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Boyfriend length cardigans

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spottymoo Thu 26-Jun-14 10:51:58

I'm desperately looking for boyfriend length cardigans in nice colourful colours rather than black grey navy. Budget is max £20 a cardigan as I need several any suggestion been into town twice and no look their all short cardigans which make me look terrible hmm

LaCerbiatta Thu 26-Jun-14 10:53:01

Have a look in gap. They have an extra 20% off their sale stuff today.

ThursdayLast Thu 26-Jun-14 10:53:09

New look. I have a few in different colours.

LightastheBreeze Thu 26-Jun-14 15:05:12

There's a blue one in Next

and black and navy and grey...

frillyskirt Thu 26-Jun-14 16:51:49

New Look do them every year in summer colours - i tried the pink last week. They are very thin and soft, so comfy to wear and good for keeping cool whilst still getting some coverage.
I think theyre about £12.

I am 5"4 and they hit below the arse.

frillyskirt Thu 26-Jun-14 16:53:28

one tip, go a size up, theyre quite small in the arms.

mumofoliver Thu 26-Jun-14 18:05:43

Next have got a lovely orange one which I tried on and nearly bought yesterday

Mumof3xox Thu 26-Jun-14 18:08:33

I have the next one in navy

It's lovely

spottymoo Mon 30-Jun-14 14:56:52

Have ordered the next blue one and managed to get a pink one from new look thanks for all the suggestions ��

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