury

MostlyCake Fri 27-Jun-14 22:59:45

Yeah, I thought celebs got lazered or dipped in s vat of hair remover from the neck down.....

I'm stubbly minutes after shaving it seems

iwantgin Fri 27-Jun-14 23:02:22

Laser here too.
My arm pits are lovely and smooth smile

hettie Fri 27-Jun-14 23:12:04

Strip wax...

RufusTheReindeer Fri 27-Jun-14 23:15:33

My woo has been lazered

I was going to get my pits done as well but I am too afraid of the pain

I just need to pluck up the courage, no pun intended

CompanionCube Sat 28-Jun-14 01:09:56

I recently started epilating mine which seems to be working well so far.

MostlyCake Sat 28-Jun-14 07:39:38

Epilating?? Ouch, Noooo!

MyNameIsSuz Sat 28-Jun-14 07:48:28

I used to get mine waxed, it's rubbish in between but lovely directly afterwards (and doesn't hurt that much). I did it for a whole year and it did make a difference to the shadow. I've gone back to shaving since I had DS, but next year perhaps I'll wax again.

GeneHuntsMistress Sat 28-Jun-14 10:19:23

I've done everything in the past there is possible to do in the way of hair removal, some more effective than others, but always had the armpit shadow you mention. Just thought it was how your armpits looked, and celebs were airbrushed or makeup or summat. Then I got the boots IPL thing you have - and hey presto, I have smooth baby skin there that looks as thought it has never seen a razor, wax, epilator (yes, ouch).

Get the machine out and use it - it doesn't hurt I swear - and armpits and bikin were the quickest difference and most effective. Takes about 10 minutes to do armpits, bikini and chinny chin chin. Legs take longer obviously, but the rest you can do straight out of the shower every 2 weeks and you will notice a difference so quickly (and I am like an ape).

It was so expensive and i wobbled to payit - but it was the best thing I ever bought and when I think of the moneyi have spent over the years on all this stuff, jeez.

GeneHuntsMistress Sat 28-Jun-14 10:21:55

Btw you only do it every 2 weeks to get rid of the hair through each growing cycle - once that is done you have to do maintenance, prob do it once every 6 or 8 weeks?

rockpink Sat 28-Jun-14 10:31:30

How much are those laser things? what do you have to do to prepare your skin (and your nerves!)

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