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How do I go about selling wedding rings

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stinkingbishop Thu 26-Jun-14 10:28:41

Thought I may as well raise some cash from the disaster that was life with exH grin.

I have a very naice Niessing diamond tension ring in platinum and matching wedding band.

How would you go about selling? eBay? A local auction house? I've no idea what the market is like for secondhand, non-antique rings...And what % of original value should I expect? Am wondering whether I should just sell for the diamond/metal as the stone was bought separately and I have the receipt for the insurance and it alone is several thousand. How would I do that? It seems a bit out of the cash4gold type league!

Anyone else sold their rings successfully?

Crutchlow35 Thu 26-Jun-14 13:26:47

Yes, I have before but I took them to a local independent jeweller who cleaned them up, valued them and then sold them in their shop window. They then take a cut.

For example, one ring was £2,000. The sorted it all out, put it in their window for £1200, sold it, took their small cut (15% from memory) and I got the rest.

Before my local place took it I was offered £250/£300 by most places in Hatton Garden in London.

You don't get anything close to purchase or valuation price I'm afraid so I would definitely recommend speaking to some local independent jewellers.

BelindaAllWorkedOut Thu 26-Jun-14 13:31:02

Perhaps also think about calling Bonhams and asking them how much they would expect them to fetch at auction and what auction costs would be deducted etc.

stinkingbishop Thu 26-Jun-14 13:57:00

OK, ta.

MrsFlorrick Thu 26-Jun-14 14:41:05

Oooh. I love Neissing tension rings. grin Beautiful. If I needed rings I would buy them. Sadly I think its bad form to have two engagement and wedding rings at the same time wink

Sorry no help what so ever.

BelindaAllWorkedOut Thu 26-Jun-14 14:47:37

bishop - if you won't recover anywhere near the same price for the ring, why not have the diamond reset as a pendant?

As an aside, after separating from his wife, a friend threw his wedding ring into the toilet. It didn't flush for ages and looking at it gave him the rage. So, don't go down that route.

stinkingbishop Fri 27-Jun-14 07:26:21

mrsflorrick nice name smile

belinda yep, am in contact now with our local Bonhams and jewellers. I know what the diamond cost alone so I think if I'm not going to get more than that for the ring, will go down that route. By which I mean the resetting, not the Bog Rage wink.

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