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Lingerie vs Mum Tum. Help please!

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PastaandCheese Thu 26-Jun-14 10:01:15

I had DC2 three months ago. I'm desperate to buy some nice lingerie. I spend all day in M&S bikinis and a nursing bra. I'd like something beautiful to help me feel attractive when my DH gets back from working abroad.

I was relatively unscathed by DD but DS has left stretch marks and a massive, disproportionate mum tum. I'm a 12 and back to pre pregnancy weight but this tummy isn't going anywhere.

All my old lingerie has little knickers that literally roll down under my tummy. DH says he doesn't mind but I do. It makes me feel hideous.

Any advice for a knicker style that would hide this a little? Or any advice on losing this tummy? I could lose more weight but it just comes off everywhere bar the tummy making it even more pronounced.

Orphanblue Thu 26-Jun-14 10:24:00

Pilates (especially on the Reformer) is excellent at helping regain a flat tummy. Results will depend on how often you can do it of course, which might be difficult with 2 young children. Perhaps look into a mix of classes and dvds/online sessions.
Re lingerie, there are very nice 50s style, waist high knickers that would help bring the stomach in. Not sure which labels but have a look on figleaves?

PastaandCheese Thu 26-Jun-14 10:41:48

I shall look into that orphan I think it is exercise based. Proportionate rather than flat will do me fine.

Classes will be hard as DH is abroad a lot I struggle for a sitter but I could do a class when I can and top up with DVDs when he is away?

I was wondering about high waisted. Just don't want to look like I'm in Queen Victoria's knickers when I'm trying to smarten myself up a bit!

I was going to try sizing up but I am pretty sure a 14 will be too big on my bottom as that is probably the slimmest part of me.

RonaldMcDonald Thu 26-Jun-14 10:51:41

First your baby was born three months ago....relax

Second I think 50's style knickers can make anyone look huge

I wear brazilians post 3 c/s

PastaandCheese Thu 26-Jun-14 11:18:44

I know you're right Ronald and the nursing bras and 'lets not show my arse crack at toddler group' pants will have to stay for a long time yet. I just wanted something really nice to wear when DH takes me out when he's back. Preferably something that doesn't make me look worse!

Will check out brazillians and have a good browse through Figleaves site later.

MrsSkinnyLegs Thu 26-Jun-14 11:50:27

A bit of squidge is lush and has the added bonus of preventing your tum tearing when you're reaching up for high cupboards smile.

Triumph do some not-too-industrial shapewear - google their cool sensation/ aurora sensation/ amazing sensation ranges for bodies - they also have some remarkably high waisted pants in those ranges too.

MerryMarigold Thu 26-Jun-14 11:55:32

I've got a really good dvd on getting rid of a Mum tum. It works. (I also have a diastasis where muscles have separated which makes it even worse, no belly button shock). It is pilates based, I think, but I like the way she talks through it so you get it exactly right rather than being all about doing a gazillion sit ups. There's some great little techniques like curving up your pelvis whilst doing crunches. It's called Bounce back fast. Post natal core conditioning.

MerryMarigold Thu 26-Jun-14 11:56:22

I imagine something waist high would help, but I can't stand high waist underwear.

MerryMarigold Thu 26-Jun-14 11:58:47

I'd like something beautiful to help me feel attractive when my DH gets back from working abroad.

I don't think dh will be thinking about underwear if he's been away wink

UML Thu 26-Jun-14 11:59:59

Here's an example if some high waisted styles

I think some of them look nice, they will also give you a nice shape when you wear them under clothes.

Orphanblue Thu 26-Jun-14 12:23:29

I missed the 3 months ago. Definitely give yourself a break, especially if you have lost most of the weight and only need a bit toning. Things will slot into place with the right type of exercise. Until then, high waisted knickers will make you feel better. Some lovely ones from the link above. Congratulations OP!

PastaandCheese Thu 26-Jun-14 12:36:10

merrymarigold that does make me feel better! He really doesn't care. It's just me being self conscious. He just shrugs and says 'our children lived there'.

I shall check out that DVD. I need to do something because I could do with going down to a 10 in jeans (vanity sizing I should add) but my tummy is bigger than the rest of me so I have baggy jeans hanging on my shelf!

Some of the high waisters are very high....! Does anyone wear shorts? These look like they have a bit of 'structure' around the hips:

Thank you orphanblue.

canny1234 Thu 26-Jun-14 13:05:48

Rosie at Autograph (M &S) do some lovely silk knickers in several shapes(one high waisted).I have several of the knickers and they are flattering and well cut.Even the Brazilians and the low waisted ones are flattering ( and my tum has seen 4 dc's including twins).Pilates will really help tone up core muscles as well.

TheresLotsOfFarmyardAnimals Thu 26-Jun-14 15:13:30

I like silky french knickers that are quite loose so they don't dig in anywhere. Your stretch marks will look a 1000 times worse to you than anyone else.

I have a bit of loose skin on my tummy and had a couple of stretchies which have now faded to nothing that I can see. I still wear a bikini on holiday though and have never noticed anyone looking!

PastaandCheese Thu 26-Jun-14 22:04:25

Thanks again.

I'm hoping they will fade. I got a few with DD and I can't see them now. More with DS though and quite a bit higher up.

Have some ideas of what might flatter now.

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