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What's best for getting hard and dry skin off feet?

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minipie Thu 26-Jun-14 17:51:26

I've got hard, dry and flaking skin around my heel and the side of my foot. It gets worse in the summer when I wear sandals (which is also when it's on show of course; lovely).

I've tried various things over the years - a foot file which took hours of sanding for little result; a scalpely thing which took chunks out; a cream with pumice specks which did very little. Fish pedicure which just tickled.

What's the best solution please? Anything that really works and ideally for relatively little effort? <lazy>

mrssmith79 Thu 26-Jun-14 17:59:14


gingercat2 Thu 26-Jun-14 18:01:32

NS8 cream

FairyBiker Thu 26-Jun-14 18:07:04


do a search in google images if you don't believe us!

Oldieandgoldie Thu 26-Jun-14 18:07:50

The usual answer from me smile......Flexitol Heel Balm from Boots......on buy one get one half price at the moment (I know, because I've just bought some today!). My heels used to be dry and cracked and bleeding, but not anymore, excellent stuff! CCS is nearly as good, but not quite.

Wittsend13 Thu 26-Jun-14 18:10:22

Foot stone thing every single day in the shower. Takes a week or so but lasts forever and so you'll have amazing smooth feet. And the best stone I have found is one from Asda about £1?

minipie Thu 26-Jun-14 18:16:40

See "every single day in the shower" is not what I'm after - it's never going to happen (I mostly shower with toddler banging on shower door getting impatient for her breakfast)!

I'd like something I can use intensively once at the start of the summer to get my feet in decent shape, and then maybe a top up once a month or so, until my feet go back into their boots for the winter. Is that unrealistic?

I did try Flexitol heel balm and it did actually work reasonably well... but just wondered if there is anything even quicker.

Off to google footner and NS8

Passthecake30 Thu 26-Jun-14 18:20:12

Chiropodist? I see mine every few months

Sleepyfergus Thu 26-Jun-14 18:23:28

I just googled Footner and bloody hell! Looks good though if a bit yuck during the peeling stage. I'm def going to keep this in mind for next year pre sandal wearing season.

minipie Thu 26-Jun-14 18:28:00

Oh my god! Googled Footner - that is SOOOO my kind of product. All off in one go, brilliant.

Will have to wait for a cold snap or holiday in remote location though as it looks like you have to keep your feet under wraps for a while!

Off to buy. Thank you.

JenniMoo Thu 26-Jun-14 20:55:10

It's only a couple of days. Go for it!

joanofarchitrave Thu 26-Jun-14 20:57:05

Will try Footner - but the answer for me was a really good pedicure. Amazing! I have never felt proud of my feet before and they were actually pretty for WEEKS.

Then I heard a radio programme about how people working in nail salons are frequently indentured slaves working all hours for nil money [sigh]

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